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1from api import *2class BasicHost (HostEntity):3 """ Basic host with a ping method """4 def ping (self, dst, data=None): #dst type = BasicHost5 """ Sends a Ping packet to dst. """6 self.send(Ping(dst, data=data), flood=True)7 def handle_rx (self, packet, port):8 # print("BasicHost received packet")9 """10 Silently drops messages to nobody.11 Warns about received messages to someone besides itself.12 Prints received messages.13 Returns Pings with a Pong.14 """15 if packet.dst is NullAddress:16 # Silently drop messages not to anyone in particular17 return18 trace = ','.join(( for s in packet.trace))19 if packet.dst is not self:20 self.log("NOT FOR ME: %s %s" % (packet, trace), level="WARNING")21 else:22 self.log("rx: %s %s" % (packet, trace))23 if type(packet) is Ping:24 # Trace this path25 import core26[packet.src] + packet.trace)27 # Send a pong response28 self.send(Pong(packet), port)29class Ping (Packet):30 """ A Ping packet """31 def __init__ (self, dst, data=None):32 Packet.__init__(self, dst=dst)33 = data34 self.outer_color[3] = 1 # Full opacity35 self.inner_color = [1,1,1,1] # white36 def __repr__ (self):37 d = self.data38 if d is not None:39 d = ': ' + str(d)40 else:41 d = ''42 return "<Ping %s->%s ttl:%i%s>" % (,, self.ttl, d)43class Pong (Packet):44 """45 A Pong packet. It's a returned Ping. The original Ping is in46 the .original property.47 """48 def __init__ (self, original):49 Packet.__init__(self, dst=original.src)50 self.original = original51 # Flip colors from original52 self.outer_color = original.inner_color53 self.inner_color = original.outer_color54 def __repr__ (self):55 return "<Pong " + str(self.original) + ">"56#class DiscoveryPacket (Packet):57# """58# A "link up/down" packet.59# """60# def __init__(self, src, is_link_up):61# Packet.__init__(self, src=src)62# self.is_link_up = is_link_up63#64# def __repr__ (self):65# return "<%s from %s->%s, %s>" % (self.__class__.__name__,66# if self.src else None,67# if self.dst else None,68# self.is_link_up)69# Changed to enable link latency - Kaifei Chen( DiscoveryPacket (Packet):71 """72 A "link latency change" packet.73 latency should be float("inf") if the link is down.74 """75 def __init__(self, src, latency):76 Packet.__init__(self, src=src)77 self.latency = latency78 self.is_link_up = (latency != None and latency != float("inf"))79 def __repr__ (self):80 return "<%s from %s->%s, %s, %s>" % (self.__class__.__name__,81 if self.src else None,82 if self.dst else None,83 self.latency,84 self.is_link_up)85class RoutingUpdate (Packet):86 """87 A Routing Update message to use with your DVRouter implementation.88 """89 def __init__(self):90 Packet.__init__(self)91 self.paths = {}92 def add_destination(self, dest, distance):93 """94 Add a destination to announce, along with senders distance to that dest.95 """96 self.paths[dest] = distance97 def get_distance(self, dest):98 """99 Get the distance to the specified destination.100 """101 return self.paths[dest]102 def all_dests(self):103 """104 Get a list of all destinations with paths announced in this message.105 """106 return self.paths.keys()107 def str_routing_table(self):...

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