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1# Copyright (c) 2001-2007 Twisted Matrix Laboratories.2# See LICENSE for details.3"""4Test cases for twisted.reflect module.5"""6import weakref, os7from ihooks import ModuleImporter8try:9 from collections import deque10except ImportError:11 deque = None12# Twisted Imports13from twisted.trial import unittest14from twisted.python import reflect15class SettableTest(unittest.TestCase):16 def setUp(self):17 self.setter = reflect.Settable()18 def tearDown(self):19 del self.setter20 def testSet(self):21 self.setter(a=1, b=2)22 self.failUnlessEqual(self.setter.a, 1)23 self.failUnlessEqual(self.setter.b, 2)24class AccessorTester(reflect.Accessor):25 def set_x(self, x):26 self.y = x27 self.reallySet('x',x)28 def get_z(self):29 self.q = 130 return 131 def del_z(self):32 self.reallyDel("q")33class AccessorTest(unittest.TestCase):34 def setUp(self):35 self.tester = AccessorTester()36 def testSet(self):37 self.tester.x = 138 self.failUnlessEqual(self.tester.x, 1)39 self.failUnlessEqual(self.tester.y, 1)40 def testGet(self):41 self.failUnlessEqual(self.tester.z, 1)42 self.failUnlessEqual(self.tester.q, 1)43 def testDel(self):44 self.tester.z45 self.failUnlessEqual(self.tester.q, 1)46 del self.tester.z47 self.failUnlessEqual(hasattr(self.tester, "q"), 0)48 self.tester.x = 149 del self.tester.x50 self.failUnlessEqual(hasattr(self.tester, "x"), 0)51class LookupsTestCase(unittest.TestCase):52 """53 Tests for L{namedClass}, L{namedModule}, and L{namedAny}.54 """55 def test_namedClassLookup(self):56 """57 L{namedClass} should return the class object for the name it is passed.58 """59 self.assertIdentical(60 reflect.namedClass("twisted.python.reflect.Summer"),61 reflect.Summer)62 def test_namedModuleLookup(self):63 """64 L{namedModule} should return the module object for the name it is65 passed.66 """67 self.assertIdentical(68 reflect.namedModule("twisted.python.reflect"), reflect)69 def test_namedAnyPackageLookup(self):70 """71 L{namedAny} should return the package object for the name it is passed.72 """73 import twisted.python74 self.assertIdentical(75 reflect.namedAny("twisted.python"), twisted.python)76 def test_namedAnyModuleLookup(self):77 """78 L{namedAny} should return the module object for the name it is passed.79 """80 self.assertIdentical(81 reflect.namedAny("twisted.python.reflect"), reflect)82 def test_namedAnyClassLookup(self):83 """84 L{namedAny} should return the class object for the name it is passed.85 """86 self.assertIdentical(87 reflect.namedAny("twisted.python.reflect.Summer"), reflect.Summer)88 def test_namedAnyAttributeLookup(self):89 """90 L{namedAny} should return the object an attribute of a non-module,91 non-package object is bound to for the name it is passed.92 """93 # Note - not assertEqual because unbound method lookup creates a new94 # object every time. This is a foolishness of Python's object95 # implementation, not a bug in Twisted.96 self.assertEqual(97 reflect.namedAny("twisted.python.reflect.Summer.reallySet"),98 reflect.Summer.reallySet)99 def test_namedAnySecondAttributeLookup(self):100 """101 L{namedAny} should return the object an attribute of an object which102 itself was an attribute of a non-module, non-package object is bound to103 for the name it is passed.104 """105 self.assertIdentical(106 reflect.namedAny(107 "twisted.python.reflect.Summer.reallySet.__doc__"),108 reflect.Summer.reallySet.__doc__)109 def test_importExceptions(self):110 """111 Exceptions raised by modules which L{namedAny} causes to be imported112 should pass through L{namedAny} to the caller.113 """114 self.assertRaises(115 ZeroDivisionError,116 reflect.namedAny, "twisted.test.reflect_helper_ZDE")117 # Make sure that this behavior is *consistent* for 2.3, where there is118 # no post-failed-import cleanup119 self.assertRaises(120 ZeroDivisionError,121 reflect.namedAny, "twisted.test.reflect_helper_ZDE")122 self.assertRaises(123 ValueError,124 reflect.namedAny, "twisted.test.reflect_helper_VE")125 # Modules which themselves raise ImportError when imported should result in an ImportError126 self.assertRaises(127 ImportError,128 reflect.namedAny, "twisted.test.reflect_helper_IE")129 def test_attributeExceptions(self):130 """131 If segments on the end of a fully-qualified Python name represents132 attributes which aren't actually present on the object represented by133 the earlier segments, L{namedAny} should raise an L{AttributeError}.134 """135 self.assertRaises(136 AttributeError,137 reflect.namedAny, "twisted.nosuchmoduleintheworld")138 # ImportError behaves somewhat differently between "import139 # extant.nonextant" and "import extant.nonextant.nonextant", so test140 # the latter as well.141 self.assertRaises(142 AttributeError,143 reflect.namedAny, "twisted.nosuch.modulein.theworld")144 self.assertRaises(145 AttributeError,146 reflect.namedAny, "twisted.python.reflect.Summer.nosuchattributeintheworld")147 def test_invalidNames(self):148 """149 Passing a name which isn't a fully-qualified Python name to L{namedAny}150 should result in a L{ValueError}.151 """152 # Finally, invalid module names should raise a ValueError153 self.assertRaises(154 ValueError,155 reflect.namedAny, "")156 self.assertRaises(157 ValueError,158 reflect.namedAny, "12345")159 self.assertRaises(160 ValueError,161 reflect.namedAny, "@#$@(#.!@(#!@#")162 # This case is kind of stupid and is mostly a historical accident.163 self.assertRaises(164 ValueError,165 reflect.namedAny, "tcelfer.nohtyp.detsiwt")166class ImportHooksLookupTests(LookupsTestCase):167 """168 Tests for lookup methods in the presence of L{ihooks}-style import hooks.169 Runs all of the tests from L{LookupsTestCase} after installing a custom170 import hook.171 """172 def setUp(self):173 """174 Perturb the normal import behavior subtly by installing an import175 hook. No custom behavior is provided, but this adds some extra176 frames to the call stack, which L{namedAny} must be able to account177 for.178 """179 self.importer = ModuleImporter()180 self.importer.install()181 def tearDown(self):182 """183 Uninstall the custom import hook.184 """185 self.importer.uninstall()186class ObjectGrep(unittest.TestCase):187 def test_dictionary(self):188 """189 Test references search through a dictionnary, as a key or as a value.190 """191 o = object()192 d1 = {None: o}193 d2 = {o: None}194 self.assertIn("[None]", reflect.objgrep(d1, o, reflect.isSame))195 self.assertIn("{None}", reflect.objgrep(d2, o, reflect.isSame))196 def test_list(self):197 """198 Test references search through a list.199 """200 o = object()201 L = [None, o]202 self.assertIn("[1]", reflect.objgrep(L, o, reflect.isSame))203 def test_tuple(self):204 """205 Test references search through a tuple.206 """207 o = object()208 T = (o, None)209 self.assertIn("[0]", reflect.objgrep(T, o, reflect.isSame))210 def test_instance(self):211 """212 Test references search through an object attribute.213 """214 class Dummy:215 pass216 o = object()217 d = Dummy()218 d.o = o219 self.assertIn(".o", reflect.objgrep(d, o, reflect.isSame))220 def test_weakref(self):221 """222 Test references search through a weakref object.223 """224 class Dummy:225 pass226 o = Dummy()227 w1 = weakref.ref(o)228 self.assertIn("()", reflect.objgrep(w1, o, reflect.isSame))229 def test_boundMethod(self):230 """231 Test references search through method special attributes.232 """233 class Dummy:234 def dummy(self):235 pass236 o = Dummy()237 m = o.dummy238 self.assertIn(".im_self", reflect.objgrep(m, m.im_self, reflect.isSame))239 self.assertIn(".im_class", reflect.objgrep(m, m.im_class, reflect.isSame))240 self.assertIn(".im_func", reflect.objgrep(m, m.im_func, reflect.isSame))241 def test_everything(self):242 """243 Test references search using complex set of objects.244 """245 class Dummy:246 def method(self):247 pass248 o = Dummy()249 D1 = {(): "baz", None: "Quux", o: "Foosh"}250 L = [None, (), D1, 3]251 T = (L, {}, Dummy())252 D2 = {0: "foo", 1: "bar", 2: T}253 i = Dummy()254 i.attr = D2255 m = i.method256 w = weakref.ref(m)257 self.assertIn("().im_self.attr[2][0][2]{'Foosh'}", reflect.objgrep(w, o, reflect.isSame))258 def test_depthLimit(self):259 """260 Test the depth of references search.261 """262 a = []263 b = [a]264 c = [a, b]265 d = [a, c]266 self.assertEquals(['[0]'], reflect.objgrep(d, a, reflect.isSame, maxDepth=1))267 self.assertEquals(['[0]', '[1][0]'], reflect.objgrep(d, a, reflect.isSame, maxDepth=2))268 self.assertEquals(['[0]', '[1][0]', '[1][1][0]'], reflect.objgrep(d, a, reflect.isSame, maxDepth=3))269 def test_deque(self):270 """271 Test references search through a deque object. Only for Python > 2.3.272 """273 o = object()274 D = deque()275 D.append(None)276 D.append(o)277 self.assertIn("[1]", reflect.objgrep(D, o, reflect.isSame))278 if deque is None:279 test_deque.skip = "Deque not available"280class GetClass(unittest.TestCase):281 def testOld(self):282 class OldClass:283 pass284 old = OldClass()285 self.assertIn(reflect.getClass(OldClass).__name__, ('class', 'classobj'))286 self.assertEquals(reflect.getClass(old).__name__, 'OldClass')287 def testNew(self):288 class NewClass(object):289 pass290 new = NewClass()291 self.assertEquals(reflect.getClass(NewClass).__name__, 'type')292 self.assertEquals(reflect.getClass(new).__name__, 'NewClass')293class Breakable(object):294 breakRepr = False295 breakStr = False296 def __str__(self):297 if self.breakStr:298 raise self299 else:300 return '<Breakable>'301 def __repr__(self):302 if self.breakRepr:303 raise self304 else:305 return 'Breakable()'306class BrokenType(Breakable, type):307 breakName = False308 def get___name__(self):309 if self.breakName:310 raise RuntimeError("no name")311 return 'BrokenType'312 __name__ = property(get___name__)313class BTBase(Breakable):314 __metaclass__ = BrokenType315 breakRepr = True316 breakStr = True317class NoClassAttr(object):318 __class__ = property(lambda x: x.not_class)319class SafeRepr(unittest.TestCase):320 def testWorkingRepr(self):321 x = [1,2,3]322 self.assertEquals(reflect.safe_repr(x), repr(x))323 def testBrokenRepr(self):324 b = Breakable()325 b.breakRepr = True326 reflect.safe_repr(b)327 def testBrokenStr(self):328 b = Breakable()329 b.breakStr = True330 reflect.safe_repr(b)331 def testBrokenClassRepr(self):332 class X(BTBase):333 breakRepr = True334 reflect.safe_repr(X)335 reflect.safe_repr(X())336 def testBrokenClassStr(self):337 class X(BTBase):338 breakStr = True339 reflect.safe_repr(X)340 reflect.safe_repr(X())341 def testBroken__Class__Attr(self):342 reflect.safe_repr(NoClassAttr())343 def testBroken__Class__Name__Attr(self):344 class X(BTBase):345 breakName = True346 reflect.safe_repr(X())347class SafeStr(unittest.TestCase):348 def testWorkingStr(self):349 x = [1,2,3]350 self.assertEquals(reflect.safe_str(x), str(x))351 def testBrokenStr(self):352 b = Breakable()353 b.breakStr = True354 reflect.safe_str(b)355 def testBrokenRepr(self):356 b = Breakable()357 b.breakRepr = True358 reflect.safe_str(b)359 def testBrokenClassStr(self):360 class X(BTBase):361 breakStr = True362 reflect.safe_str(X)363 reflect.safe_str(X())364 def testBrokenClassRepr(self):365 class X(BTBase):366 breakRepr = True367 reflect.safe_str(X)368 reflect.safe_str(X())369 def testBroken__Class__Attr(self):370 reflect.safe_str(NoClassAttr())371 def testBroken__Class__Name__Attr(self):372 class X(BTBase):373 breakName = True374 reflect.safe_str(X())375class FilenameToModule(unittest.TestCase):376 """377 Test L{reflect.filenameToModuleName} detection.378 """379 def test_directory(self):380 """381 Tests it finds good name for directories/packages.382 """383 module = reflect.filenameToModuleName(os.path.join('twisted', 'test'))384 self.assertEquals(module, 'test')385 module = reflect.filenameToModuleName(os.path.join('twisted', 'test')386 + os.path.sep)387 self.assertEquals(module, 'test')388 def test_file(self):389 """390 Test it finds good name for files.391 """392 module = reflect.filenameToModuleName(393 os.path.join('twisted', 'test', ''))...

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