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...83 """84 if not line.endswith('\n'):85 line = "%s\n" % line86 return gdbmi_parser.session().process(line)87def encode_mi_cli(command):88 """89 Encodes a regular (CLI) command into the proper MI form90 :param command: the regular cli command to send91 :type command: str92 :returns: the encoded (escaped) MI command93 :rtype: str94 """95 return '-interpreter-exec console "%s"' % command96def is_stopped_exit(parsed_mi_msg):97 return (hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'class_') and98 (parsed_mi_msg.class_ == 'stopped') and99 hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'result') and100 hasattr(parsed_mi_msg.result, 'reason') and101 (parsed_mi_msg.result.reason == "exited"))102def is_thread_group_exit(parsed_mi_msg):103 return (hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'class_') and104 (parsed_mi_msg.class_ == 'thread-group-exited'))105def is_exit(parsed_mi_msg):106 return (is_stopped_exit(parsed_mi_msg) or107 is_thread_group_exit(parsed_mi_msg))108def is_break_hit(parsed_mi_msg):109 return (hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'class_') and110 (parsed_mi_msg.class_ == 'stopped') and111 hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'result') and112 hasattr(parsed_mi_msg.result, 'reason') and113 (parsed_mi_msg.result.reason == "breakpoint-hit"))114def is_sigsegv(parsed_mi_msg):115 return (hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'class_') and116 (parsed_mi_msg.class_ == 'stopped') and117 hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'result') and118 hasattr(parsed_mi_msg.result, 'signal_name') and119 (parsed_mi_msg.result.reason == "SIGSEGV"))120def is_sigabrt_stopped(parsed_mi_msg):121 return (hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'class_') and122 (parsed_mi_msg.class_ == 'stopped') and123 hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'record_type') and124 (parsed_mi_msg.record_type == 'result') and125 (parsed_mi_msg.result.reason == 'signal-received') and126 (parsed_mi_msg.result.signal_name == 'SIGABRT'))127def is_sigabrt_console(parsed_mi_msg):128 return (hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'record_type') and129 (parsed_mi_msg.record_type == 'stream') and130 hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'type') and131 (parsed_mi_msg.type == 'console') and132 hasattr(parsed_mi_msg, 'value') and133 parsed_mi_msg.value == 'SIGABRT, Aborted.\n')134def is_sigabrt(parsed_mi_msg):135 return (is_sigabrt_stopped(parsed_mi_msg) or136 is_sigabrt_console(parsed_mi_msg))137def is_fatal_signal(parsed_mi_msg):138 return is_sigsegv(parsed_mi_msg) or is_sigabrt(parsed_mi_msg)139def format_as_hex(char):140 """141 Formats a single ascii character as a lower case hex string142 :param char: a single ascii character143 :type char: str144 :returns: the character formatted as a lower case hex string145 :rtype: str146 """147 return "%2x" % ord(char)148def string_to_hex(text):149 """150 Formats a string of text into an hex representation151 :param text: a multi character string152 :type text: str153 :returns: the string converted to an hex representation154 :rtype: str155 """156 return "".join(map(format_as_hex, text))157class CommandResult:158 """159 A GDB command, its result, and other possible messages160 """161 def __init__(self, command):162 self.command = command163 self.timestamp = time.monotonic()164 self.stream_messages = []165 self.application_output = []166 self.result = None167 def get_application_output(self):168 """169 Return all application output concatenated as a single string170 :returns: application output concatenated171 :rtype: str172 """173 return "".join(self.application_output)174 def get_stream_messages_text(self):175 """176 Return all stream messages text concatenated as a single string177 :returns: stream messages text concatenated178 :rtype: str179 """180 return "".join([m.value for m in self.stream_messages])181 def __repr__(self):182 return "%s at %.9f" % (self.command, self.timestamp)183class GDB:184 """185 Wraps a GDB subprocess for easier manipulation186 """187 REQUIRED_ARGS = ['--interpreter=mi',188 '--quiet']189 DEFAULT_BREAK = 'main'190 def __init__(self, path=None, *extra_args): # pylint: disable=W1113191 if path is None:192 path = find_command("gdb", default="/usr/bin/gdb")193 self.path = path194 args = [self.path]195 args += self.REQUIRED_ARGS196 args += extra_args197 try:198 self.process = subprocess.Popen(args,199 stdin=subprocess.PIPE,200 stdout=subprocess.PIPE,201 stderr=subprocess.PIPE,202 close_fds=True)203 except OSError as details:204 if details.errno == 2:205 exc = OSError("File '%s' not found" % args[0])206 exc.errno = 2207 raise exc208 else:209 raise210 fcntl.fcntl(self.process.stdout.fileno(),211 fcntl.F_SETFL, os.O_NONBLOCK)212 self.read_until_break()213 # If this instance is connected to another target. If so, what214 # tcp port it's connected to215 self.connected_to = None216 # any GDB MI async messages217 self.async_messages = []218 self.commands_history = []219 # whatever comes from the app that is not a GDB MI message220 self.output_messages = []221 self.output_messages_queue = []222 def read_gdb_response(self, timeout=0.01, max_tries=100):223 """224 Read raw responses from GDB225 :param timeout: the amount of time to way between read attempts226 :type timeout: float227 :param max_tries: the maximum number of cycles to try to read until228 a response is obtained229 :type max_tries: int230 :returns: a string containing a raw response from GDB231 :rtype: str232 """233 current_try = 0234 while current_try < max_tries:235 try:236 line = self.process.stdout.readline()237 line = line.strip()238 if line:239 return line240 except IOError:241 current_try += 1242 if current_try >= max_tries:243 raise ValueError("Could not read GDB response")244 else:245 time.sleep(timeout)246 def read_until_break(self, max_lines=100):247 """248 Read lines from GDB until a break condition is reached249 :param max_lines: the maximum number of lines to read250 :type max_lines: int251 :returns: a list of messages read252 :rtype: list of str253 """254 result = []255 while True:256 line = self.read_gdb_response()257 if line in GDB_BREAK_CONDITIONS:258 break259 if len(result) >= max_lines:260 break261 result.append(line)262 return result263 def send_gdb_command(self, command):264 """265 Send a raw command to the GNU debugger input266 :param command: the GDB command, hopefully in MI language267 :type command: str268 :returns: None269 """270 if not command.endswith('\n'):271 command = "%s\n" % command272 self.process.stdin.write(command.encode())273 self.process.stdin.flush()274 def cmd(self, command):275 """276 Sends a command and parses all lines until prompt is received277 :param command: the GDB command, hopefully in MI language278 :type command: str279 :returns: a :class:`CommandResult` instance280 :rtype: :class:`CommandResult`281 """282 cmd = CommandResult(command)283 self.send_gdb_command(command)284 responses = self.read_until_break()285 result_response_received = False286 for line in responses:287 # If the line can not be properly parsed, it is *most likely*288 # generated by the application being run inside the debugger289 try:290 parsed_response = parse_mi(line.decode())291 except Exception: # pylint: disable=W0703292 cmd.application_output.append(line)293 continue294 if (parsed_response.type == 'console' and295 parsed_response.record_type == 'stream'):296 cmd.stream_messages.append(parsed_response)297 elif parsed_response.type == 'result':298 if result_response_received:299 # raise an exception here, because no two result300 # responses should come from a single command AFAIK301 raise Exception("Many result responses to a single cmd")302 result_response_received = True303 cmd.result = parsed_response304 else:305 self.async_messages.append(parsed_response)306 return cmd307 def cli_cmd(self, command):308 """309 Sends a cli command encoded as an MI command310 :param command: a regular GDB cli command311 :type command: str312 :returns: a :class:`CommandResult` instance313 :rtype: :class:`CommandResult`314 """315 cmd = encode_mi_cli(command)316 return self.cmd(cmd)317 def cmd_exists(self, command):318 """319 Checks if a given command exists320 :param command: a GDB MI command, including the dash (-) prefix321 :type command: str322 :returns: either True or False323 :rtype: bool324 """325 gdb_info_command = "-info-gdb-mi-command %s" % command[1:]326 r = self.cmd(gdb_info_command)327 return r.result.result.command.exists == 'true'328 def set_file(self, path):329 """...

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