How to use has_userland_tool method in avocado

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...7__all__ = ['iso9660', 'Iso9660IsoInfo', 'Iso9660IsoRead', 'Iso9660Mount']8import os, logging, tempfile, shutil9import common10from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import utils11def has_userland_tool(executable):12 '''13 Returns whether the system has a given executable14 '''15 if os.path.isabs(executable):16 return os.path.exists(executable)17 else:18 for d in os.environ['PATH'].split(':'):19 f = os.path.join(d, executable)20 if os.path.exists(f):21 return True22 return False23def has_isoinfo():24 '''25 Returns whether the system has the isoinfo executable26 Maybe more checks could be added to see if isoinfo supports the needed27 features28 '''29 return has_userland_tool('isoinfo')30def has_isoread():31 '''32 Returns whether the system has the isoinfo executable33 Maybe more checks could be added to see if iso-read supports the needed34 features35 '''36 return has_userland_tool('iso-read')37def can_mount():38 '''39 Test wether the current user can perform a loop mount40 AFAIK, this means being root, having mount and iso9660 kernel support41 '''42 if os.getuid() != 0:43 logging.debug('Can not use mount: current user is not "root"')44 return False45 if not has_userland_tool('mount'):46 logging.debug('Can not use mount: missing "mount" tool')47 return False48 if not 'iso9660' in open('/proc/filesystems').read():49 logging.debug('Can not use mount: lack of iso9660 kernel support')50 return False51 return True52class BaseIso9660(object):53 '''54 Represents a ISO9660 filesystem55 This class holds common functionality and has many abstract methods56 '''57 def __init__(self, path):58 self.path = path59 self._verify_path(path)...

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