How to use probe_binary method in avocado

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...73class My(Test):74 def test(self):75 logging.getLogger("some.other.logger").info("SHOULD NOT BE ON debug.log")76"""77def probe_binary(binary):78 try:79 return utils_path.find_command(binary)80 except utils_path.CmdNotFoundError:81 return None82TRUE_CMD = probe_binary("true")83CC_BINARY = probe_binary("cc")84# On macOS, the default GNU core-utils installation (brew)85# installs the gnu utility versions with a g prefix. It still has the86# BSD versions of the core utilities installed on their expected paths87# but their behavior and flags are in most cases different.88GNU_ECHO_BINARY = probe_binary("echo")89if GNU_ECHO_BINARY is not None:90 if probe_binary("man") is not None:91 echo_cmd = f"man {os.path.basename(GNU_ECHO_BINARY)}"92 echo_manpage =, env={"LANG": "C"}, encoding="ascii").stdout93 if b"-e" not in echo_manpage:94 GNU_ECHO_BINARY = probe_binary("gecho")95READ_BINARY = probe_binary("read")96SLEEP_BINARY = probe_binary("sleep")97class RunnerOperationTest(TestCaseTmpDir):98 def test_show_version(self):99 result ="{AVOCADO} -v", ignore_status=True)100 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, 0)101 self.assertTrue(102 re.match(r"^Avocado \d+\.\d+$", result.stdout_text),103 (104 f"Version string does not match "105 f"'Avocado \\d\\.\\d:'\n"106 f"{result.stdout_text}"107 ),108 )109 def test_alternate_config_datadir(self):110 """...

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1import json2import subprocess3from datetime import timedelta4import arrow5FFMPEG_BINARY = "ffmpeg"6PROBE_BINARY = "ffprobe"7def read(filename):8 info = _run_avprobe(filename)9 processors = {10 "creation_time": _process_time,11 "duration": _process_duration,12 "bit_rate": _process_int,13 "size": _process_int,14 }15 for key, fcn in processors.items():16 if key in info:17 info[key] = fcn(info[key])18 return info19def write(in_filename, out_filename, keywords):20 cmd = [FFMPEG_BINARY, "-v", "0", "-i", in_filename, "-metadata"]21 for key, value in keywords.items():22 cmd.append("%s=%s" % (key, value))23 cmd.extend(["-codec", "copy"])24 cmd.append(out_filename)25 subprocess.check_call(cmd)26def _process_duration(txt):27 return timedelta(seconds=float(txt))28def _process_int(txt):29 return int(txt.split(".")[0])30def _process_time(txt):31 return arrow.get(txt).to('local')32def _run_avprobe(filename):33 out = subprocess.check_output(34 [PROBE_BINARY, "-of", "json", "-show_format", filename],35 stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL)36 out = out.decode('utf-8')37 # Return the "format" dict, but flatten the "tags" subdict into it38 dct = json.loads(out)["format"]39 tag_dct = dct.pop("tags")40 dct.update(tag_dct)...

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