How to use _paginator_in_use method in avocado

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...210 records = []211 def __init__(self):212 self.stdout = self._stdout = sys.stdout213 self.stderr = self._stderr = sys.stderr214 def _paginator_in_use(self):215 """216 :return: True when we output into paginator217 """218 return bool(isinstance(sys.stdout, Paginator))219 def print_records(self):220 """221 Prints all stored messages as they occurred into streams they were222 produced for.223 """224 try:225 for stream, msg in self.records:226 if stream:227 sys.stdout.write(msg)228 else:229 sys.stderr.write(msg)230 del self.records[:]231 # IOError due to EPIPE is ignored. That is to avoid having to232 # handle all IOErrors at the main application loop233 # indiscriminately. By handling them here, we can be sure234 # that the failure was due to stdout or stderr not being235 # connected to an open PIPE.236 except IOError as e:237 if not e.errno == errno.EPIPE:238 raise239 def fake_outputs(self):240 """241 Replace sys.stdout/sys.stderr with in-memory-objects242 """243 sys.stdout = _StdOutputFile(True, self.records)244 sys.stderr = _StdOutputFile(False, self.records)245 def enable_outputs(self):246 """247 Enable sys.stdout/sys.stderr (either with 2 streams or with paginator)248 """249 sys.stdout = self.stdout250 sys.stderr = self.stderr251 def enable_paginator(self):252 """253 Enable paginator254 """255 self.stdout = self.stderr = Paginator()256 def enable_stderr(self):257 """258 Enable sys.stderr and disable sys.stdout259 """260 sys.stdout = open(os.devnull, 'w')261 sys.stderr = self.stderr262 def close(self):263 """264 Enable original sys.stdout/sys.stderr and cleanup265 """266 paginator = None267 if self._paginator_in_use():268 paginator = sys.stdout269 self.enable_outputs()270 if paginator:271 paginator.close()272STD_OUTPUT = StdOutput()273def early_start():274 """275 Replace all outputs with in-memory handlers276 """277 if os.environ.get('AVOCADO_LOG_DEBUG'):278 add_log_handler("", logging.StreamHandler, sys.stdout,279 logging.DEBUG)280 if os.environ.get('AVOCADO_LOG_EARLY'):281 add_log_handler("", logging.StreamHandler, sys.stdout, logging.DEBUG)...

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