How to use read_from_smaps method in avocado

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...59 return read_from_meminfo('HugePages_Rsvd')60def get_num_anon_huge_pages(pid=0):61 if int(pid) > 1:62 # get AnonHugePages usage of specified process63 return read_from_smaps(pid, 'AnonHugePages')64 else:65 # invalid pid, so return AnonHugePages of the host66 return read_from_meminfo('AnonHugePages')67def get_transparent_hugepage():68 UPSTREAM_THP_PATH = "/sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage"69 RH_THP_PATH = "/sys/kernel/mm/redhat_transparent_hugepage"70 if os.path.isdir(UPSTREAM_THP_PATH):71 thp_path = UPSTREAM_THP_PATH72 elif os.path.isdir(RH_THP_PATH):73 thp_path = RH_THP_PATH74 else:75 raise exceptions.TestFail("transparent hugepage Not supported")76 out = process.system_output('cat %s/enabled' % thp_path)77 if out[0] == "[always]":78 return 'always'79 elif out[1] == "[madvise]":80 return 'madvise'81 else:82 return 'never'83def set_num_huge_pages(num):84 process.system('/sbin/sysctl vm.nr_hugepages=%d' % num)85def set_transparent_hugepage(sflag):86 """87 sflag only can be set always, madvise or never.88 """89 flags = ['always', 'madvise', 'never']90 if sflag not in flags:91 raise exceptions.TestFail("specify wrong parameter")92 UPSTREAM_THP_PATH = "/sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage"93 RH_THP_PATH = "/sys/kernel/mm/redhat_transparent_hugepage"94 if os.path.isdir(UPSTREAM_THP_PATH):95 thp_path = UPSTREAM_THP_PATH96 elif os.path.isdir(RH_THP_PATH):97 thp_path = RH_THP_PATH98 else:99 raise exceptions.TestFail("transparent hugepage Not supported")100 ret = os.system("echo %s > %s/enabled" % (sflag, thp_path))101 if ret != 0:102 raise exceptions.TestFail("setting transparent_hugepage failed")103def drop_caches():104 """Writes back all dirty pages to disk and clears all the caches."""105"sync", verbose=False)106 # We ignore failures here as this will fail on 2.6.11 kernels.107"echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches", ignore_status=True,108 verbose=False)109def read_from_vmstat(key):110 """111 Get specific item value from vmstat112 :param key: The item you want to check from vmstat113 :type key: String114 :return: The value of the item115 :rtype: int116 """117 vmstat = open("/proc/vmstat")118 vmstat_info = vmstat.close()120 return int(re.findall("%s\s+(\d+)" % key, vmstat_info)[0])121def read_from_smaps(pid, key):122 """123 Get specific item value from the smaps of a process include all sections.124 :param pid: Process id125 :type pid: String126 :param key: The item you want to check from smaps127 :type key: String128 :return: The value of the item in kb129 :rtype: int130 """131 smaps = open("/proc/%s/smaps" % pid)132 smaps_info = smaps.close()134 memory_size = 0135 for each_number in re.findall("%s:\s+(\d+)" % key, smaps_info):...

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