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1''' sanity checks to perform before starting server3Copyright4---------5Copyright (c) 2021-2022 by the California Institute of Technology. This code6is open-source software released under a 3-clause BSD license. Please see the7file "LICENSE" for more information.8'''9from commonpy.file_utils import writable, readable10from commonpy.string_utils import print_boxed11from os.path import dirname12from sidetrack import log13# In order for this to work, it needs to avoid importing anything that might14# in turn cause data_models to be imported. So, keep DIBS imports to a15# minimum and watch the dependencies in the code.16from .settings import config, resolved_path17def preflight_check(database = None):18 '''Verify certain critical things are set up & complain if they're not.'''19 successes = [20 verified('LSP_TYPE'),21 verified('IIIF_BASE_URL'),22 verified('DATABASE_FILE', check_parent_writable = True),23 verified('MANIFEST_DIR', check_readable = True),24 verified('PROCESS_DIR', check_readable = True, check_writable = True),25 verified('THUMBNAILS_DIR', check_readable = True, check_writable = True),26 ]27 if all(successes):28 log('preflight tests succeeded')29 return True30 else:31 log('preflight tests failed')32 return False33def verified(variable, check_readable = False, check_writable = False,34 check_parent_writable = False):35 '''Verify the given configuration 'variable' in various ways.'''36 if not config(variable, default = None):37 print_boxed(f'Variable {variable} is not set.\n'38 ' DIBS cannot function properly.',39 title = 'DIBS Fatal Error')40 return False41 dir = resolved_path(config(variable)) # noqa A00142 success = True43 if check_readable and not readable(dir):44 print_boxed(f'Cannot read the directory indicated by the configuration\n'45 f'variable {variable}. The directory located at\n\n'46 f'{dir}\n\nis not readable. DIBS cannot function properly.',47 title = 'DIBS configuration error')48 success = False49 if check_writable and not writable(dir):50 print_boxed(f'Cannot write the directory indicated by the configuration\n'51 f'variable {variable}. The directory located at\n\n'52 f'{dir}\n\nis not writable. DIBS cannot function properly.',53 title = 'DIBS configuration error')54 success = False55 if check_parent_writable and not writable(dirname(dir)):56 parent = dirname(dir)57 print_boxed(f'Cannot write in the parent directory of the value indicated by\n'58 f'the configuraton variable {variable}. The directory located at\n\n'59 f'{parent}\n\nis not writable. DIBS cannot function properly.',60 title = 'DIBS configuration error')61 success = False...

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...3from six import text_type4from fs.mode import check_readable, check_writable, Mode5class TestMode(unittest.TestCase):6 def test_checks(self):7 self.assertTrue(check_readable("r"))8 self.assertTrue(check_readable("r+"))9 self.assertTrue(check_readable("rt"))10 self.assertTrue(check_readable("rb"))11 self.assertFalse(check_readable("w"))12 self.assertTrue(check_readable("w+"))13 self.assertFalse(check_readable("wt"))14 self.assertFalse(check_readable("wb"))15 self.assertFalse(check_readable("a"))16 self.assertTrue(check_writable("w"))17 self.assertTrue(check_writable("w+"))18 self.assertTrue(check_writable("r+"))19 self.assertFalse(check_writable("r"))20 self.assertTrue(check_writable("a"))21 def test_mode_object(self):22 with self.assertRaises(ValueError):23 Mode("")24 with self.assertRaises(ValueError):25 Mode("J")26 with self.assertRaises(ValueError):27 Mode("b")28 with self.assertRaises(ValueError):29 Mode("rtb")...

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