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1"""2A widget for Music Player Daemon (MPD) based on python-mpd2.3This widget exists since python-mpd library is no longer supported.4"""5from collections import defaultdict6from html import escape7from socket import error as socket_error8from mpd import CommandError, ConnectionError, MPDClient9from libqtile import utils10from libqtile.log_utils import logger11from libqtile.widget import base12# Mouse Interaction13# TODO: Volume inc/dec support14keys = {15 # Left mouse button16 "toggle": 1,17 # Right mouse button18 "stop": 3,19 # Scroll up20 "previous": 4,21 # Scroll down22 "next": 5,23 # User defined command24 "command": None25}26# To display mpd state27play_states = {28 'play': '\u25b6',29 'pause': '\u23F8',30 'stop': '\u25a0'31}32def option(char):33 """34 old status mapping method.35 Deprecated.36 """37 def _convert(elements, key, space):38 if key in elements and elements[key] != '0':39 elements[key] = char40 else:41 elements[key] = space42 return _convert43# Changes to formatter will still use this dicitionary as a fallback44prepare_status = {45 'repeat': option('r'),46 'random': option('z'),47 'single': option('1'),48 'consume': option('c'),49 'updating_db': option('U')50}51# dictionary for new formatting method. This is now default.52status_dict = {53 'repeat': 'r',54 'random': 'z',55 'single': '1',56 'consume': 'c',57 'updating_db': 'U'58}59default_idle_message = "MPD IDLE"60default_idle_format = '{play_status} {idle_message}' +\61 '[{repeat}{random}{single}{consume}{updating_db}]'62default_format = '{play_status} {artist}/{title} ' +\63 '[{repeat}{random}{single}{consume}{updating_db}]'64def default_cmd(): return None65format_fns = {66 'all': escape,67}68class Mpd2(base.ThreadPoolText):69 r"""Mpd2 Object.70 Parameters71 ==========72 status_format :73 format string to display status74 For a full list of values, see:75 MPDClient.status() and MPDClient.currentsong()76 Default::79 '{play_status} {artist}/{title} \80 [{repeat}{random}{single}{consume}{updating_db}]'81 ``play_status`` is a string from ``play_states`` dict82 Note that the ``time`` property of the song renamed to ``fulltime``83 to prevent conflicts with status information during formating.84 idle_format :85 format string to display status when no song is in queue.86 Default::87 '{play_status} {idle_message} \88 [{repeat}{random}{single}{consume}{updating_db}]'89 idle_message :90 text to display instead of song information when MPD is idle.91 (i.e. no song in queue)92 Default:: "MPD IDLE"93 prepare_status :94 dict of functions to replace values in status with custom characters.95 ``f(status, key, space_element) => str``96 New functionality allows use of a dictionary of plain strings.97 Default::98 status_dict = {99 'repeat': 'r',100 'random': 'z',101 'single': '1',102 'consume': 'c',103 'updating_db': 'U'104 }105 format_fns :106 A dict of functions to format the various elements.107 'Tag' : f(str) => str108 Default:: { 'all': lambda s: cgi.escape(s) }109 N.B. if 'all' is present, it is processed on every element of song_info110 before any other formatting is done.111 mouse_buttons :112 A dict of mouse button numbers to actions113 Widget requirements: python-mpd2_.114 .. _python-mpd2: """116 orientations = base.ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL117 defaults = [118 ('update_interval', 1, 'Interval of update widget'),119 ('host', 'localhost', 'Host of mpd server'),120 ('port', 6600, 'Port of mpd server'),121 ('password', None, 'Password for auth on mpd server'),122 ('keys', keys, 'mouse button mapping. action -> b_num. deprecated.'),123 ('mouse_buttons', {}, 'b_num -> action. replaces keys.'),124 ('play_states', play_states, 'Play state mapping'),125 ('format_fns', format_fns, 'Dictionary of format methods'),126 ('command', default_cmd,127 'command to be executed by mapped mouse button.'),128 ('prepare_status', status_dict,129 'characters to show the status of MPD'),130 ('status_format', default_format, 'format for displayed song info.'),131 ('idle_format', default_idle_format,132 'format for status when mpd has no playlist.'),133 ('idle_message', default_idle_message,134 'text to display when mpd is idle.'),135 ('timeout', 30, 'MPDClient timeout'),136 ('idletimeout', 5, 'MPDClient idle command timeout'),137 ('no_connection', 'No connection', 'Text when mpd is disconnected'),138 ('color_progress', None, 'Text color to indicate track progress.'),139 ('space', '-', 'Space keeper')140 ]141 def __init__(self, **config):142 """Constructor."""143 super().__init__(None, **config)144 self.add_defaults(Mpd2.defaults)145 self.client = MPDClient()146 self.client.timeout = self.timeout147 self.client.idletimeout = self.idletimeout148 if self.color_progress:149 self.color_progress = utils.hex(self.color_progress)150 # remap self.keys as mouse_buttons for new button_press functionality.151 # so we don't break existing configurations.152 # TODO: phase out use of self.keys in favor of self.mouse_buttons153 if self.mouse_buttons == {}:154 for k in self.keys:155 if self.keys[k] is not None:156 self.mouse_buttons[self.keys[k]] = k157 @property158 def connected(self):159 """Attempt connection to mpd server."""160 try:161 # pylint: disable=E1101162 except(socket_error, ConnectionError):163 try:164 self.client.connect(, self.port)165 if self.password:166 self.client.password(self.password) # pylint: disable=E1101167 except(socket_error, ConnectionError, CommandError):168 return False169 return True170 def poll(self):171 """172 Called by qtile manager.173 poll the mpd server and update widget.174 """175 if self.connected:176 return self.update_status()177 else:178 return self.no_connection179 def update_status(self):180 """get updated info from mpd server and call format."""181 self.client.command_list_ok_begin()182 self.client.status() # pylint: disable=E1101183 self.client.currentsong() # pylint: disable=E1101184 status, current_song = self.client.command_list_end()185 return self.formatter(status, current_song)186 def button_press(self, x, y, button):187 """handle click event on widget."""188 base.ThreadPoolText.button_press(self, x, y, button)189 m_name = self.mouse_buttons[button]190 if self.connected:191 if hasattr(self, m_name):192 self.__try_call(m_name)193 elif hasattr(self.client, m_name):194 self.__try_call(m_name, self.client)195 def __try_call(self, attr_name, obj=None):196 err1 = 'Class {Class} has no attribute {attr}.'197 err2 = 'attribute "{Class}.{attr}" is not callable.'198 context = obj or self199 try:200 getattr(context, attr_name)()201 except (AttributeError, TypeError) as e:202 if isinstance(e, AttributeError):203 err = err1.format(Class=type(context).__name__, attr=attr_name)204 else:205 err = err2.format(Class=type(context).__name__, attr=attr_name)206 logger.exception(err + " {}".format(e.args[0]))207 def toggle(self):208 """toggle play/pause."""209 status = self.client.status() # pylint: disable=E1101210 play_status = status['state']211 if play_status == 'play':212 self.client.pause() # pylint: disable=E1101213 else:214 # pylint: disable=E1101215 def formatter(self, status, current_song):216 """format song info."""217 default = 'Undefined'218 song_info = defaultdict(lambda: default)219 song_info['play_status'] = self.play_states[status['state']]220 if status['state'] == 'stop' and current_song == {}:221 song_info['idle_message'] = self.idle_message222 fmt = self.idle_format223 else:224 fmt = self.status_format225 for k in current_song:226 song_info[k] = current_song[k]227 song_info['fulltime'] = song_info['time']228 del song_info['time']229 song_info.update(status)230 if song_info['updating_db'] == default:231 song_info['updating_db'] = '0'232 if not callable(self.prepare_status['repeat']):233 for k in self.prepare_status:234 if k in status and status[k] != '0':235 # Much more direct.236 song_info[k] = self.prepare_status[k]237 else:238 song_info[k] = self.space239 else:240 self.prepare_formatting(song_info)241 # 'remaining' isn't actually in the information provided by mpd242 # so we construct it from 'fulltime' and 'elapsed'.243 # 'elapsed' is always less than or equal to 'fulltime', if it exists.244 # Remaining should default to '00:00' if either or both are missing.245 # These values are also used for coloring text by progress, if wanted.246 if 'remaining' in self.status_format or self.color_progress:247 total = float(song_info['fulltime'])\248 if song_info['fulltime'] != default else 0.0249 elapsed = float(song_info['elapsed'])\250 if song_info['elapsed'] != default else 0.0251 song_info['remaining'] = "{:.2f}".format(float(total - elapsed))252 # mpd serializes tags containing commas as lists.253 for key in song_info:254 if isinstance(song_info[key], list):255 song_info[key] = ', '.join(song_info[key])256 # Now we apply the user formatting to selected elements in song_info.257 # if 'all' is defined, it is applied first.258 # the reason for this is that, if the format functions do pango markup.259 # we don't want to do anything that would mess it up, e.g. `escape`ing.260 if 'all' in self.format_fns:261 for key in song_info:262 song_info[key] = self.format_fns['all'](song_info[key])263 for fmt_fn in self.format_fns:264 if fmt_fn in song_info and fmt_fn != 'all':265 song_info[fmt_fn] = self.format_fns[fmt_fn](song_info[fmt_fn])266 # fmt = self.status_format267 if not isinstance(fmt, str):268 fmt = str(fmt)269 formatted = fmt.format_map(song_info)270 if self.color_progress and status['state'] != 'stop':271 try:272 progress = int(len(formatted) * elapsed / total)273 formatted = '<span color="{0}">{1}</span>{2}'.format(274 self.color_progress, formatted[:progress], formatted[progress:],275 )276 except (ZeroDivisionError, ValueError):277 pass278 return formatted279 def prepare_formatting(self, status):280 """old way of preparing status formatting."""281 for key in self.prepare_status:282 self.prepare_status[key](status, key, def finalize(self):284 """finalize."""285 super().finalize()286 try:287 self.client.close() # pylint: disable=E1101288 self.client.disconnect()289 except ConnectionError:...

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