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1#!/usr/bin/env python2#3# Copyright (C) 2016 The Android Open Source Project4#5# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");6# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.7# You may obtain a copy of the License at8#9# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software12# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,13# WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.14# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and15# limitations under the License.16#17""" manage the process of profiling an android app.18 It downloads simpleperf on device, uses it to collect samples from19 user's app, and pulls and needed binaries on host.20"""21from __future__ import print_function22import argparse23import copy24import os25import os.path26import shutil27import subprocess28import sys29import time30from binary_cache_builder import BinaryCacheBuilder31from simpleperf_report_lib import *32from utils import *33class AppProfiler(object):34 """Used to manage the process of profiling an android app.35 There are three steps:36 1. Prepare profiling.37 2. Profile the app.38 3. Collect profiling data.39 """40 def __init__(self, config):41 # check config variables42 config_names = ['app_package_name', 'native_lib_dir', 'apk_file_path',43 'recompile_app', 'launch_activity', 'launch_inst_test',44 'record_options', 'perf_data_path', 'adb_path', 'readelf_path',45 'binary_cache_dir']46 for name in config_names:47 if not config.has_key(name):48 log_fatal('config [%s] is missing' % name)49 native_lib_dir = config.get('native_lib_dir')50 if native_lib_dir and not os.path.isdir(native_lib_dir):51 log_fatal('[native_lib_dir] "%s" is not a dir' % native_lib_dir)52 apk_file_path = config.get('apk_file_path')53 if apk_file_path and not os.path.isfile(apk_file_path):54 log_fatal('[apk_file_path] "%s" is not a file' % apk_file_path)55 self.config = config56 self.adb = AdbHelper(self.config['adb_path'])57 self.is_root_device = False58 self.android_version = 059 self.device_arch = None60 self.app_arch = None61 self.app_pid = None62 def profile(self):63 log_info('prepare profiling')64 self.prepare_profiling()65 log_info('start profiling')66 self.start_and_wait_profiling()67 log_info('collect profiling data')68 self.collect_profiling_data()69 log_info('profiling is finished.')70 def prepare_profiling(self):71 self._get_device_environment()72 self._enable_profiling()73 self._recompile_app()74 self._restart_app()75 self._get_app_environment()76 self._download_simpleperf()77 self._download_native_libs()78 def _get_device_environment(self):79 self.is_root_device = self.adb.switch_to_root()80 # Get android version.81 build_version = self.adb.get_property('')82 if build_version:83 if not build_version[0].isdigit():84 c = build_version[0].upper()85 if c < 'L':86 self.android_version = 087 else:88 self.android_version = ord(c) - ord('L') + 589 else:90 strs = build_version.split('.')91 if strs:92 self.android_version = int(strs[0])93 # Get device architecture.94 output = self.adb.check_run_and_return_output(['shell', 'uname', '-m'])95 if output.find('aarch64') != -1:96 self.device_arch = 'aarch64'97 elif output.find('arm') != -1:98 self.device_arch = 'arm'99 elif output.find('x86_64') != -1:100 self.device_arch = 'x86_64'101 elif output.find('86') != -1:102 self.device_arch = 'x86'103 else:104 log_fatal('unsupported architecture: %s' % output.strip())105 def _enable_profiling(self):106 self.adb.set_property('security.perf_harden', '0')107 if self.is_root_device:108 # We can enable kernel symbols109['shell', 'echo', '0', '>/proc/sys/kernel/kptr_restrict'])110 def _recompile_app(self):111 if not self.config['recompile_app']:112 return113 if self.android_version == 0:114 log_warning("Can't fully compile an app on android version < L.")115 elif self.android_version == 5 or self.android_version == 6:116 if not self.is_root_device:117 log_warning("Can't fully compile an app on android version < N on non-root devices.")118 elif not self.config['apk_file_path']:119 log_warning("apk file is needed to reinstall the app on android version < N.")120 else:121 flag = '-g' if self.android_version == 6 else '--include-debug-symbols'122 self.adb.set_property('dalvik.vm.dex2oat-flags', flag)123 self.adb.check_run(['install', '-r', self.config['apk_file_path']])124 elif self.android_version >= 7:125 self.adb.set_property('debug.generate-debug-info', 'true')126 self.adb.check_run(['shell', 'cmd', 'package', 'compile', '-f', '-m', 'speed',127 self.config['app_package_name']])128 else:129 log_fatal('unreachable')130 def _restart_app(self):131 if not self.config['launch_activity'] and not self.config['launch_inst_test']:132 return133 pid = self._find_app_process()134 if pid is not None:135 self.run_in_app_dir(['kill', '-9', str(pid)])136 time.sleep(1)137 if self.config['launch_activity']:138 activity = self.config['app_package_name'] + '/' + self.config['launch_activity']139 result =['shell', 'am', 'start', '-n', activity])140 if not result:141 log_fatal("Can't start activity %s" % activity)142 else:143 runner = self.config['app_package_name'] + '/'144 result =['shell', 'am', 'instrument', '-e', 'class',145 self.config['launch_inst_test'], runner])146 if not result:147 log_fatal("Can't start instrumentation test %s" % self.config['launch_inst_test'])148 for i in range(10):149 pid = self._find_app_process()150 if pid is not None:151 return152 time.sleep(1)153 log_info('Wait for the app process for %d seconds' % (i + 1))154 log_fatal("Can't find the app process")155 def _find_app_process(self):156 ps_args = ['-e'] if self.android_version >= 8 else []157 result, output = self.adb.run_and_return_output(['shell', 'ps'] + ps_args)158 if not result:159 return None160 output = output.split('\n')161 for line in output:162 strs = line.split()163 if len(strs) > 2 and strs[-1].find(self.config['app_package_name']) != -1:164 return int(strs[1])165 return None166 def _get_app_environment(self):167 self.app_pid = self._find_app_process()168 if self.app_pid is None:169 log_fatal("can't find process for app [%s]" % self.config['app_package_name'])170 if self.device_arch in ['aarch64', 'x86_64']:171 output = self.run_in_app_dir(['cat', '/proc/%d/maps' % self.app_pid])172 if output.find('linker64') != -1:173 self.app_arch = self.device_arch174 else:175 self.app_arch = 'arm' if self.device_arch == 'aarch64' else 'x86'176 else:177 self.app_arch = self.device_arch178 log_info('app_arch: %s' % self.app_arch)179 def _download_simpleperf(self):180 simpleperf_binary = get_target_binary_path(self.app_arch, 'simpleperf')181 self.adb.check_run(['push', simpleperf_binary, '/data/local/tmp'])182 self.run_in_app_dir(['cp', '/data/local/tmp/simpleperf', '.'])183 self.run_in_app_dir(['chmod', 'a+x', 'simpleperf'])184 def _download_native_libs(self):185 if not self.config['native_lib_dir']:186 return187 filename_dict = dict()188 for root, _, files in os.walk(self.config['native_lib_dir']):189 for file in files:190 if not file.endswith('.so'):191 continue192 path = os.path.join(root, file)193 old_path = filename_dict.get(file)194 log_info('app_arch = %s' % self.app_arch)195 if self._is_lib_better(path, old_path):196 log_info('%s is better than %s' % (path, old_path))197 filename_dict[file] = path198 else:199 log_info('%s is worse than %s' % (path, old_path))200 maps = self.run_in_app_dir(['cat', '/proc/%d/maps' % self.app_pid])201 searched_lib = dict()202 for item in maps.split():203 if item.endswith('.so') and searched_lib.get(item) is None:204 searched_lib[item] = True205 # Use '/' as path separator as item comes from android environment.206 filename = item[item.rfind('/') + 1:]207 dirname = item[1:item.rfind('/')]208 path = filename_dict.get(filename)209 if path is None:210 continue211 self.adb.check_run(['push', path, '/data/local/tmp'])212 self.run_in_app_dir(['mkdir', '-p', dirname])213 self.run_in_app_dir(['cp', '/data/local/tmp/' + filename, dirname])214 def _is_lib_better(self, new_path, old_path):215 """ Return true if new_path is more likely to be used on device. """216 if old_path is None:217 return True218 if self.app_arch == 'arm':219 result1 = new_path.find('armeabi-v7a/') != -1220 result2 = old_path.find('armeabi-v7a') != -1221 if result1 != result2:222 return result1223 arch_dir = 'arm64' if self.app_arch == 'aarch64' else self.app_arch + '/'224 result1 = new_path.find(arch_dir) != -1225 result2 = old_path.find(arch_dir) != -1226 if result1 != result2:227 return result1228 result1 = new_path.find('obj/') != -1229 result2 = old_path.find('obj/') != -1230 if result1 != result2:231 return result1232 return False233 def start_and_wait_profiling(self):234 self.run_in_app_dir([235 './simpleperf', 'record', self.config['record_options'], '-p',236 str(self.app_pid), '--symfs', '.'])237 def collect_profiling_data(self):238 self.run_in_app_dir(['chmod', 'a+rw', ''])239 self.adb.check_run(['shell', 'cp',240 '/data/data/%s/' % self.config['app_package_name'], '/data/local/tmp'])241 self.adb.check_run(['pull', '/data/local/tmp/', self.config['perf_data_path']])242 config = copy.copy(self.config)243 config['symfs_dirs'] = []244 if self.config['native_lib_dir']:245 config['symfs_dirs'].append(self.config['native_lib_dir'])246 binary_cache_builder = BinaryCacheBuilder(config)247 binary_cache_builder.build_binary_cache()248 def run_in_app_dir(self, args):249 if self.is_root_device:250 cmd = 'cd /data/data/' + self.config['app_package_name'] + ' && ' + (' '.join(args))251 return self.adb.check_run_and_return_output(['shell', cmd])252 else:253 return self.adb.check_run_and_return_output(254 ['shell', 'run-as', self.config['app_package_name']] + args)255if __name__ == '__main__':256 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(257 description='Profile an android app. See configurations in app_profiler.config.')258 parser.add_argument('--config', default='app_profiler.config',259 help='Set configuration file. Default is app_profiler.config.')260 args = parser.parse_args()261 config = load_config(args.config)262 profiler = AppProfiler(config)...

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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2# Copyright 2021 Cohesity Inc.3class EbsVolumeInfo(object):4 """Implementation of the 'EbsVolumeInfo' model.5 Specifies information about an AWS volume attached to an EC2 instance.6 Attributes:7 device_name (string): Specifies the name of the device. Eg - /dev/sdb.8 id (string): Specifies the ID of the volume.9 is_root_device (bool): Specifies if the volume is attached as root device.10 name (string): Specifies the name of the volume.11 size_bytes (long|int): Specifies the size of the volume in bytes.12 mtype (string): Specifies the type of the volume. Eg - gp2, io1.13 """14 # Create a mapping from Model property names to API property names15 _names = {16 "device_name": 'deviceName',17 "id": 'id',18 "is_root_device":'isRootDevice',19 "name":'name',20 "size_bytes":'sizeBytes',21 "mtype":'type'22 }23 def __init__(self,24 device_name=None,25 id=None,26 is_root_device=None,27 name=None,28 size_bytes=None,29 mtype=None30 ):31 """Constructor for the EbsVolumeInfo class"""32 # Initialize members of the class33 self.device_name = device_name34 = id35 self.is_root_device = is_root_device36 = name37 self.size_bytes = size_bytes38 self.mtype = mtype39 @classmethod40 def from_dictionary(cls,41 dictionary):42 """Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary43 Args:44 dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as45 obtained from the deserialization of the server's response. The keys46 MUST match property names in the API description.47 Returns:48 object: An instance of this structure class.49 """50 if dictionary is None:51 return None52 # Extract variables from the dictionary53 device_name = dictionary.get('deviceName')54 id = dictionary.get('id')55 is_root_device = dictionary.get('isRootDevice')56 name = dictionary.get('name')57 size_bytes = dictionary.get('sizeBytes')58 mtype = dictionary.get('type')59 # Return an object of this model60 return cls(device_name,61 id,62 is_root_device,63 name,64 size_bytes,...

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