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...39 def __init__(self, if_name, host, if_type='Ethernet'):40 = if_name41 self.if_type = if_type42 = host43 def _get_interface_details(self, version=4):44 cmd = "ip -{} -j address show {}".format(version, output = run_command(cmd, try:47 result = json.loads(output)48 for item in result:49 if item.get('ifname') == return item51 raise NWException("Interface not found")52 except (NWException, json.JSONDecodeError):53 msg = "Unable to get IP address on interface {}".format( log.error(msg)55 raise NWException(msg)56 def _move_file_to_backup(self, filename, ignore_missing=True):57 destination = "{}.backup".format(filename)58 if os.path.exists(filename):59 shutil.move(filename, destination)60 else:61 if not ignore_missing:62 raise NWException("%s interface not available" % def _write_to_file(self, filename, values):64 self._move_file_to_backup(filename)65 with open(filename, 'w+') as fp:66 for key, value in values.items():67 fp.write("{}={}\n".format(key, value))68 def set_hwaddr(self, hwaddr):69 """Sets a Hardware Address (MAC Address) to the interface.70 This method will try to set a new hwaddr to this interface, if71 fails it will raise a NWException.72 You must have sudo permissions to run this method on a host.73 :param hwaddr: Hardware Address (Mac Address)74 """75 cmd = "ip link set dev {} address {}".format(, hwaddr)76 try:77 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)78 except Exception as ex:79 raise NWException("Adding hw address fails: %s" % ex)80 def add_ipaddr(self, ipaddr, netmask):81 """Add an IP Address (with netmask) to the interface.82 This method will try to add a new ipaddr/netmask this interface, if83 fails it will raise a NWException.84 You must have sudo permissions to run this method on a host.85 :param ipaddr: IP Address86 :param netmask: Network mask87 """88 ip = ip_interface("{}/{}".format(ipaddr, netmask))89 cmd = 'ip addr add {} dev {}'.format(ip.compressed,90 try:92 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)93 except Exception as ex:94 raise NWException("Failed to add address {}".format(ex))95 def bring_down(self):96 """Shutdown the interface.97 This will shutdown the interface link. Be careful, you might lost98 connection to the host.99 You must have sudo permissions to run this method on a host.100 """101 cmd = "ip link set {} down".format( try:103 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)104 except Exception as ex:105 raise NWException("Failed to bring down: %s" % ex)106 def bring_up(self):107 """"Wake-up the interface.108 This will wake-up the interface link.109 You must have sudo permissions to run this method on a host.110 """111 cmd = "ip link set {} up".format( try:113 run_command(cmd,, sudo=True)114 except Exception as ex:115 raise NWException("Failed to bring up: %s" % ex)116 def is_admin_link_up(self):117 """Check the admin link state is up or not.118 :return: True or False, True if network interface state is 'UP'119 otherwise will return False.120 """121 try:122 if 'UP' in self._get_interface_details().get('flags'):123 return True124 except (NWException, IndexError):125 raise NWException("Could not get Administrative link state.")126 return False127 def is_operational_link_up(self):128 """Check Operational link state is up or not.129 :return: True or False. True if operational link state is LOWER_UP,130 otherwise will return False.131 """132 try:133 if 'LOWER_UP' in self._get_interface_details().get('flags'):134 return True135 except (NWException, IndexError):136 raise NWException("Could not get operational link state.")137 return False138 def is_link_up(self):139 """Check if the interface is up or not.140 :return: True or False. True if admin link state and operational141 link state is up otherwise will return False.142 """143 return self.is_admin_link_up() and self.is_operational_link_up()144 def get_ipaddrs(self, version=4):145 """Get the IP addresses from a network interface.146 Interfaces can hold multiple IP addresses. This method will return a147 list with all addresses on this interface.148 :param version: Address Family Version (4 or 6). This must be a integer149 and default is 4.150 :return: IP address as string.151 """152 if version not in [4, 6]:153 raise NWException("Version {} not supported".format(version))154 try:155 details = self._get_interface_details(version)156 addr_info = details.get('addr_info')157 if addr_info:158 return [x.get('local') for x in addr_info]159 except (NWException, IndexError):160 msg = "Could not get ip addresses for {}".format( log.debug(msg)162 return []163 def get_hwaddr(self):164 """Get the Hardware Address (MAC) of this interface.165 This method will try to get the address and if fails it will raise a166 NWException.167 """168 cmd = "cat /sys/class/net/{}/address".format( try:170 return run_command(cmd, except Exception as ex:172 raise NWException("Failed to get hw address: {}".format(ex))173 def get_link_state(self):174 """Method used to get the current link state of this interface.175 This method will return 'up', 'down' or 'unknown', based on the176 network interface state. Or it will raise a NWException if is177 unable to get the interface state.178 """179 warnings.warn("deprecated, use existing methods: is_operational_link_up,\180 is_admin_link_up", DeprecationWarning)181 cmd = "cat /sys/class/net/{}/operstate".format( try:183 return run_command(cmd, except CmdError as e:185 msg = ('Failed to get link state. Maybe the interface is '186 'missing. {}'.format(e))187 raise NWException(msg)188 def get_mtu(self):189 """Return the current MTU value of this interface.190 This method will try to get the current MTU value, if fails will191 raise a NWException.192 """193 try:194 return self._get_interface_details().get('mtu')195 except (NWException, IndexError):196 raise NWException("Could not get MUT value.")197 def ping_check(self, peer_ip, count=2, options=None):198 """This method will try to ping a peer address (IPv4 or IPv6).199 You should provide a IPv4 or IPV6 that would like to ping. This200 method will try to ping the peer and if fails it will raise a201 NWException.202 :param peer_ip: Peer IP address (IPv4 or IPv6)203 :param count: How many packets to send. Default is 2204 :param options: ping command options. Default is None205 """206 cmd = "ping -I {} {} -c {}".format(, peer_ip, count)207 if options is not None:208 cmd = "{} {}".format(cmd, options)...

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...206 def _build_port_strings(self, ports):207 port_range_list = group_sequences(ports, are_in_sequence=self._are_in_sequence)208 port_list = []209 for port_range in port_range_list:210 first_details = self._get_interface_details(port_range[0].name)211 if len(port_range) == 1:212 port_list.append("{}{}".format(first_details.port_prefix, first_details.port))213 else:214 port_list.append("{0}{1}-{0}{2}".format(first_details.port_prefix, first_details.port, self._get_interface_details(port_range[-1].name).port))215 return _assemble_elements_on_lines(port_list, max_line_char=13)216 def _get_interface_details(self, interface_name):217 interface_descriptor = namedtuple('InterfaceDescriptor', "interface port_prefix port")218 re_port_number = re.compile('(\d/[a-zA-Z]+)(\d+)')219 interface, slot_descriptor = interface_name.split(" ")220 port_prefix, port = re_port_number.match(slot_descriptor).groups()221 return interface_descriptor(interface, port_prefix, int(port))222 def _are_in_sequence(self, a, b):223 details_a = self._get_interface_details( details_b = self._get_interface_details( return details_a.port + 1 == details_b.port and details_a.port_prefix == details_b.port_prefix226 def continue_vlan_pages(self, lines, _):227 self.write_line("\r ")228 self.write_line("")229 self.show_vlan_page(lines)230 if not self.awaiting_keystroke:231 self.show_prompt()232 def show_page(self, lines):233 lines_per_pages = 23234 line = 0235 while len(lines) > 0 and line < lines_per_pages:236 self.write_line(lines.pop(0))237 line += 1238 if len(lines) > 0:...

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