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...257 """Add the subparser for the assets action.258 :param parser: The Avocado command line application parser259 :type parser: :class:`avocado.core.parser.ArgumentParser`260 """261 def register_filter_options(subparser, section):262 help_msg = (263 "Apply action based on a size filter (comparison "264 "operator + value) in bytes. Ex '>20', '<=200'. "265 "Supported operators: " + ", ".join(SUPPORTED_OPERATORS)266 )267 settings.register_option(268 section=section,269 key="size_filter",270 help_msg=help_msg,271 default=None,272 metavar="FILTER",273 key_type=str,274 long_arg="--by-size-filter",275 parser=subparser,276 )277 help_msg = "How old (in days) should Avocado look for assets?"278 settings.register_option(279 section=section,280 key="days",281 help_msg=help_msg,282 default=None,283 key_type=int,284 metavar="DAYS",285 long_arg="--by-days",286 parser=subparser,287 )288 help_msg = (289 "Filter will be based on a overall system limit "290 "threshold in bytes (with assets ordered by last "291 "access) or with a suffix unit. Valid suffixes are: "292 )293 help_msg += ",".join(DataSize.MULTIPLIERS.keys())294 settings.register_option(295 section=section,296 key="overall_limit",297 help_msg=help_msg,298 default=None,299 key_type=str,300 metavar="LIMIT",301 long_arg="--by-overall-limit",302 parser=subparser,303 )304 parser = super().configure(parser)305 subcommands = parser.add_subparsers(dest="assets_subcommand")306 subcommands.required = True307 fetch_subcommand_parser = subcommands.add_parser(308 "fetch",309 help="Fetch assets from test source or config file if it's not"310 " already in the cache",311 )312 help_msg = "Path to avocado instrumented test"313 settings.register_option(314 section="assets.fetch",315 key="references",316 help_msg=help_msg,317 default=[],318 metavar="AVOCADO_INSTRUMENTED",319 key_type=list,320 nargs="+",321 parser=fetch_subcommand_parser,322 positional_arg=True,323 )324 help_msg = "always return success for the fetch command."325 settings.register_option(326 section="assets.fetch",327 key="ignore_errors",328 help_msg=help_msg,329 default=False,330 key_type=bool,331 parser=fetch_subcommand_parser,332 long_arg="--ignore-errors",333 )334 help_msg = "Timeout to be used when download an asset."335 settings.register_option(336 section="assets.fetch",337 key="timeout",338 help_msg=help_msg,339 default=300,340 key_type=int,341 metavar="TIMEOUT",342 parser=fetch_subcommand_parser,343 long_arg="--timeout",344 )345 register_subcommand_parser = subcommands.add_parser(346 "register", help="Register an asset directly to the cacche"347 )348 help_msg = "Unique name to associate with this asset."349 settings.register_option(350 section="assets.register",351 key="name",352 help_msg=help_msg,353 default=None,354 key_type=str,355 parser=register_subcommand_parser,356 positional_arg=True,357 )358 help_msg = "Path to asset that you would like to register manually."359 settings.register_option(360 section="assets.register",361 key="url",362 help_msg=help_msg,363 default=None,364 key_type=str,365 parser=register_subcommand_parser,366 positional_arg=True,367 )368 help_msg = "SHA1 hash of this asset."369 settings.register_option(370 section="assets.register",371 key="sha1_hash",372 help_msg=help_msg,373 default=None,374 key_type=str,375 metavar="SHA1",376 long_arg="--hash",377 parser=register_subcommand_parser,378 )379 purge_subcommand_parser = subcommands.add_parser(380 "purge", help="Removes assets cached locally."381 )382 register_filter_options(purge_subcommand_parser, "assets.purge")383 help_msg = "List all cached assets."384 list_subcommand_parser = subcommands.add_parser("list", help=help_msg)385 register_filter_options(list_subcommand_parser, "assets.list")386 def handle_purge(self, config):387 days = config.get("assets.purge.days")388 size_filter = config.get("assets.purge.size_filter")389 overall_limit = config.get("assets.purge.overall_limit")390 if self._count_filter_args(config) != 1:391 msg = (392 "You should choose --by-size-filter or --by-days. "393 "For help, run: avocado assets purge --help"394 )395 LOG_UI.error(msg)396 return exit_codes.AVOCADO_FAIL397 cache_dirs = config.get("datadir.paths.cache_dirs")398 try:399 if days is not None:...

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...67class ParameterOptions(BaseModel):68 pass69# --------------- Filter Option structs ----------70available_filter_options = {}71def register_filter_options(cls):72 available_filter_options.update(73 {cls.__name__.replace("FilterOptions", "Task"): cls}74 )75 return cls76@register_filter_options77class FactorialsFilterOptions(BaseModel):78 min_fact_val: float = Field(..., ge=0)79@register_filter_options80class ObservationWindowFilterOptions(BaseModel):81 min_window_duration_hours: float = Field(..., ge=0)82 max_window_delay_hours: float = Field(..., ge=0)83 window_selection: str84@register_filter_options85class ParameterFilterOptions(BaseModel):...

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