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...5 print_function)6import unittest7from setup import Command8TEST_MODULES = frozenset('srv db polish opf css docx cfi matcher icu smartypants build misc dbcli'.split())9def find_tests(which_tests=None):10 ans = []11 a = ans.append12 def ok(x):13 return not which_tests or x in which_tests14 if ok('build'):15 from calibre.test_build import find_tests16 a(find_tests())17 if ok('srv'):18 from calibre.srv.tests.main import find_tests19 a(find_tests())20 if ok('db'):21 from calibre.db.tests.main import find_tests22 a(find_tests())23 if ok('polish'):24 from calibre.ebooks.oeb.polish.tests.main import find_tests25 a(find_tests())26 if ok('opf'):27 from calibre.ebooks.metadata.opf2 import suite28 a(suite())29 from calibre.ebooks.metadata.opf3_test import suite30 a(suite())31 if ok('css'):32 from tinycss.tests.main import find_tests33 a(find_tests())34 from calibre.ebooks.oeb.normalize_css import test_normalization35 a(test_normalization(return_tests=True))36 from calibre.ebooks.css_transform_rules import test37 a(test(return_tests=True))38 from css_selectors.tests import find_tests39 a(find_tests())40 if ok('docx'):41 from calibre.ebooks.docx.fields import test_parse_fields42 a(test_parse_fields(return_tests=True))43 from calibre.ebooks.docx.writer.utils import test_convert_color44 a(test_convert_color(return_tests=True))45 if ok('cfi'):46 from calibre.ebooks.epub.cfi.tests import find_tests47 a(find_tests())48 if ok('matcher'):49 from calibre.utils.matcher import test50 a(test(return_tests=True))51 if ok('icu'):52 from calibre.utils.icu_test import find_tests53 a(find_tests())54 if ok('smartypants'):55 from calibre.utils.smartypants import run_tests56 a(run_tests(return_tests=True))57 if ok('misc'):58 from calibre.ebooks.metadata.tag_mapper import find_tests59 a(find_tests())60 from calibre.utils.shared_file import find_tests61 a(find_tests())62 from calibre.utils.test_lock import find_tests63 a(find_tests())64 from calibre.utils.search_query_parser_test import find_tests65 a(find_tests())66 if ok('dbcli'):67 from calibre.db.cli.tests import find_tests68 a(find_tests())69 tests = unittest.TestSuite(ans)70 return tests71class Test(Command):72 description = 'Run the calibre test suite'73 def add_options(self, parser):74 parser.add_option('--test-module', '--test-group', default=[], action='append', type='choice', choices=sorted(map(str, TEST_MODULES)),75 help='The test module to run (can be specified more than once for multiple modules). Choices: %s' % ', '.join(sorted(TEST_MODULES)))76 parser.add_option('--test-verbosity', type=int, default=4, help='Test verbosity (0-4)')77 parser.add_option('--test-name', default=[], action='append',78 help='The name of an individual test to run. Can be specified more than once for multiple tests. The name of the'79 ' test is the name of the test function without the leading test_. For example, the function test_something()'80 ' can be run by specifying the name "something".')81 def run(self, opts):82 from calibre.utils.run_tests import run_cli, filter_tests_by_name83 tests = find_tests(which_tests=frozenset(opts.test_module))84 if opts.test_name:85 tests = filter_tests_by_name(tests, *opts.test_name)...

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