How to use _log_modified_packages method in avocado

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...456 def _log_installed_packages(self, path):457 installed_path = os.path.join(path, "installed_packages")458 installed_packages = "\n".join(self._get_installed_packages()) + "\n"459 genio.write_file(installed_path, installed_packages)460 def _log_modified_packages(self, path):461 """462 Log any changes to installed packages.463 """464 old_packages = set(self._installed_pkgs)465 new_packages = set(self._get_installed_packages())466 added_path = os.path.join(path, "added_packages")467 added_packages = "\n".join(new_packages - old_packages) + "\n"468 genio.write_file(added_path, added_packages)469 removed_path = os.path.join(self.basedir, "removed_packages")470 removed_packages = "\n".join(old_packages - new_packages) + "\n"471 genio.write_file(removed_path, removed_packages)472 def start_job_hook(self):473 """474 Logging hook called whenever a job starts.475 """476 for log_hook in self.start_job_collectibles:477 if isinstance(log_hook, Daemon): # log daemons in profile directory478 else:480 if self.log_packages:482 self._log_installed_packages(self.pre_dir)483 def end_job_hook(self):484 """485 Logging hook called whenever a job finishes.486 """487 for log_hook in self.end_job_collectibles:488 # Stop daemon(s) started previously490 for log_hook in self.start_job_collectibles:491 if isinstance(log_hook, Daemon):492 log_hook.stop()493 if self.log_packages:494 self._log_modified_packages(self.post_dir)495 def start_test_hook(self):496 """497 Logging hook called before a test starts.498 """499 for log_hook in self.start_test_collectibles:500 if isinstance(log_hook, Daemon): # log daemons in profile directory501 else:503 if self.log_packages:505 self._log_installed_packages(self.pre_dir)506 def end_test_hook(self):507 """508 Logging hook called after a test finishes.509 """510 for log_hook in self.end_test_collectibles:511 # Stop daemon(s) started previously513 for log_hook in self.start_test_collectibles:514 if isinstance(log_hook, Daemon):515 log_hook.stop()516 if self.log_packages:517 self._log_modified_packages(self.post_dir)518def collect_sysinfo(args):519 """520 Collect sysinfo to a base directory.521 :param args: :class:`argparse.Namespace` object with command line params.522 """523 output.add_log_handler( basedir = args.sysinfodir525 if not basedir:526 cwd = os.getcwd()527 timestamp = time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d-%H.%M.%S')528 basedir = os.path.join(cwd, 'sysinfo-%s' % timestamp)529 sysinfo_logger = SysInfo(basedir=basedir)530 sysinfo_logger.start_job_hook()531 sysinfo_logger.end_job_hook()...

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