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1import cfscrape2import time3import os4import slugify5import json6ROOT = ""7file_path = [os.path.abspath(os.curdir), 'data']8scraper = cfscrape.create_scraper()9def get_data(url, sleep_time=1):10 res = scraper.get(url)11 data = res.json()12 path_name = data.get('name')13 if path_name is not None:14 path_name = slugify.slugify(path_name)15 time.sleep(sleep_time)16 return data, path_name17def get_name(data):18 return data.get('name', 'No name...')19def save_data(data, file_path):20 path = os.path.join(*file_path)21 if not os.path.isdir(path):22 os.makedirs(path)23 fp = os.path.join(path, file_path[-1] + '.json')24 with open(fp, 'w') as fl:25 json.dump(data, fl)26def get_url(path):27 return ROOT + path28def get_subregions(data):29 return sorted(data.get('subRegions').keys())30def get_custom_code(data):31 return data.get('customCode')32def skip_tally(regional_json, subregional_json, municipality_json):33 # Use this to ignore already downloaded data34 skip_region = None35 skip_subregion = None36 skip_municipality = None37 if all([skip_region, regional_json]):38 if (get_custom_code(regional_json) < skip_region):39 return True40 if all([skip_region, skip_subregion, regional_json, subregional_json]):41 if (get_custom_code(regional_json) == skip_region) and (get_name(subregional_json) < skip_subregion):42 return True43 if all([skip_region, skip_subregion, skip_municipality, regional_json, subregional_json, municipality_json]):44 if (45 (get_custom_code(regional_json) == skip_region) and46 (get_name(subregional_json) == skip_subregion) and47 (get_name(municipality_json) < skip_municipality)48 ):49 return True50 return False51def process_data(parent_json, child_key, level=0, out_type='subRegions'):52 global file_path53 is_path_added = False54 child_url = get_url(parent_json.get('subRegions')[child_key].get('url'))55 child_json, path_name = get_data(child_url)56 print '\t' * level, get_name(child_json)57 if path_name is not None:58 file_path.append(path_name)59 is_path_added = True60 save_data(child_json, file_path)61 if out_type == 'subRegions':62 grandchildren = get_subregions(child_json)63 elif out_type == 'contests':64 grandchildren = child_json.get(out_type)65 else:66 raise ValueError('Use either `subRegions` or `contests` as out_type value.')67 return child_json, grandchildren, is_path_added68def process_contests(contests_list):69 global file_path70 if contests_list is None:71 return72 # Get actual poll results73 for contest in contests_list:74 contest_url = get_url(contest['url'])75 try:76 contest_json, _ = get_data(contest_url, sleep_time=0.1)77 except Exception as e:78 print e.message79 continue80 path_name = contest['url']81 file_path.append(path_name)82 fname = os.path.join(*file_path)83 if not os.path.exists(os.path.dirname(fname)):84 os.makedirs(os.path.dirname(fname))85 with open(fname, 'w') as fl:86 json.dump(contest_json, fl)87 file_path.pop()88class Depth(object):89 subregional = 090 municipality = 191# This can be used to indicate whether the scraper should scrape upto the municipality level or not.92MAX_DEPTH = Depth.municipality93if __name__ == '__main__':94 country_url = get_url("data/regions/0.json")95 country_json, path_name = get_data(country_url)96 print get_name(country_json)97 if path_name is not None:98 file_path.append(path_name)99 save_data(country_json, file_path)100 regions = get_subregions(country_json)101 for region in regions:102 print '\t', region103 regional_json, subregions, is_path_added = process_data(country_json, region, level=1)104 if skip_tally(regional_json, None, None):105 if is_path_added:106 file_path.pop()107 continue108 for subregion in subregions:109 subregional_json, municipalities, is_path_added = process_data(regional_json, subregion, level=2)110 if skip_tally(regional_json, subregional_json, None):111 if is_path_added:112 file_path.pop()113 continue114 subregional_contests = subregional_json.get('contests')115 process_contests(subregional_contests)116 if MAX_DEPTH != Depth.municipality:117 file_path.pop()118 continue119 for municipality in municipalities:120 municipality_json, municipal_contests, is_path_added = (121 process_data(122 subregional_json,123 municipality,124 level=3,125 out_type='contests'126 )127 )128 if skip_tally(regional_json, subregional_json, municipality_json):129 if is_path_added:130 file_path.pop()131 continue132 process_contests(municipal_contests)133 file_path.pop()134 file_path.pop()135 file_path.pop()...

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1import os2import re3if __name__ == '__main__':4 current_abs_path = os.path.abspath(os.getcwd()) # gets the current abs path to this py file5 sep = os.path.sep # get os specific path seperator (either '\' for Windows or '/' for linux)6 pattern = f'(.+)\{sep}Unittests'7 # grabs everything from current_abs_path except '/UnitTests' string8 m = re.match(pattern, current_abs_path)9 src_abs_path = f'{m.groups()[0]}{sep}Src{sep}' # forms src_abs_path from the grabbed string10 unittests_common_abs_path = f'{current_abs_path}{sep}Common{sep}'11 paths = [src_abs_path, unittests_common_abs_path]12 result = ''13 if 'PYTHONPATH' in os.environ:14 is_path_added = False15 for p in paths:16 if p in os.environ['PYTHONPATH']:17 # if p already is included in PYTHONPATH, do nothing18 pass19 else:20 # if p is not included in PYTHONPATH, then result will contain p21 if result:22 result = f'{os.path.pathsep}'.join([p,result])23 else:24 result = p25 is_path_added = True26 if is_path_added:27 result = os.environ['PYTHONPATH'] + os.path.pathsep + result28 else:29 result = f'{os.path.pathsep}'.join(paths)30 file = open('pythonpath.txt', 'w+') # re-formats file contents, under the same folder as run command31 file.write(result)...

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