How to use _kwarg_decode_json method in avocado

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...458 if arg.startswith(prefix):459 content = arg[len(prefix):]460 return base64.decodebytes(content.encode()).decode()461 return arg462def _kwarg_decode_json(value):463 """464 Decode arguments possibly encoded as base64465 :param value: the possibly encoded argument466 :type value: str467 :returns: the decoded keyword argument as Python object468 """469 prefix = 'json:'470 if value.startswith(prefix):471 content = value[len(prefix):]472 return json.loads(content)473 return value474def _key_val_args_to_kwargs(kwargs):475 result = {}476 for key, val in kwargs:477 result[key] = _kwarg_decode_json(val)478 return result479class StatusEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):480 # pylint: disable=E0202481 def default(self, o):482 if isinstance(o, bytes):483 return {'__base64_encoded__': base64.b64encode(o).decode('ascii')}484 return json.JSONEncoder.default(self, o)485def json_dumps(data):486 return json.dumps(data, ensure_ascii=True, cls=StatusEncoder)487class TaskStatusService:488 """489 Implementation of interface that a task can use to post status updates490 TODO: make the interface generic and this just one of the implementations491 """...

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...26 if arg.startswith(prefix):27 content = arg[len(prefix) :]28 return base64.decodebytes(content.encode()).decode()29 return arg30def _kwarg_decode_json(value):31 """32 Decode arguments possibly encoded as base6433 :param value: the possibly encoded argument34 :type value: str35 :returns: the decoded keyword argument as Python object36 """37 prefix = "json:"38 if value.startswith(prefix):39 content = value[len(prefix) :]40 return json.loads(content)41 return value42def _key_val_args_to_kwargs(kwargs):43 result = {}44 for key, val in kwargs:45 result[key] = _kwarg_decode_json(val)46 return result47class Runnable:48 """49 Describes an entity that be executed in the context of a task50 A instance of :class:`BaseRunner` is the entity that will actually51 execute a runnable.52 """53 def __init__(self, kind, uri, *args, config=None, **kwargs):54 if config is None:55 config = self.filter_runnable_config(kind, {})56 self.kind = kind57 #: The main reference to what needs to be run. This is free58 #: form, but commonly set to the path to a file containing the59 #: test or being the test, or an actual URI with multiple...

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