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...61 LOG.error(msg)62 @property63 def slave_config_filename(self):64 try:65 slave_dict = self._get_bondinterface_details()66 return ["{}/ifcfg-{}".format(self.config_file_path,67 slave) for slave in slave_dict['slaves']]68 except Exception:69 msg = "Slave config filename not available"70 LOG.debug(msg)71 return72 def _get_interface_details(self, version=None):73 cmd = "ip -j link show {}".format( if version:75 cmd = "ip -{} -j address show {}".format(version, output = run_command(cmd, try:78 result = json.loads(output)79 for item in result:80 if item.get('ifname') == return item82 raise NWException("Interface not found")83 except (NWException, json.JSONDecodeError):84 msg = "Unable to get the details of interface {}".format( LOG.error(msg)86 raise NWException(msg)87 def _get_bondinterface_details(self):88 cmd = "cat /sys/class/net/{}/bonding/mode \89 /sys/class/net/{}/bonding/slaves".format(, try:91 mode, slaves = run_command(cmd, return {'mode': mode.split(),93 'slaves': slaves.split()}94 except Exception:95 raise NWException("Slave interface not found for the bond {}".format( def _move_file_to_backup(self, filename, ignore_missing=True):97 destination = "{}.backup".format(filename)98 if os.path.exists(filename):99 shutil.move(filename, destination)100 else:101 if not ignore_missing:102 raise NWException("%s interface not available" % def _write_to_file(self, filename, values):104 self._move_file_to_backup(filename)105 with open(filename, 'w+') as fp: # pylint: disable=W1514106 for key, value in values.items():107 fp.write("{}={}\n".format(key, value))108 def set_hwaddr(self, hwaddr):109 """Sets a Hardware Address (MAC Address) to the interface.110 This method will try to set a new hwaddr to this interface, if111 fails it will raise a NWException.112 You must have sudo permissions to run this method on a host.113 :param hwaddr: Hardware Address (Mac Address)114 """115 cmd = "ip link set dev {} address {}".format(, hwaddr)116 try:117 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)118 except Exception as ex:119 raise NWException("Adding hw address fails: %s" % ex)120 def add_ipaddr(self, ipaddr, netmask):121 """Add an IP Address (with netmask) to the interface.122 This method will try to add a new ipaddr/netmask this interface, if123 fails it will raise a NWException.124 You must have sudo permissions to run this method on a host.125 :param ipaddr: IP Address126 :param netmask: Network mask127 """128 ip = ip_interface("{}/{}".format(ipaddr, netmask))129 cmd = 'ip addr add {} dev {}'.format(ip.compressed,130 try:132 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)133 except Exception as ex:134 raise NWException("Failed to add address {}".format(ex))135 @property136 def vlans(self):137 """Return all interface's VLAN.138 This is a dict were key is the VLAN number and the value is the name of139 the VLAN interface.140 rtype: dict141 """142 vlans = {}143 if not os.path.exists('/proc/net/vlan/config'):144 return vlans145 with open('/proc/net/vlan/config', encoding="utf-8") as vlan_config_file:146 for line in vlan_config_file:147 # entry is formatted as "vlan_name | vlan_id | parent_device"148 line = "".join(line.split())149 if line.endswith( line = line.split('|')151 vlans[line[1]] = line[0]152 return vlans153 def add_vlan_tag(self, vlan_num, vlan_name=None):154 """Configure 802.1Q VLAN tagging to the interface.155 This method will attempt to add a VLAN tag to this interface. If it156 fails, the method will raise a NWException.157 :param vlan_num: VLAN ID158 :param vlan_name: option to name VLAN interface, by default it is named159 <interface_name>.<vlan_num>160 """161 vlan_name = vlan_name or "{}.{}".format(, vlan_num)162 cmd = "ip link add link {} name {} type vlan id {}".format(,163 vlan_name,164 vlan_num)165 try:166 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)167 except Exception as ex:168 raise NWException("Failed to add VLAN tag: {}".format(ex))169 def remove_vlan_by_tag(self, vlan_num):170 """Remove the VLAN of the interface by tag number.171 This method will try to remove the VLAN tag of this interface. If it fails,172 the method will raise a NWException.173 :param vlan_num: VLAN ID174 :return: True or False, True if it found the VLAN interface and removed175 it successfully, otherwise it will return False.176 """177 if str(vlan_num) in self.vlans:178 vlan_name = self.vlans[str(vlan_num)]179 else:180 return False181 cmd = "ip link delete {}".format(vlan_name)182 try:183 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)184 return True185 except Exception as ex:186 raise NWException("Failed to remove VLAN interface: {}".format(ex))187 def remove_all_vlans(self):188 """Remove all VLANs of this interface.189 This method will remove all the VLAN interfaces associated by the190 interface. If it fails, the method will raise a NWException.191 """192 try:193 for v in self.vlans.values():194 cmd = "ip link delete {}".format(v)195 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)196 except Exception as ex:197 raise NWException("Failed to remove VLAN interface: {}".format(ex))198 def bring_down(self):199 """Shutdown the interface.200 This will shutdown the interface link. Be careful, you might lost201 connection to the host.202 You must have sudo permissions to run this method on a host.203 """204 cmd = "ip link set {} down".format( try:206 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)207 except Exception as ex:208 raise NWException("Failed to bring down: %s" % ex)209 def bring_up(self):210 """"Wake-up the interface.211 This will wake-up the interface link.212 You must have sudo permissions to run this method on a host.213 """214 cmd = "ip link set {} up".format( try:216 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)217 except Exception as ex:218 raise NWException("Failed to bring up: %s" % ex)219 def is_admin_link_up(self):220 """Check the admin link state is up or not.221 :return: True or False, True if network interface state is 'UP'222 otherwise will return False.223 """224 try:225 if 'UP' in self._get_interface_details().get('flags'):226 return True227 except (NWException, IndexError):228 raise NWException("Could not get Administrative link state.")229 return False230 def is_operational_link_up(self):231 """Check Operational link state is up or not.232 :return: True or False. True if operational link state is LOWER_UP,233 otherwise will return False.234 """235 try:236 if 'LOWER_UP' in self._get_interface_details().get('flags'):237 return True238 except (NWException, IndexError):239 raise NWException("Could not get operational link state.")240 return False241 def is_link_up(self):242 """Check if the interface is up or not.243 :return: True or False. True if admin link state and operational244 link state is up otherwise will return False.245 """246 return self.is_admin_link_up() and self.is_operational_link_up()247 def get_ipaddrs(self, version=4):248 """Get the IP addresses from a network interface.249 Interfaces can hold multiple IP addresses. This method will return a250 list with all addresses on this interface.251 :param version: Address Family Version (4 or 6). This must be a integer252 and default is 4.253 :return: IP address as string.254 """255 if version not in [4, 6]:256 raise NWException("Version {} not supported".format(version))257 try:258 details = self._get_interface_details(version)259 addr_info = details.get('addr_info')260 if addr_info:261 return [x.get('local') for x in addr_info]262 except (NWException, IndexError):263 msg = "Could not get ip addresses for {}".format( LOG.debug(msg)265 return []266 def get_hwaddr(self):267 """Get the Hardware Address (MAC) of this interface.268 This method will try to get the address and if fails it will raise a269 NWException.270 """271 cmd = "cat /sys/class/net/{}/address".format( try:273 return run_command(cmd, except Exception as ex:275 raise NWException("Failed to get hw address: {}".format(ex))276 def get_mtu(self):277 """Return the current MTU value of this interface.278 This method will try to get the current MTU value, if fails will279 raise a NWException.280 """281 try:282 return self._get_interface_details().get('mtu')283 except (NWException, IndexError):284 raise NWException("Could not get MUT value.")285 def ping_check(self, peer_ip, count=2, options=None):286 """This method will try to ping a peer address (IPv4 or IPv6).287 You should provide a IPv4 or IPV6 that would like to ping. This288 method will try to ping the peer and if fails it will raise a289 NWException.290 :param peer_ip: Peer IP address (IPv4 or IPv6)291 :param count: How many packets to send. Default is 2292 :param options: ping command options. Default is None293 """294 cmd = "ping -I {} {} -c {}".format(, peer_ip, count)295 if options is not None:296 cmd = "{} {}".format(cmd, options)297 try:298 run_command(cmd, except Exception as ex:300 raise NWException("Failed to ping: {}".format(ex))301 def save(self, ipaddr, netmask):302 """Save current interface IP Address to the system configuration file.303 If the ipaddr is valid (currently being used by the interface)304 this will try to save the current settings into /etc/. This305 check is necessary to avoid inconsistency. Before save, you306 should add_ipaddr, first.307 Currently, only RHEL, Fedora and SuSE are supported. And this308 will create a backup file of your current configuration if309 found.310 :param ipaddr : IP Address which need to configure for interface311 :param netmask: Network mask which is associated to the provided IP312 """313 if ipaddr not in self.get_ipaddrs():314 msg = ('ipaddr not configured on interface. To avoid '315 'inconsistency, please add the ipaddr first.')316 raise NWException(msg)317 current_distro = distro_detect()318 filename = "ifcfg-{}".format( if in ['rhel', 'fedora']:320 path = "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts"321 elif == 'SuSE':322 path = "/etc/sysconfig/network"323 else:324 msg = 'Distro not supported by API. Could not save ipaddr.'325 raise NWException(msg)326 ifcfg_dict = {'TYPE': self.if_type,327 'BOOTPROTO': 'static',328 'NAME':,329 'DEVICE':,330 'ONBOOT': 'yes',331 'IPADDR': ipaddr,332 'NETMASK': netmask,333 'IPV6INIT': 'yes',334 'IPV6_AUTOCONF': 'yes',335 'IPV6_DEFROUTE': 'yes'}336 if == 'SuSE':337 ifcfg_dict.pop('BOOTPROTO')338 if self.if_type == 'Bond':339 ifcfg_dict['BONDING_MASTER'] = 'yes'340 bond_dict = self._get_bondinterface_details()341 ifcfg_slave_dict = {'SLAVE': 'yes',342 'ONBOOT': 'yes',343 'MASTER':}344 if == 'SuSE':345 ifcfg_dict['BONDING_MODULE_OPTS'] = 'mode=' \346 + bond_dict['mode'][0]347 for index, slave in enumerate(bond_dict['slaves']):348 bonding_slave = 'BONDING_SLAVE{}'.format(index)349 ifcfg_dict[bonding_slave] = slave350 ifcfg_slave_dict.update({'NAME': slave,351 'DEVICE': slave})352 self._write_to_file("{}/ifcfg-{}".format(path, slave),353 ifcfg_slave_dict)354 elif in ['rhel', 'fedora']:...

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