How to use file_has_content method in avocado

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...26 print(path.absolute())27 dataframe.to_csv(path, index=True)28def export_dataframe_to_csv(dataframe, filename):29 dataframe_to_csv_file(dataframe, filename + '.csv')30 data_written = file_has_content(filename + '.csv')31 if data_written:32 return True33 else:34 return False35def export_dataframe_to_html(dataframe, filename):36 dataframe_to_html_file(dataframe, filename + '.html')37 prettify_html(filename + '.html')38 data_written = file_has_content(filename + '.html')39 if data_written:40 return True41 else:42 return False43def export_dataframe_to_files(dataframe, filename):44 """Writes a dataframe to CSV and prettified HTML"""45 export_dataframe_to_csv(dataframe, filename)46 export_dataframe_to_html(dataframe, filename)47def file_has_content(path):48 return Path(path).stat().st_size > 049def prettify_html(filename):50 content = Path("./" + filename).read_text()51 soup = BeautifulSoup(content, features='lxml')52 css = soup.new_tag('link')53 css['rel'] = 'stylesheet'54 css['href'] = './mvp.css'55 head = soup.new_tag('head')56 head.insert(1, css)57 html = soup.find('html')58 html.insert(1, head)59 with open(Path("./" + filename), 'w') as f:...

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1'''2Analyze the flow pass through switches3Interested fields included:4- Throughput5- Goodput ?6- PPS (Packet Per Second) ?7'''8from scapy.all import *9import os10import json11InterfaceNames = []12Throughtputs = []13PacketCounts = []14PPS = []15packet_count = 016throughtput = 017currentTime = 018accumulatedPPS = 019def doStatistic(packet):20 global packet_count, throughtput21 global currentTime, accumulatedPPS, PPS22 # filter out those stupid ICMP protocol unreachiable23 if IP in packet:24 if packet[IP].proto == 1:25 return26 packet_count += 127 throughtput += len(packet)28 # PPS staticists29 # init current time30 if currentTime == 0:31 currentTime = packet.time32 # accmulate count within one sec33 if packet.time > currentTime + 1:34 PPS.append(str(accumulatedPPS))35 accumulatedPPS = 036 currentTime = packet.time37 accumulatedPPS += 138if __name__ == "__main__":39 for filename in os.listdir('pcaps/'):40 if filename.endswith(".pcap"):41 # InterfaceNames.append(filename[:-5])42 43 packet_count = 044 throughtput = 045 46 location = "pcaps/" + filename47 # print(location)48 file_has_content = True49 try:50 sniff(offline=location, prn=doStatistic, store=False)51 except:52 # print(location)53 file_has_content = False54 continue55 if file_has_content:56 InterfaceNames.append(filename[:-5])57 PacketCounts.append(packet_count)58 Throughtputs.append(throughtput)59 dst = "logs/" + filename[:-5] +".json"60 with open(dst, "w") as f:61 print(location)62 json.dump(PPS, f)63 PPS = []64 currentTime = 065 for i in range(len(InterfaceNames)):...

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