How to use get_disk_mountpoint method in avocado

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...517 # find system disk518 for index in root_point:519 sys_disk.append("/dev/" + disk_label[index])520 return sys_disk521def get_disk_mountpoint(disk_name, node=None):522 # success return 0,disk error !0,errorinfo523 disk = Disk(disk_name)524 if not disk_name or disk_name == "":525 Error(610, "disk name is none")526 return 1, "disk name is none"527 # run command get disk mount info528 # info like this : NAME="/dev/sdb1" TYPE="part" MOUNTPOINT="/var/lib/icfs/osd/icfs-0"529 if node:530 flag, mountinfo = run_command(node=node, comm='lsblk %s -P -o name,type,mountpoint' % disk_name)531 else:532 flag, mountinfo = run_command(comm="lsblk %s -P -o name,type,mountpoint" % disk_name)533 # handel return info534 if flag != 0:535 return flag, mountinfo536 else:537 infos = mountinfo.splitlines()538 for info in infos:539 diskinfo = info.split()540 name = diskinfo[0].split("=")[1].replace("\"", "")541 mtype = diskinfo[1].split("=")[1].replace("\"", "")542 mountpoint = diskinfo[2].split("=")[1].replace("\"", "")543 if mtype == "disk":544 if mountpoint != "":545 disk.mountPoint = mountpoint546 disk.isMounted = True547 if mtype == "part":548 disk_part = Disk("/dev/" + name)549 disk_part.type = mtype550 if mountpoint != "":551 disk_part.isMounted = True552 disk.isMounted |= True553 disk_part.mountPoint = mountpoint554 disk.partList.append(disk_part)555 return 0, disk556def get_all_data_disk(node=None):557 # get date disk list ,return disk_list,error_list558 flag, disk_info = run_command(comm="ls /sys/block/", node=node)559 if flag == 0:560 disk_info_list = disk_info.splitlines()561 # disk name : sd*(sata) hd*(ide) vd*(virtio)562 disk_info_list = ["/dev/" + i for i in disk_info_list if re.match("^(sd|hd|vd).*$", i)]563 else:564 Error(714, disk_info)565 return 0, 0566 # remove system disk567 sys_disk = find_sys_disk(node)568 for sys_disk_name in sys_disk:569 try:570 disk_info_list.remove(sys_disk_name)571 except Exception:572 pass573 # print "can't find disk : " + sys_disk_name574 # get all data disk mount info575 disk_list = []576 error_list = []577 for disk_name in disk_info_list:578 error, disk = get_disk_mountpoint(disk_name, node)579 if not error:580 disk_list.append(disk)581 else:582 error_list.append("NODE:%s ; DISKNAME:%s ; ERRORCODE:%s ; ERRORINFO:%s " % (node, disk_name, error, disk))583 return disk_list, error_list584def zeroing(dev):585 lba_size = 4096586 size = 33 * lba_size587 with open(dev, 'wb') as f:588, os.SEEK_END)589 f.write(size * b'\0')590 f.close()591def _get_parttion_info(node, part_dic):592 code = 0...

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...190 dev, fs_dir, _, _, _, _ = mount_line.split()191 if fs_dir == dir_path:192 return dev193 return None194def get_disk_mountpoint(device):195 """196 get mountpoint on which given disk is mounted197 :param device: disk/device name198 :type device: str199 :return: return directory name on which disk is mounted200 :rtype: str201 """202 with open("/proc/mounts") as mounts: # pylint: disable=W1514203 for mount_line in mounts.readlines():204 dev, fs_dir, _, _, _, _ = mount_line.split()205 if dev == device:206 return fs_dir...

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