How to use iteritems method in avocado

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...36 c.update(self)37 return c38 def keys(self): return def items(self): return def iteritems(self): return def iterkeys(self): return def itervalues(self): return def values(self): return def has_key(self, key): return key in self.data45 def update(self, dict=None, **kwargs):46 if dict is None:47 pass48 elif isinstance(dict, UserDict):49 elif isinstance(dict, type({})) or not hasattr(dict, 'items'):51 else:53 for k, v in dict.items():54 self[k] = v55 if len(kwargs):56 def get(self, key, failobj=None):58 if key not in self:59 return failobj60 return self[key]61 def setdefault(self, key, failobj=None):62 if key not in self:63 self[key] = failobj64 return self[key]65 def pop(self, key, *args):66 return, *args)67 def popitem(self):68 return def __contains__(self, key):70 return key in self.data71 @classmethod72 def fromkeys(cls, iterable, value=None):73 d = cls()74 for key in iterable:75 d[key] = value76 return d77class IterableUserDict(UserDict):78 def __iter__(self):79 return iter( _abcoll81_abcoll.MutableMapping.register(IterableUserDict)82class DictMixin:83 # Mixin defining all dictionary methods for classes that already have84 # a minimum dictionary interface including getitem, setitem, delitem,85 # and keys. Without knowledge of the subclass constructor, the mixin86 # does not define __init__() or copy(). In addition to the four base87 # methods, progressively more efficiency comes with defining88 # __contains__(), __iter__(), and iteritems().89 # second level definitions support higher levels90 def __iter__(self):91 for k in self.keys():92 yield k93 def has_key(self, key):94 try:95 self[key]96 except KeyError:97 return False98 return True99 def __contains__(self, key):100 return self.has_key(key)101 # third level takes advantage of second level definitions102 def iteritems(self):103 for k in self:104 yield (k, self[k])105 def iterkeys(self):106 return self.__iter__()107 # fourth level uses definitions from lower levels108 def itervalues(self):109 for _, v in self.iteritems():110 yield v111 def values(self):112 return [v for _, v in self.iteritems()]113 def items(self):114 return list(self.iteritems())115 def clear(self):116 for key in self.keys():117 del self[key]118 def setdefault(self, key, default=None):119 try:120 return self[key]121 except KeyError:122 self[key] = default123 return default124 def pop(self, key, *args):125 if len(args) > 1:126 raise TypeError, "pop expected at most 2 arguments, got "\127 + repr(1 + len(args))128 try:129 value = self[key]130 except KeyError:131 if args:132 return args[0]133 raise134 del self[key]135 return value136 def popitem(self):137 try:138 k, v = self.iteritems().next()139 except StopIteration:140 raise KeyError, 'container is empty'141 del self[k]142 return (k, v)143 def update(self, other=None, **kwargs):144 # Make progressively weaker assumptions about "other"145 if other is None:146 pass147 elif hasattr(other, 'iteritems'): # iteritems saves memory and lookups148 for k, v in other.iteritems():149 self[k] = v150 elif hasattr(other, 'keys'):151 for k in other.keys():152 self[k] = other[k]153 else:154 for k, v in other:155 self[k] = v156 if kwargs:157 self.update(kwargs)158 def get(self, key, default=None):159 try:160 return self[key]161 except KeyError:162 return default163 def __repr__(self):164 return repr(dict(self.iteritems()))165 def __cmp__(self, other):166 if other is None:167 return 1168 if isinstance(other, DictMixin):169 other = dict(other.iteritems())170 return cmp(dict(self.iteritems()), other)171 def __len__(self):...

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