How to use mock_check_task_requirement method in avocado

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...15 choices = [True] + ([False] * handicap)16 else:17 choices = [False] + ([True] * abs(handicap))18 return random.choice(choices)19def mock_check_task_requirement():20 # More success than failures, please21 return true_or_false(-8)22def mock_check_task_start():23 # More success than failures, please24 return true_or_false(-6)25def mock_monitor_task_finished():26 # More failures than successes, please27 return true_or_false(5)28class Task:29 """Used here as a placeholder for an avocado.core.nrunner.Task."""30 def __init__(self, identification):31 self._identification = identification32class TaskInfo(Task):33 """Task with extra status information on its life-cycle.34 The equivalent of a StatusServer will contain this information35 in the real implementation."""36 def __init__(self, identification):37 super(TaskInfo, self).__init__(identification)38 self._status = None39 self._timeout = None40 @property41 def status(self):42 return self._status43 @status.setter44 def status(self, status):45 self._status = status46 @property47 def timeout(self):48 return self._timeout49 @timeout.setter50 def timeout(self, timeout):51 self._timeout = timeout52 def __repr__(self):53 if self._status is None:54 return '%s' % self._identification55 else:56 return '%s (%s)' % (self._identification,57 self.status)58class TaskStateMachine:59 """Represents all phases that a task can go through its life."""60 def __init__(self, tasks):61 self._requested = tasks62 self._triaging = []63 self._ready = []64 self._started = []65 self._finished = []66 self._lock = asyncio.Lock()67 @property68 def requested(self):69 return self._requested70 @property71 def triaging(self):72 return self._triaging73 @property74 def ready(self):75 return self._ready76 @property77 def started(self):78 return self._started79 @property80 def finished(self):81 return self._finished82 @property83 def lock(self):84 return self._lock85 @property86 async def complete(self):87 async with self._lock:88 pending = any([self._requested, self._triaging,89 self._ready, self._started])90 return not pending91 def __str__(self):92 headers = ("|_REQUESTED_|", "|_TRIAGING__|",93 "|___READY___|", "|__STARTED__|",94 "|______FINISHED_______|")95 data = itertools.zip_longest(self._requested, self._triaging, self._ready,96 self._started, self._finished, fillvalue="")97 matrix = [_ for _ in data]98 return tabular_output(matrix, headers)99async def bootstrap(lc):100 """Reads from requested, moves into triaging."""101 # fake some rate limiting102 if true_or_false(10):103 return104 try:105 async with lc.lock:106 task = lc.requested.pop()107 lc.triaging.append(task)108 debug('Moved Task %s: REQUESTED => TRIAGING' % task)109 except IndexError:110 debug('BOOTSTRAP: nothing to do')111 return112async def triage(lc):113 """Reads from triaging, moves into either: ready or finished."""114 await sleep_random()115 try:116 async with lc.lock:117 task = lc.triaging.pop()118 except IndexError:119 debug('TRIAGE done')120 return121 if mock_check_task_requirement():122 async with lc.lock:123 lc.ready.append(task)124 debug('Moving Task %s: TRIAGING => READY' % task)125 else:126 async with lc.lock:127 lc.finished.append(task)128 task.status = 'FAILED ON TRIAGE'129 debug('Moving Task %s: TRIAGING => FINISHED' % task)130async def start(lc):131 """Reads from ready, moves into either: started or finished."""132 await sleep_random()133 try:134 async with lc.lock:135 task = lc.ready.pop()...

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