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...59 return False60 except EOFError:61 return False62 return True63def lzma_uncompress(path, output_path=None, force=False):64 """65 Extracts a XZ compressed file to the same directory.66 """67 if output_path is None:68 output_path = os.path.splitext(path)[0]69 elif os.path.isdir(output_path):70 basename = os.path.basename(path)71 if basename.endswith('.xz'):72 basename = os.path.splitext(basename)[0]73 output_path = os.path.join(output_path, basename)74 if not force and os.path.exists(output_path):75 return output_path76 with, 'rb') as file_obj:77 with open(output_path, 'wb') as newfile_obj:78 newfile_obj.write( return output_path80class ArchiveException(Exception):81 """82 Base exception for all archive errors.83 """84class ArchiveFile:85 """86 Class that represents an Archive file.87 Archives are ZIP files or Tarballs.88 """89 # extension info: is_zip, is_tar, zipfile|tarfile, +mode90 _extension_table = {91 '.zip': (True, False, zipfile.ZipFile, ''),92 '.tar': (False, True,, ''),93 '.tar.gz': (False, True,, ':gz'),94 '.tgz': (False, True,, ':gz'),95 '.tar.bz2': (False, True,, ':bz2'),96 '.tbz2': (False, True,, ':bz2'),97 '.xz': (False, True,, ':xz')}98 def __init__(self, filename, mode='r'):99 """100 Creates an instance of :class:`ArchiveFile`.101 :param filename: the archive file name.102 :param mode: file mode, `r` read, `w` write.103 """104 self.filename = filename105 self.mode = mode106 engine = None107 for ext, value in ArchiveFile._extension_table.items():108 if filename.endswith(ext):109 (self.is_zip,110 self.is_tar,111 engine,112 extra_mode) = value113 if engine is not None:114 self.mode += extra_mode115 self._engine = engine(self.filename, self.mode)116 else:117 raise ArchiveException('file is not an archive')118 def __repr__(self):119 return "ArchiveFile('%s', '%s')" % (self.filename, self.mode)120 def __enter__(self):121 return self122 def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback):123 if self._engine is not None:124 self.close()125 @classmethod126 def open(cls, filename, mode='r'):127 """128 Creates an instance of :class:`ArchiveFile`.129 :param filename: the archive file name.130 :param mode: file mode, `r` read, `w` write.131 """132 return cls(filename, mode)133 def add(self, filename, arcname=None):134 """135 Add file to the archive.136 :param filename: file to archive.137 :param arcname: alternative name for the file in the archive.138 """139 if self.is_zip:140 self._engine.write(filename, arcname, zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED)141 else:142 self._engine.add(filename, arcname)143 def list(self):144 """145 List files to the standard output.146 """147 if self.is_zip:148 self._engine.printdir()149 else:150 self._engine.list()151 def extract(self, path='.'):152 """153 Extract all files from the archive.154 :param path: destination path.155 :return: the first member of the archive, a file or directory or None156 if the archive is empty157 """158 self._engine.extractall(path)159 if self.is_zip:160 self._update_zip_extra_attrs(path)161 files = self._engine.namelist()162 if files:163 return files[0].strip(os.sep)164 else:165 return None166 files = self._engine.getnames()167 if files:168 return files[0]169 return None170 def _update_zip_extra_attrs(self, dst_dir):171 if platform.system() != "Linux":172 LOG.warning("Attr handling in zip files only supported on Linux.")173 return174 # Walk all files and re-create files as symlinks175 for path, info in self._engine.NameToInfo.items():176 dst = os.path.join(dst_dir, path)177 if not os.path.exists(dst):178 LOG.warning("One or more files in the ZIP archive '%s' could "179 "not be found after extraction. Their paths are "180 "probably stored in unsupported format and their "181 "attributes are not going to be updated",182 self.filename)183 return184 attr = info.external_attr >> 16185 if attr & stat.S_IFLNK == stat.S_IFLNK:186 dst = os.path.join(dst_dir, path)187 if not os.path.islink(dst):188 # Link created as an ordinary file containing the dst path189 with open(dst, 'r') as dst_path: # pylint: disable=W1514190 src = else:192 # Link is already there and could be outdated. Let's read193 # the original destination from the zip file.194 src = os.remove(dst)196 os.symlink(src, dst)197 continue # Don't override any other attributes on links198 mode = attr & 511 # Mask only permissions199 if mode and mode != 436: # If mode is stored and is not default200 os.chmod(dst, mode)201 def close(self):202 """203 Close archive.204 """205 self._engine.close()206def is_archive(filename):207 """208 Test if a given file is an archive.209 :param filename: file to test.210 :return: `True` if it is an archive.211 """212 return (zipfile.is_zipfile(filename) or tarfile.is_tarfile(filename) or213 is_gzip_file(filename) or is_lzma_file(filename))214def compress(filename, path):215 """216 Compress files in an archive.217 :param filename: archive file name.218 :param path: origin directory path to files to compress. No219 individual files allowed.220 """221 with, 'w') as x:222 if os.path.isdir(path):223 for root, _, files in os.walk(path):224 for name in files:225 newroot = root.replace(path, '')226 x.add(os.path.join(root, name),227 os.path.join(newroot, name))228 elif os.path.isfile(path):229 x.add(path, os.path.basename(path))230def uncompress(filename, path):231 """232 Extract files from an archive.233 :param filename: archive file name.234 :param path: destination path to extract to.235 """236 is_tar = tarfile.is_tarfile(filename)237 if is_gzip_file(filename) and not is_tar:238 return gzip_uncompress(filename, path)239 elif is_lzma_file(filename) and not is_tar:240 return lzma_uncompress(filename, path)241 else:242 with as x:243 return x.extract(path)244# Some aliases245create = compress...

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1from building import *2cwd = GetCurrentDir()3src = Split('''4''')5src += Glob('lzma/3rdparty/*.c')6src += Glob('lzma/wrapper/lzma_uncompress.c')7src += Glob('recovery/*.c')8path = [cwd]9path += [cwd + '/lzma/3rdparty']10path += [cwd + '/lzma/wrapper']11path += [cwd + '/recovery']12path += [cwd + '/recovery/include']13group = DefineGroup('bsdiff_ota', src, depend = ['PKG_USING_BSDIFF_OTA'], CPPPATH = path)...

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