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...147 """148 # Plugins are initialized, let's update mappings149 self._label_mapping = {MissingTest: "MISSING"}150 for plugin in self._initialized_plugins:151 self._label_mapping.update(plugin.get_full_type_label_mapping())152 self._decorator_mapping = {MissingTest: output.TERM_SUPPORT.fail_header_str}153 for plugin in self._initialized_plugins:154 self._decorator_mapping.update(plugin.get_full_decorator_mapping())155 def get_extra_listing(self):156 for loader_plugin in self._initialized_plugins:157 loader_plugin.get_extra_listing()158 def get_base_keywords(self):159 base_path = []160 for loader_plugin in self._initialized_plugins:161 base_path += loader_plugin.get_base_keywords()162 return base_path163 def get_type_label_mapping(self):164 if self._label_mapping is None:165 raise RuntimeError(166 " has to be called before "167 "LoaderProxy.get_type_label_mapping"168 )169 return self._label_mapping170 def get_decorator_mapping(self):171 if self._label_mapping is None:172 raise RuntimeError(173 " has to be called before "174 "LoaderProxy.get_decorator_mapping"175 )176 return self._decorator_mapping177 def discover(self, references, which_tests=DiscoverMode.DEFAULT, force=None):178 """179 Discover (possible) tests from test references.180 :param references: a list of tests references; if [] use plugin defaults181 :type references: builtin.list182 :param which_tests: Limit tests to be displayed183 :type which_tests: :class:`DiscoverMode`184 :param force: don't raise an exception when some test references185 are not resolved to tests.186 :return: A list of test factories (tuples (TestClass, test_params))187 """188 def handle_exception(plugin, details):189 # FIXME: Introduce avocado.exceptions logger and use here190 stacktrace.log_message(191 (f"Test discovery plugin {plugin} " f"failed: {details}"),192 LOG_UI.getChild("exceptions"),193 )194 # FIXME: Introduce avocado.traceback logger and use here195 stacktrace.log_exc_info(sys.exc_info(), LOG_UI.getChild("debug"))196 tests = []197 unhandled_references = []198 if not references:199 for loader_plugin in self._initialized_plugins:200 try:201 tests.extend(, which_tests))202 except Exception as details: # pylint: disable=W0703203 handle_exception(loader_plugin, details)204 else:205 for reference in references:206 handled = False207 for loader_plugin in self._initialized_plugins:208 try:209 _test =, which_tests)210 if _test:211 tests.extend(_test)212 handled = True213 if which_tests != DiscoverMode.ALL:214 break # Don't process other plugins215 except Exception as details: # pylint: disable=W0703216 handle_exception(loader_plugin, details)217 if not handled:218 unhandled_references.append(reference)219 if unhandled_references:220 if which_tests == DiscoverMode.ALL:221 tests.extend(222 [223 (MissingTest, {"name": reference})224 for reference in unhandled_references225 ]226 )227 else:228 # This is a workaround to avoid changing the method signature229 if force is True or force == "on":230 LOG_UI.error(231 LoaderUnhandledReferenceError(232 unhandled_references, self._initialized_plugins233 )234 )235 else:236 raise LoaderUnhandledReferenceError(237 unhandled_references, self._initialized_plugins238 )239 self._update_mappings()240 return tests241 def clear_plugins(self):242 self.registered_plugins = []243class TestLoader:244 """245 Base for test loader classes246 """247 name = None # Human friendly name of the loader248 def __init__(self, config, extra_params): # pylint: disable=W0613249 if "allowed_test_types" in extra_params:250 mapping = self.get_type_label_mapping()251 types = extra_params.pop("allowed_test_types")252 if len(mapping) != 1:253 msg = (254 f"Loader '{}' supports multiple test types "255 f"but does not handle the 'allowed_test_types'. "256 f"Either don't use '{}' instead of "257 f"'{}.{types}' or take care of the "258 f"'allowed_test_types' in the plugin."259 )260 raise LoaderError(msg)261 elif next(iter(mapping.values())) != types:262 raise LoaderError(263 f"Loader '{}' doesn't support "264 f"test type '{types}', it supports only "265 f"'{next(iter(mapping.values()))}'"266 )267 if "loader_options" in extra_params:268 raise LoaderError(269 f"Loader '{}' doesn't support "270 f"'loader_options', please don't use "271 f"--loader {}:"272 f"{extra_params.get('loader_options')}"273 )274 if extra_params:275 raise LoaderError(276 f"Loader '{}' doesn't handle extra "277 f"params {extra_params}, please adjust your "278 f"plugin to take care of them."279 )280 self.config = config281 def get_extra_listing(self):282 pass283 @staticmethod284 def get_type_label_mapping():285 """286 Get label mapping for display in test listing.287 :return: Dict {TestClass: 'TEST_LABEL_STRING'}288 """289 raise NotImplementedError290 def get_full_type_label_mapping(self): # pylint: disable=R0201291 """292 Allows extending the type-label-mapping after the object is initialized293 """294 return self.get_type_label_mapping()295 @staticmethod296 def get_decorator_mapping():297 """298 Get label mapping for display in test listing.299 :return: Dict {TestClass: decorator function}300 """301 raise NotImplementedError302 def get_full_decorator_mapping(self): # pylint: disable=R0201303 """304 Allows extending the decorator-mapping after the object is initialized...

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...34 No type is discovered by default, uses "full_*_mappings" to report35 the actual types after "discover()" is called.36 """37 return {}38 def get_full_type_label_mapping(self):39 return self._extra_type_label_mapping40 @staticmethod41 def get_decorator_mapping():42 return {}43 def get_full_decorator_mapping(self):44 return self._extra_decorator_mapping45 def _get_loader(self, params):46 """47 Initializes test loader according to params.48 Uses params.get():49 test_reference_resolver_class - loadable location of the loader class50 test_reference_resolver_args - args to override current Avocado args51 before being passed to the loader52 class. (dict)53 test_reference_resolver_extra - extra_params to be passed to resolver54 (dict)55 """56 resolver_class = params.get("test_reference_resolver_class")57 if not resolver_class:58 if params.get("test_reference"):59 resolver_class = "avocado.core.loader.FileLoader"60 else:61 # Don't supply the default when no `test_reference` is given62 # to avoid listing default FileLoader tests63 return None64 mod, klass = resolver_class.rsplit(".", 1)65 try:66 loader_class = getattr(__import__(mod, fromlist=[klass]), klass)67 except ImportError:68 raise RuntimeError("Unable to import class defined by test_"69 "reference_resolver_class '%s.%s'"70 % (mod, klass))71 _args = params.get("test_reference_resolver_args")72 if not _args:73 args = self.args74 else:75 args = copy.copy(self.args)76 for key, value in iteritems(_args):77 setattr(args, key, value)78 extra_params = params.get("test_reference_resolver_extra", default={})79 if extra_params:80 extra_params = copy.deepcopy(extra_params)81 return loader_class(args, extra_params)82 def discover(self, reference, which_tests=loader.DiscoverMode.DEFAULT):83 tests = []84 try:85 root = mux.apply_filters(create_from_yaml([reference], False),86 getattr(self.args, "mux_suite_only", []),87 getattr(self.args, "mux_suite_out", []))88 except Exception:89 return []90 mux_tree = mux.MuxTree(root)91 for variant in mux_tree:92 params = parameters.AvocadoParams(variant, ["/run/*"],93 references = params.get("test_reference")95 if not isinstance(references, (list, tuple)):96 references = [references]97 for reference in references:98 test_loader = self._get_loader(params)99 if not test_loader:100 continue101 _tests =, which_tests)102 self._extra_type_label_mapping.update(103 test_loader.get_full_type_label_mapping())104 self._extra_decorator_mapping.update(105 test_loader.get_full_decorator_mapping())106 name_prefix = params.get("mux_suite_test_name_prefix")107 if _tests:108 if isinstance(name_prefix, list):109 name_prefix = "".join(name_prefix)110 for tst in _tests:111 if name_prefix:112 tst[1]["name"] = name_prefix + tst[1]["name"]113 tst[1]["params"] = (variant, ["/run/*"])114 tests.extend(_tests)115 return tests116class LoaderYAML(CLI):117 name = 'loader_yaml'...

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