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...153 else:154 #### Attempt #4 (DuckDuckGo's HTML)155 ## This relies on BeautifulSoup; if it can't be found, don't even bother156 #### Attempt #3 (Wolfram Alpha)157 status, answer = get_wa(q)158 if status:159 jenni.say(answer + ' [WA]')160 else:161 ## If we made it this far, we have tried all available resources162 jenni.say('Absolutely no results!')163c.commands = ['c', 'cal', 'calc']164c.example = '.c 5 + 3'165def py(jenni, input):166 """.py <code> -- evaluates python code"""167 code = if not code:169 return jenni.reply('No code provided.')170 query = code.encode('utf-8')171 uri = ''172 try:173 answer = web.get(uri + web.urllib.quote(query))174 if answer is not None and answer != "\n":175 jenni.say(answer)176 else:177 jenni.reply('Sorry, no result.')178 except Exception, e:179 jenni.reply('The server did not return an answer.')180py.commands = ['py', 'python']181py.example = '.py print "Hello world, %s!" % ("James")'182def get_wa(search):183 txt = search184 txt = txt.decode('utf-8')185 txt = txt.encode('utf-8')186 query = txt187 uri = ''188 uri += urllib.quote(query.replace('+', '%2B'))189 answer = web.get(uri)190 if answer:191 answer = answer.decode("string_escape")192 answer = HTMLParser.HTMLParser().unescape(answer)193 match ='\\\:([0-9A-Fa-f]{4})', answer)194 if match is not None:195 char_code = char = unichr(int(char_code, 16))197 answer = answer.replace('\:' + char_code, char)198 waOutputArray = string.split(answer, ";")199 newOutput = list()200 for each in waOutputArray:201 temp = each.replace('\/', '/')202 newOutput.append(temp)203 waOutputArray = newOutput204 if (len(waOutputArray) < 2):205 return True, answer206 else:207 return True, waOutputArray[0] + ' | ' + ' | '.join(waOutputArray[1:4])208 waOutputArray = list()209 else:210 return False, str()211def wa(jenni, input):212 """.wa <input> -- queries WolframAlpha with the given input."""213 if not return jenni.reply("No search term.")215 txt = txt = txt.encode('utf-8')217 txt = txt.decode('utf-8')218 txt = txt.encode('utf-8')219 status, answer = get_wa(txt)220 if status:221 jenni.say(answer)222 else:223 jenni.say('Sorry, no result from WolframAlpha.')224wa.commands = ['wa', 'wolfram']225wa.example = '.wa land area of the European Union'226if __name__ == '__main__':...

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...3from django.db import transaction4from api.models import (Classifier, Project, CredentialWA,5 Label, Data, Pool, PredictProba)6from main.celery import async_wao_update7def get_wa(project_id, version='2018-09-20'):8 """9 Gets WA object from IBM lib10 """11 url, api_key = get_credentials(project_id)12 wa = AssistantV1(13 version=version,14 iam_apikey=api_key,15 url=url16 )17 return wa18def get_credentials(project_id):19 credentials = CredentialWA.objects.get(project__id=project_id)20 url = credentials.url21 api_key = credentials.api_key22 return (url, api_key)23def update(body, project_id):24 ''' wrapper necessary for testing '''25 async_wao_update.delay(body, project_id)26def get_logs(project_id, is_first=False, is_accuracy=False):27 """update logs based on last log date"""28 clf = Classifier.objects.get(29 project__id=project_id, is_accuracy=is_accuracy)30 project = Project.objects.get(id=project_id)31 response = {}32 if is_first:33 response = get_wa(project_id).list_logs(34 workspace_id=clf.ibm_classifier_id,35 sort='request_timestamp',36 ).get_result()37 else:38 query_filter = "response_timestamp>" + clf.log_date39 response = get_wa(project_id).list_logs(40 workspace_id=clf.ibm_classifier_id,41 sort='request_timestamp',42 filter=query_filter43 ).get_result()44 with transaction.atomic():45 if response["logs"]:46 for log in response["logs"]:47 new_data = Data(48 project=project,49 content=log["request"]["input"]["text"]50 )51 new_pool = Pool(data=new_data)53 label = Label.objects.get(55 project__id=project_id,56 label=log["response"]["intents"][0]["intent"]57 )58 new_proba = PredictProba(59 label=label,60 pool=new_pool,61 proba=log["response"]["intents"][0]["confidence"]62 )63 last_log_time = response["logs"][-1]["response_timestamp"]65 clf.log_date = last_log_time66 get_intents(project_id, is_accuracy=False):68 """populate labels with assistant intents"""69 clf = Classifier.objects.get(70 project__id=project_id, is_accuracy=is_accuracy)71 project = Project.objects.get(id=project_id)72 response = get_wa(project_id).list_intents(73 workspace_id=clf.ibm_classifier_id74 ).get_result()75 with transaction.atomic():76 for intent in response["intents"]:77 new_label = Label(label=intent["intent"], project=project)78 update_intent(pool_id, label_id, project_id, label, is_accuracy=False):80 """creates an example on an intent based on the rotulated log"""81 clf = Classifier.objects.get(82 project__id=project_id, is_accuracy=is_accuracy)83 get_wa(project_id).create_intent(84 workspace_id=clf.ibm_classifier_id,85 intent=label,86 examples=[87 {'text': Data.objects.get(id=pool_id).content}88 ]89 )90 try:91 response = get_wa(project_id).create_example(92 workspace_id=clf.ibm_classifier_id,93 intent=Label.objects.get(id=label_id).label,94 text=Data.objects.get(id=pool_id).content95 )96 except Exception as e:97 """98 Tries to upload new example to intent, but it might exist already.99 """100 pass...

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