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...42 """43 addresses = []44 cmd = "lspci -D"45 for line in process.system_output(cmd).splitlines():46 if not get_pci_prop(line.split()[0], 'Class').startswith('06'):47 addresses.append(line.split()[0])48 if addresses:49 return addresses50def get_num_interfaces_in_pci(dom_pci_address):51 """52 Gets number of interfaces of a given partial PCI address starting with53 full domain address.54 :param dom_pci_address: Partial PCI address including domain55 address (0000, 0000:00:1f, 0000:00:1f.2, etc)56 :return: number of devices in a PCI domain.57 """58 cmd = "ls -l /sys/class/*/ -1"59 output = process.system_output(cmd, ignore_status=True, shell=True)60 if output:61 filt = '/%s' % dom_pci_address62 count = 063 for line in output.splitlines():64 if filt in line:65 count += 166 return count67def get_disks_in_pci_address(pci_address):68 """69 Gets disks in a PCI address.70 :param pci_address: Any segment of a PCI address (1f, 0000:00:1f, ...)71 :return: list of disks in a PCI address.72 """73 disks_path = "/dev/disk/by-path/"74 disk_list = []75 for dev in os.listdir(disks_path):76 if pci_address in dev:77 link = os.readlink(os.path.join(disks_path, dev))78 disk_list.append(os.path.abspath(os.path.join(disks_path, link)))79 return disk_list80def get_nics_in_pci_address(pci_address):81 """82 Gets network interface(nic) in a PCI address.83 :param pci_address: Any segment of a PCI address (1f, 0000:00:1f, ...)84 :return: list of network interfaces in a PCI address.85 """86 return get_interfaces_in_pci_address(pci_address, "net")87def get_interfaces_in_pci_address(pci_address, pci_class):88 """89 Gets interface in a PCI address.90 e.g: host = pci.get_interfaces_in_pci_address("0001:01:00.0", "net")91 ['enP1p1s0f0']92 host = pci.get_interfaces_in_pci_address("0004:01:00.0", "fc_host")93 ['host6']94 :param pci_address: Any segment of a PCI address (1f, 0000:00:1f, ...)95 :param class: Adapter type (FC(fc_host), FCoE(net), NIC(net), SCSI(scsi)..)96 :return: list of generic interfaces in a PCI address.97 """98 pci_class_path = "/sys/class/%s/" % pci_class99 if not os.path.isdir(pci_class_path):100 raise ValueError("Please provide valid class name")101 return [interface for interface in os.listdir(pci_class_path)102 if pci_address in os.readlink(os.path.join(pci_class_path,103 interface))]104def get_pci_class_name(pci_address):105 """106 Gets pci class name for given pci bus address107 e.g: >>> pci.get_pci_class_name("0000:01:00.0")108 'scsi_host'109 :param pci_address: Any segment of a PCI address(1f, 0000:00:if, ...)110 :return: class name for corresponding pci bus address111 """112 pci_class_dic = {'0104': 'scsi_host', '0c04': 'fc_host',113 '0200': 'net', '0108': 'nvme', '0280': 'net'}114 pci_class_id = get_pci_prop(pci_address, "Class")115 if pci_class_id not in pci_class_dic:116 if pci_class_id is None:117 raise ValueError("Unable to get 'Class' property of given pci "118 "address %s" % pci_address)119 else:120 raise ValueError("Class ID %s is not defined in this library"121 "please send an update" % pci_class_id)122 return pci_class_dic.get(pci_class_id)123def get_pci_fun_list(pci_address):124 """125 Gets list of functions in the given PCI address.126 Example: in address 0000:03:00, functions are 0000:03:00.0 and 0000:03:00.1127 :param pci_address: Any segment of a PCI address (1f, 0000:00:1f, ...)128 :return: list of functions in a PCI address.129 """130 return list(dev for dev in get_pci_addresses() if pci_address in dev)131def get_slot_from_sysfs(full_pci_address):132 """133 Gets the PCI slot of given address.134 :note: Specific for ppc64 processor.135 :param full_pci_address: Full PCI address including domain (0000:03:00.0)136 :return: Removed port related details using re, only returns till137 physical slot of the adapter.138 """139 if not os.path.isfile('/sys/bus/pci/devices/%s/devspec' % full_pci_address):140 return141 devspec = genio.read_file("/sys/bus/pci/devices/%s/devspec"142 % full_pci_address)143 if not os.path.isfile("/proc/device-tree/%s/ibm,loc-code" % devspec):144 return145 slot = genio.read_file("/proc/device-tree/%s/ibm,loc-code" % devspec)146 slot_ibm = re.match(r'((\w+)[.])+(\w+)-[P(\d+)-]*C(\d+)', slot)147 if slot_ibm:148 return slot_openpower = re.match(r'(\w+)[\s]*(\w+)(\d*)', slot)150 if slot_openpower:151 return raise ValueError("Failed to get slot from: '%s'" % slot)153def get_slot_list():154 """155 Gets list of PCI slots in the system.156 :note: Specific for ppc64 processor.157 :return: list of slots in the system.158 """159 return list(set(get_slot_from_sysfs(dev) for dev in get_pci_addresses()))160def get_pci_id_from_sysfs(full_pci_address):161 """162 Gets the PCI ID from sysfs of given PCI address.163 :param full_pci_address: Full PCI address including domain (0000:03:00.0)164 :return: PCI ID of a PCI address from sysfs.165 """166 path = "/sys/bus/pci/devices/%s" % full_pci_address167 if os.path.isdir(path):168 path = "%s/%%s" % path169 return ":".join(["%04x" % int(open(path % param).read(), 16)170 for param in ['vendor', 'device', 'subsystem_vendor',171 'subsystem_device']])172def get_pci_prop(pci_address, prop):173 """174 Gets specific PCI ID of given PCI address. (first match only)175 :param pci_address: Any segment of a PCI address (1f, 0000:00:1f, ...)176 :param part: prop of PCI ID.177 :return: specific PCI ID of a PCI address.178 """179 cmd = "lspci -Dnvmm -s %s" % pci_address180 output = process.system_output(cmd, ignore_status=True)181 if output:182 for line in output.splitlines():183 if prop == line.split(':')[0]:184 return line.split()[-1]185def get_pci_id(pci_address):186 """187 Gets PCI id of given address. (first match only)188 :param pci_address: Any segment of a PCI address (1f, 0000:00:1f, ...)189 :return: PCI ID of a PCI address.190 """191 pci_id = []192 for params in ['Vendor', 'Device', 'SVendor', 'SDevice']:193 output = get_pci_prop(pci_address, params)194 if not output:195 return196 pci_id.append(output)197 if pci_id:198 return ":".join(pci_id)199def get_driver(pci_address):200 """201 Gets the kernel driver in use of given PCI address. (first match only)202 :param pci_address: Any segment of a PCI address (1f, 0000:00:1f, ...)203 :return: driver of a PCI address.204 """205 cmd = "lspci -ks %s" % pci_address206 output = process.system_output(cmd, ignore_status=True)207 if output:...

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