How to use get_freq_governor method in avocado

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...308 :type governor: str309 """310 avl_gov_file = "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_governors"311 cur_gov_file = "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor"312 cur_gov = get_freq_governor()313 if not cur_gov:314 return False315 if not (os.access(avl_gov_file, os.R_OK) and os.access(cur_gov_file, os.W_OK)):316 LOG.error("Could not locate frequency governor sysfs entries or\n"317 " No proper permissions to read/write sysfs entries")318 return False319 cpus_list = total_count()320 with open(avl_gov_file, 'r') as fl: # pylint: disable=W1514321 avl_govs =' ')322 if governor == "random":323 avl_govs.remove(cur_gov)324 if not avl_govs:325 LOG.error("No other frequency governors to pick from...")326 return False327 governor = random.choice(avl_govs)328 if governor not in avl_govs:329 LOG.warning("Trying to change unknown frequency "330 "governor: %s", governor)331 for cpu in range(cpus_list):332 cur_gov_file = "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu%s/cpufreq/scaling_governor" % cpu333 try:334 with open(cur_gov_file, 'w') as fl: # pylint: disable=W1514335 fl.write(governor)336 except IOError as err:337 LOG.warning("Unable to write a given frequency "338 "governor %s profile for cpu "339 "%s\n %s", governor, cpu, err)340 return True341def get_freq_governor():342 """Get current cpu frequency governor."""343 cur_gov_file = "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor"344 try:345 with open(cur_gov_file, 'r') as fl: # pylint: disable=W1514346 return except IOError as err:348 LOG.error("Unable to get the current governor\n %s", err)349 return ""350def get_pid_cpus(pid):351 """352 Get all the cpus being used by the process according to pid informed.353 :param pid: process id354 :type pid: str355 :return: A list include all cpus the process is using...

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...168 """169 for itr in range(self.host_iterations):170 if "cpu_freq_governor" in event:171 cpu.set_freq_governor() if hasattr(cpu, 'set_freq_governor') else cpu.set_cpufreq_governor()172 logging.debug("Current governor: %s", cpu.get_freq_governor() if hasattr(cpu, 'get_freq_governor') else cpu.get_cpufreq_governor())173 time.sleep(self.event_sleep_time)174 elif "cpu_idle" in event:175 idlestate = cpu.get_idle_state() if hasattr(cpu, 'get_idle_state') else cpu.get_cpuidle_state()176 cpu.set_idle_state() if hasattr(cpu, 'set_idle_state') else cpu.set_cpuidle_state()177 time.sleep(self.event_sleep_time)178 cpu.set_idle_state(setstate=idlestate) if hasattr(cpu, 'set_idle_state') else cpu.set_cpuidle_state(setstate=idlestate)179 time.sleep(self.event_sleep_time)180 elif "cpuoffline" in event:181 online_count = cpu.online_count() if hasattr(cpu, 'online_count') else cpu.online_cpus_count()182 processor = self.host_cpu_list[random.randint(0, online_count-1)]183 cpu.offline(processor)184 time.sleep(self.event_sleep_time)185 else:...

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