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...12pytestmark = pytest.mark.skipif(13 sys.version_info < (3, 6), reason="requires python3.6 or higher"14)15# monkeypatch for isatty fails on 2.x, no time to figure it out16def notisatty():17 """Mock for tty."""18 return False19def isatty():20 """Mock for tty."""21 return True22def test_stdout_isatty(capsys):23 """Test stdout is a tty."""24 with capsys.disabled():25 assert pytan3.utils.prompts.isatty(sys.stdout) is True26 assert pytan3.utils.prompts.isatty(six.StringIO()) is False27def test_stream_isnotatty(capsys):28 """Test stream is not a tty."""29 assert pytan3.utils.prompts.isatty(six.StringIO()) is False30def test_stream_name(capsys):31 """Test stream name outputs proper str."""32 assert pytan3.utils.prompts.stream_name(six.StringIO()) == "StringIO"33 with capsys.disabled():34 assert pytan3.utils.prompts.stream_name(sys.stderr) == "<stderr>"35def test_str_repr():36 """Test stream name outputs proper str."""37 promptness = pytan3.utils.prompts.Promptness()38 assert "input=" in format(promptness)39 assert "output=" in format(promptness)40 assert "input=" in repr(promptness)41 assert "output=" in repr(promptness)42def test_prompt_notty_stderr(monkeypatch):43 """Test exc thrown when stderr is not a tty."""...

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1import test.test_support, unittest2import os, popen2, subprocess, sys3def test_isatty(label, thingy):4 os_isatty = os.isatty(thingy.fileno())5 thingy_isatty = thingy.isatty()6 if 'in' in label: expected = stdin_isatty7 elif 'out' in label: expected = stdout_isatty8 elif 'err' in label: expected = stderr_isatty9 else: expected = False10 print '%11s: os.isatty=%.1s | .isatty=%.1s | expected=%.1s' % \11 (label, os_isatty, thingy_isatty, expected)12 assert expected == os_isatty == thingy_isatty, \13 'expected isatty would return %s on %s' % (expected, label)14def test_int_isatty(fd, expected):15 os_isatty = os.isatty(fd)16 print '%11s: os.isatty=%.1s | expected=%.1s' % \17 ('fd %d' % fd, os_isatty, expected)18 assert expected == os_isatty19def test_file_isatty(name):20 if not os.path.exists(name):21 return22 try:23 test_isatty(name, file(name))24 except IOError, e:25 print e # XXX Jython prints 'no such file or directory' - probably26 # 'permission denied' but Java doesn't understand?27def args_list(*args):28 return [sys.executable, __file__] + map(str, args)29class IsattyTest(unittest.TestCase):30 def check_call(self, *args, **kw):31 self.assertEqual(subprocess.check_call(args_list(*args), **kw), 0)32 def test_isatty(self):33 if == 'java': # Jython doesn't allocate ptys here34 self.check_call(False, False, False)35 # XXX not sure how to test anything else36 else:37 self.check_call(True, True, True)38 self.check_call(False, True, True, stdin=subprocess.PIPE)39 self.check_call(True, False, True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)40 self.check_call(True, True, False, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)41if __name__ == '__main__':42 if len(sys.argv) != 4:43 test.test_support.run_unittest(IsattyTest)44 sys.exit(0)45 stdin_isatty, stdout_isatty, stderr_isatty = map(lambda x: x == 'True',46 sys.argv[1:])47 test_isatty('stdin', sys.stdin)48 test_isatty('stdout', sys.stdout)49 test_isatty('stderr', sys.stderr)50 test_int_isatty(0, stdin_isatty)51 test_int_isatty(1, stdout_isatty)52 test_int_isatty(2, stderr_isatty)53 test_file_isatty('/dev/stdin')54 test_file_isatty('/dev/stdout')55 test_file_isatty('/dev/stderr')56 try:57 from java.lang import System58 test_isatty('', file(getattr(System, 'in')))59 test_isatty('System.out', file(System.out, 'w'))60 test_isatty('System.err', file(System.err, 'w'))61 from import FileDescriptor, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream62 fd_in = getattr(FileDescriptor, 'in')63 fd_out = FileDescriptor.out64 fd_err = FileDescriptor.err65 test_isatty('FIS(', file(FileInputStream(fd_in)))66 test_isatty('FOS(FD.out)', file(FileOutputStream(fd_out)))67 test_isatty('FOS(FD.err)', file(FileOutputStream(fd_err)))68 except ImportError:69 pass70 test_file_isatty('/dev/null')...

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