How to use lv_reactivate method in avocado

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...258"lvdisplay").stdout)):259 # the above conditions detect if merge of snapshot was postponed260 logging.warning(("Logical volume %s is still active! " +261 "Attempting to deactivate..."), lv_name)262 lv_reactivate(vg_name, lv_name)263 result = else:265 raise ex266 lv_revert(vg_name, lv_name, lv_snapshot_name):269 """270 Revert the origin to a snapshot.271 """272 error_context.context("Reverting original logical volume to snapshot",273 try:275 if not vg_check(vg_name):276 raise exceptions.TestError("Volume group could not be found")277 if not lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name):278 raise exceptions.TestError("Snapshot could not be found")279 if (not lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name) and280 not lv_check(vg_name, lv_name)):281 raise exceptions.TestError(282 "Snapshot and its origin could not be found")283 if (lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name) and284 not lv_check(vg_name, lv_name)):285 raise exceptions.TestError("Snapshot origin could not be found")286 cmd = ("lvconvert --merge /dev/%s/%s" % (vg_name, lv_snapshot_name))287 result = if ("Merging of snapshot %s will start next activation." %289 lv_snapshot_name) in result.stdout:290 raise exceptions.TestError("The logical volume %s is still "291 "active" % lv_name)292 result = result.stdout.rstrip()293 except exceptions.TestError, ex:294 # detect if merge of snapshot was postponed295 # and attempt to reactivate the volume.296 if (('Snapshot could not be found' in ex and297 + " [active]"),298"lvdisplay").stdout)) or299 ("The logical volume %s is still active" % lv_name) in ex):300 logging.warning(("Logical volume %s is still active! " +301 "Attempting to deactivate..."), lv_name)302 lv_reactivate(vg_name, lv_name)303 result = "Continuing after reactivation"304 elif 'Snapshot could not be found' in ex:305 logging.error(ex)306 result = "Could not revert to snapshot"307 else:308 raise ex309 lv_revert_with_snapshot(vg_name, lv_name,312 lv_snapshot_name, lv_snapshot_size):313 """314 Perform logical volume merge with snapshot and take a new snapshot.315 """316 error_context.context("Reverting to snapshot and taking a new one",317 lv_revert(vg_name, lv_name, lv_snapshot_name)319 lv_take_snapshot(vg_name, lv_name, lv_snapshot_name, lv_snapshot_size)320@error_context.context_aware321def lv_reactivate(vg_name, lv_name, timeout=10):322 """323 In case of unclean shutdowns some of the lvs is still active and merging324 is postponed. Use this function to attempt to deactivate and reactivate325 all of them to cause the merge to happen.326 """327 try:328"lvchange -an /dev/%s/%s" % (vg_name, lv_name))329 time.sleep(timeout)330"lvchange -ay /dev/%s/%s" % (vg_name, lv_name))331 time.sleep(timeout)332 except process.CmdError:333 logging.error(("Failed to reactivate %s - please, " +334 "nuke the process that uses it first."), lv_name)335 raise exceptions.TestError(...

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