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...43 while package_id > 40 or package_id < 1:44 package_id = int(input('Invalid package id please enter a new package id (1-40): '))45 # Take user input for time wanting to be checked46 # set times equal to the times for the associated package id given47 departure_time = get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[9]48 arrival_time = get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[10]49 time = input('Enter a time (HH:MM:SS): ')50 if departure_time == '8:00:00':51 truck_number = '1'52 elif departure_time == '9:05:00':53 truck_number = '2'54 else:55 truck_number = '3'56 # Converts times using timedelta into HH:MM:SS format57 # to use for comparison operations58 (hours, minutes, seconds) = time.split(':')59 converted_time = datetime.timedelta(hours=int(hours), minutes=int(minutes), seconds=int(seconds))60 (hours, minutes, seconds) = departure_time.split(':')61 converted_departure_time = datetime.timedelta(hours=int(hours), minutes=int(minutes), seconds=int(seconds))62 (hours, minutes, seconds) = arrival_time.split(':')63 converted_arrival_time = datetime.timedelta(hours=int(hours), minutes=int(minutes), seconds=int(seconds))64 # Checks if package is still at hub by comparing departure time65 # to the time given by user. If it is still at hub then it66 # sets delivery status to at hub and sets when it will leave67 # then prints package info for given ID68 if converted_departure_time >= converted_time:69 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[10] = 'Package is at hub'70 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[9] = 'Leaves hub at ' + departure_time71 print(72 f'\n\nPackage is on truck {truck_number}\n'73 f'Package ID: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[0]}\n'74 f'Address: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[2]}\n'75 f'City: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[3]}\n'76 f'State: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[4]}\n'77 f'Zip: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[5]}\n'78 f'Must be delivered by: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[6]}\n'79 f'Package weight: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[7]} lbs\n'80 f'Truck status: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[9]}\n'81 f'Delivery status: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[10]}\n'82 )83 # checks if package has left hub and check if package is not delivered84 # sets delivery status to out for delivery and sets when it left hub85 # then prints package info for given ID86 elif converted_departure_time <= converted_time:87 if converted_time < converted_arrival_time:88 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[10] = 'Package is out for delivery'89 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[9] = 'Left hub at ' + departure_time90 print(91 f'\n\nPackage is on truck {truck_number}\n'92 f'Package ID: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[0]}\n'93 f'Address: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[2]}\n'94 f'City: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[3]}\n'95 f'State: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[4]}\n'96 f'Zip: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[5]}\n'97 f'Must be delivered by: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[6]}\n'98 f'Package weight: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[7]} lbs\n'99 f'Truck status: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[9]}\n'100 f'Delivery status: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[10]}\n'101 )102 # Else case - Package has been delivered103 # sets delivery status to delivered with time of delivery104 # then prints package info for given ID105 else:106 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[10] = 'Package was delivered at ' + arrival_time107 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[9] = 'Left hub at ' + departure_time108 print(109 f'\n\nPackage is on truck {truck_number}\n'110 f'Package ID: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[0]}\n'111 f'Address: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[2]}\n'112 f'City: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[3]}\n'113 f'State: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[4]}\n'114 f'Zip: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[5]}\n'115 f'Must be delivered by: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[6]}\n'116 f'Package weight: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[7]} lbs\n'117 f'Truck status: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[9]}\n'118 f'Delivery status: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(package_id))[10]}\n'119 )120 except ValueError:121 print('Invalid entry. Try again.')122 single_package()123 pass124 exit()125# Outputs all package info for a user-given time126# Space-Time Complexity: O(N)127def all_packages():128 departure_time = ''129 converted_departure_time = ''130 converted_arrival_time = ''131 arrival_time = ''132 try:133 print("If you would like to return to main menu please type: back")134 # takes user input for time135 time = input("Enter a time (HH:MM:SS):")136 # Allows user to go back if they did not mean to run this function137 if time.lower() == 'back':138 user_interface()139 exit()140 # splits time into hours, min and seconds141 # for comparisons using datetime.timedelta function142 (hours, minutes, seconds) = time.split(':')143 converted_time = datetime.timedelta(hours=int(hours), minutes=int(minutes), seconds=int(seconds))144 # Finds start and end times of packages with [9] and [10] being delivery times145 # Uses timedelta function in order to compare times to determine delivery status146 # based off the user given time147 # Time Complexity O(N^2)148 for ID in range(1, 41):149 try:150 # get departure and arrival time for package151 departure_time = get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[9]152 arrival_time = get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[10]153 # splits departure and arrival times into hours minutes and seconds154 # then converts them into datetime.timedelta objects to be compared155 (hours, minutes, seconds) = departure_time.split(':')156 converted_departure_time = datetime.timedelta(hours=int(hours), minutes=int(minutes),157 seconds=int(seconds))158 (hours, minutes, seconds) = arrival_time.split(':')159 converted_arrival_time = datetime.timedelta(hours=int(hours), minutes=int(minutes),160 seconds=int(seconds))161 except ValueError:162 pass163 # Checks if package is still at hub by comparing departure time to user time164 # Prints out Package ID and delivery status for packages165 # that still remain at the hub166 if converted_departure_time >= converted_time:167 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[10] = 'Package is at hub'168 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[9] = 'Package Leaves hub at ' + departure_time169 print(170 f'Package ID: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[0]}, '171 f'Delivery status: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[10]}'172 )173 # Checks if package is out for delivery by comparing departure time to user time174 # Prints out Package ID and delivery status for packages that175 # are out for delivery176 elif converted_departure_time <= converted_time:177 if converted_time < converted_arrival_time:178 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[10] = 'Package is out for delivery'179 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[9] = 'Left hub at ' + departure_time180 print(181 f'Package ID: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[0]}, '182 f'Delivery status: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[10]}'183 )184 # Else case, package was delivered185 # Prints out Package Id and delivery status for packages that have been delivered186 # at given time187 else:188 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[10] = 'Package was delivered at ' + arrival_time189 get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[9] = 'Left hub at ' + departure_time190 print(191 f'Package ID: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[0]}, '192 f'Delivery status: {get_package_map().get_package_info(str(ID))[10]}'193 )194 # Checks for value error by user and restarts all_packages() function to try again195 except ValueError:196 print('Invalid input. Try again')197 all_packages()...

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...8 format="%(asctime)s - %(levelname)s - %(name)s - %(message)s",9 datefmt="%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S",10 level=os.environ.get("LOGLEVEL", "INFO").upper(),11)12def get_package_info(package_name: str, verbose: bool = True):13 """14 Returns the package version as a string and the package name as a string.15 """16 _is_available = is_available(package_name)17 if _is_available:18 try:19 import importlib.metadata as _importlib_metadata20 _version = _importlib_metadata.version(package_name)21 except (ModuleNotFoundError, AttributeError):22 try:23 _version = importlib.import_module(package_name).__version__24 except AttributeError:25 _version = "unknown"26 if verbose:27"{package_name} version {_version} is available.")28 else:29 _version = "N/A"30 return _is_available, _version31def print_enviroment_info():32 _torch_available, _torch_version = get_package_info("torch")33 _torchvision_available, _torchvision_version = get_package_info("torchvision")34 _tensorflow_available, _tensorflow_version = get_package_info("tensorflow")35 _tensorflow_hub_available, _tensorflow_hub_version = get_package_info("tensorflow-hub")36 _yolov5_available, _yolov5_version = get_package_info("yolov5")37 _mmdet_available, _mmdet_version = get_package_info("mmdet")38 _mmcv_available, _mmcv_version = get_package_info("mmcv")39 _detectron2_available, _detectron2_version = get_package_info("detectron2")40 _transformers_available, _transformers_version = get_package_info("transformers")41 _timm_available, _timm_version = get_package_info("timm")42 _layer_available, _layer_version = get_package_info("layer")43 _fiftyone_available, _fiftyone_version = get_package_info("fiftyone")44 _norfair_available, _norfair_version = get_package_info("norfair")45def is_available(module_name: str):46 return importlib.util.find_spec(module_name) is not None47@contextlib.contextmanager48def check_requirements(package_names):49 """50 Raise error if module is not installed.51 """52 missing_packages = []53 for package_name in package_names:54 if importlib.util.find_spec(package_name) is None:55 missing_packages.append(package_name)56 if missing_packages:57 raise ImportError(f"The following packages are required to use this module: {missing_packages}")58 yield

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