How to use kill_process_tree method in avocado

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...23 for p in psutil.process_iter():24 if p.open_files() != []:25 if event.src_path in p.open_files()[0][0]:26 print('find danger')27 kill_process_tree(,signal.SIGKILL)28 print(entropy_dict[event.src_path])29 def on_created(self, event):30 if event.is_directory:31 print('---------------------')32 print('created:',event.src_path)33 print(entropy_dict[event.src_path])34 danger = detecter.detect(event.src_path, entropy_dict)35 print(danger)36 if danger > 0:37 for p in psutil.process_iter():38 if p.open_files() != []:39 if event.src_path in p.open_files()[0][0]:40 print('find danger')41 kill_process_tree(,signal.SIGKILL)42 print(entropy_dict[event.src_path])43 def on_deleted(self, event):44 if event.is_directory:45 print('---------------------')46 print('deleted:',event.src_path)47 print(entropy_dict[event.src_path])48 danger = detecter.detect(event.src_path, entropy_dict)49 print(danger)50 if danger > 0:51 for p in psutil.process_iter():52 if p.open_files() != []:53 if event.src_path in p.open_files()[0][0]:54 print('find danger')55 kill_process_tree(,signal.SIGKILL)56 print(entropy_dict[event.src_path])57 def on_modified(self, event):58 if event.is_directory:59 print('---------------------')60 print('modified',event.src_path)61 print(entropy_dict[event.src_path])62 danger = detecter.detect(event.src_path, entropy_dict)63 print(danger)64 if danger > 0:65 for p in psutil.process_iter():66 if p.open_files() != []:67 if event.src_path in p.open_files()[0][0]:68 print('find danger')69 kill_process_tree(,signal.SIGKILL)70 print(entropy_dict[event.src_path])71"""72使用watchdog 监控文件的变化73"""74def watching(directory,Deside):75 detecter.entropy_init(entropy_dict)76 print('initial entropy is:', entropy_dict, '\n')77 # 创建观察者对象78 observer = Observer()79 # 创建事件处理对象80 fileHandler = MyDirEventHandler()81 # 为观察者设置观察对象与处理事件对象82 observer.schedule(fileHandler, directory, True)83 observer.start()...

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...36 terminate_parent_process(proc)37 elif terminate_strategy == TerminateStrategy.KILL_PROCESS_GROUP:38 killpg_gracefully(proc)39 elif terminate_strategy == TerminateStrategy.KILL_PROCESS_TREE:40 kill_process_tree(proc)41 else:42 raise Fail("Invalid timeout_kill_strategy = '{0}'. Use TerminateStrategy class constants as a value.".format(terminate_strategy))43def killpg_gracefully(proc, timeout=GRACEFUL_PG_KILL_TIMEOUT_SECONDS):44 """45 Tries to kill pgroup (process group) of process with SIGTERM.46 If the process is still alive after waiting for timeout, SIGKILL is sent to the pgroup.47 """48 from resource_management.core import sudo49 from resource_management.core.logger import Logger50 if proc.poll() == None:51 try:52 pgid = os.getpgid( sudo.kill(-pgid, signal.SIGTERM)54 for i in xrange(10*timeout):55 if proc.poll() is not None:56 break57 time.sleep(0.1)58 else:59"Cannot gracefully kill process group {0}. Resorting to SIGKILL.".format(pgid))60 sudo.kill(-pgid, signal.SIGKILL)61 proc.wait()62 # catch race condition if proc already dead63 except OSError:64 pass65 66def terminate_parent_process(proc):67 if proc.poll() == None:68 try:69 proc.terminate()70 proc.wait()71 # catch race condition if proc already dead72 except OSError:73 pass74 75def kill_process_tree(proc):76 from resource_management.core import shell77 current_directory = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))78 kill_tree_script = "{0}/files/".format(current_directory)79 if proc.poll() == None:80 shell.checked_call(["bash", kill_tree_script, str(, str(signal.SIGKILL)])...

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