How to use _set_target_command method in avocado

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...234 def _list_command(_):235 return ["chkconfig", "--list"]236 return _list_command237 elif command == "set_target":238 def _set_target_command(target):239 target = convert_systemd_target_to_runlevel(target)240 return ["telinit", target]241 return _set_target_command242 # Do not need reset failed, mask and unmask in sys_v style system.243 elif command in ["reset_failed", "mask", "unmask"]:244 def _true_command(_):245 return ["true"]246 return _true_command247 def _method(service_name):248 return [command_name, service_name, command]249 return _method250def systemd_command_generator(command):251 """252 Generate list of command line argument strings for systemctl.253 One argument per string for compatibility Popen254 WARNING: If systemctl detects that it is running on a tty it will use255 color, pipe to $PAGER, change column sizes and not truncate unit names.256 Use --no-pager to suppress pager output, or set PAGER=cat in the257 environment. You may need to take other steps to suppress color output.258 See :param command: start,stop,restart, etc.260 :type command: str261 :return: List of command and arguments to pass to or similar262 functions263 :rtype: builtin.list264 """265 command_name = "systemctl"266 if command == "is_enabled":267 command = "is-enabled"268 elif command == "list":269 # noinspection PyUnusedLocal270 def _list_command(_):271 # systemctl pipes to `less` or $PAGER by default. Workaround this272 # add '--full' to avoid systemctl truncates service names.273 return [command_name, "list-unit-files",274 "--type=service", "--no-pager", "--full"]275 return _list_command276 elif command == "set_target":277 def _set_target_command(target):278 return [command_name, "isolate", target]279 return _set_target_command280 elif command == "reset_failed":281 command = "reset-failed"282 def _method(service_name):283 return [command_name, command, "%s.service" % service_name]284 return _method285# mapping command/whether it requires root286COMMANDS = (287 ("start", True),288 ("stop", True),289 ("reload", True),290 ("restart", True),291 ("condrestart", True),...

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