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...19 # Our test fixture in sets "chained_assignment"20 # to "raise" only after all test methods have been setup.21 # However, after this setup, there is no longer any22 # "chained_assignment" option, so re-register it.23"chained_assignment", "raise")24 def teardown_method(self, method):25 setattr(, "_global_config", self.gc)26 setattr(, "_deprecated_options", setattr(, "_registered_options", def test_api(self):29 # the pandas object exposes the user API30 assert hasattr(pd, "get_option")31 assert hasattr(pd, "set_option")32 assert hasattr(pd, "reset_option")33 assert hasattr(pd, "describe_option")34 def test_is_one_of_factory(self):35 v =[None, 12])36 v(12)37 v(None)38 msg = r"Value must be one of None\|12"39 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):40 v(1.1)41 def test_register_option(self):42"a", 1, "doc")43 # can't register an already registered option44 msg = "Option 'a' has already been registered"45 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match=msg):46"a", 1, "doc")47 # can't register an already registered option48 msg = "Path prefix to option 'a' is already an option"49 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match=msg):50"a.b.c.d1", 1, "doc")51 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match=msg):52"a.b.c.d2", 1, "doc")53 # no python keywords54 msg = "for is a python keyword"55 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):56"for", 0)57 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):58"a.for.b", 0)59 # must be valid identifier (ensure attribute access works)60 msg = "oh my goddess! is not a valid identifier"61 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):62"Oh my Goddess!", 0)63 # we can register options several levels deep64 # without predefining the intermediate steps65 # and we can define differently named options66 # in the same namespace67"k.b.c.d1", 1, "doc")68"k.b.c.d2", 1, "doc")69 def test_describe_option(self):70"a", 1, "doc")71"b", 1, "doc2")72"b")73"c.d.e1", 1, "doc3")74"c.d.e2", 1, "doc4")75"f", 1)76"g.h", 1)77"k", 2)78"g.h", rkey="k")79"l", "foo")80 # non-existent keys raise KeyError81 msg = r"No such keys\(s\)"82 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match=msg):83"no.such.key")84 # we can get the description for any key we registered85 assert "doc" in"a", _print_desc=False)86 assert "doc2" in"b", _print_desc=False)87 assert "precated" in"b", _print_desc=False)88 assert "doc3" in"c.d.e1", _print_desc=False)89 assert "doc4" in"c.d.e2", _print_desc=False)90 # if no doc is specified we get a default message91 # saying "description not available"92 assert "vailable" in"f", _print_desc=False)93 assert "vailable" in"g.h", _print_desc=False)94 assert "precated" in"g.h", _print_desc=False)95 assert "k" in"g.h", _print_desc=False)96 # default is reported97 assert "foo" in"l", _print_desc=False)98 # current value is reported99 assert "bar" not in"l", _print_desc=False)100"l", "bar")101 assert "bar" in"l", _print_desc=False)102 def test_case_insensitive(self):103"KanBAN", 1, "doc")104 assert "doc" in"kanbaN", _print_desc=False)105 assert"kanBaN") == 1106"KanBan", 2)107 assert"kAnBaN") == 2108 # gets of non-existent keys fail109 msg = r"No such keys\(s\): 'no_such_option'"110 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match=msg):111"no_such_option")112"KanBan")113 assert"kAnBaN")114 def test_get_option(self):115"a", 1, "doc")116"b.c", "hullo", "doc2")117"b.b", None, "doc2")118 # gets of existing keys succeed119 assert"a") == 1120 assert"b.c") == "hullo"121 assert"b.b") is None122 # gets of non-existent keys fail123 msg = r"No such keys\(s\): 'no_such_option'"124 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match=msg):125"no_such_option")126 def test_set_option(self):127"a", 1, "doc")128"b.c", "hullo", "doc2")129"b.b", None, "doc2")130 assert"a") == 1131 assert"b.c") == "hullo"132 assert"b.b") is None133"a", 2)134"b.c", "wurld")135"b.b", 1.1)136 assert"a") == 2137 assert"b.c") == "wurld"138 assert"b.b") == 1.1139 msg = r"No such keys\(s\): 'no.such.key'"140 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match=msg):141"no.such.key", None)142 def test_set_option_empty_args(self):143 msg = "Must provide an even number of non-keyword arguments"144 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):145 def test_set_option_uneven_args(self):147 msg = "Must provide an even number of non-keyword arguments"148 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):149"a.b", 2, "b.c")150 def test_set_option_invalid_single_argument_type(self):151 msg = "Must provide an even number of non-keyword arguments"152 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):153 def test_set_option_multiple(self):155"a", 1, "doc")156"b.c", "hullo", "doc2")157"b.b", None, "doc2")158 assert"a") == 1159 assert"b.c") == "hullo"160 assert"b.b") is None161"a", "2", "b.c", None, "b.b", 10.0)162 assert"a") == "2"163 assert"b.c") is None164 assert"b.b") == 10.0165 def test_validation(self):166"a", 1, "doc","d", 1, "doc","b.c", "hullo", "doc2", msg = "Value must have type '<class 'int'>'"170 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):171"a.b.c.d2", "NO", "doc","a", 2) # int is_int173"b.c", "wurld") # str is_str174"d", 2)175"d", None) # non-negative int can be None176 # None not is_int177 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):178"a", None)179 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):180"a", "ab")181 msg = "Value must be a nonnegative integer or None"182 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):183 "a.b.c.d3", "NO", "doc", )186 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):187 "a.b.c.d3", -2, "doc", )190 msg = r"Value must be an instance of <class 'str'>\|<class 'bytes'>"191 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match=msg):192"b.c", 1)193 validator =[None,])194"b", lambda: None, "doc", validator=validator)195"b", "%.1f".format) # Formatter is callable196"b", None) # Formatter is none (default)197 with pytest.raises(ValueError, match="Value must be a callable"):198"b", "%.1f")199 def test_reset_option(self):200"a", 1, "doc","b.c", "hullo", "doc2", assert"a") == 1203 assert"b.c") == "hullo"204"a", 2)205"b.c", "wurld")206 assert"a") == 2207 assert"b.c") == "wurld"208"a")209 assert"a") == 1210 assert"b.c") == "wurld"211"b.c")212 assert"a") == 1213 assert"b.c") == "hullo"214 def test_reset_option_all(self):215"a", 1, "doc","b.c", "hullo", "doc2", assert"a") == 1218 assert"b.c") == "hullo"219"a", 2)220"b.c", "wurld")221 assert"a") == 2222 assert"b.c") == "wurld"223"all")224 assert"a") == 1225 assert"b.c") == "hullo"226 def test_deprecate_option(self):227 # we can deprecate non-existent options228"foo")229 assert"foo")230 with warnings.catch_warnings(record=True) as w:231 warnings.simplefilter("always")232 with pytest.raises(KeyError, match="No such keys.s.: 'foo'"):233"foo")234 assert len(w) == 1 # should have raised one warning235 assert "deprecated" in str(w[-1]) # we get the default message236"a", 1, "doc","b.c", "hullo", "doc2")238"foo", "hullo", "doc2")239"a", removal_ver="nifty_ver")240 with warnings.catch_warnings(record=True) as w:241 warnings.simplefilter("always")242"a")243 assert len(w) == 1 # should have raised one warning244 assert "eprecated" in str(w[-1]) # we get the default message245 assert "nifty_ver" in str(w[-1]) # with the removal_ver quoted246 msg = "Option 'a' has already been defined as deprecated"247 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match=msg):248"a")249"b.c", "zounds!")250 with warnings.catch_warnings(record=True) as w:251 warnings.simplefilter("always")252"b.c")253 assert len(w) == 1 # should have raised one warning254 assert "zounds!" in str(w[-1]) # we get the custom message255 # test rerouting keys256"d.a", "foo", "doc2")257"d.dep", "bar", "doc2")258 assert"d.a") == "foo"259 assert"d.dep") == "bar"260"d.dep", rkey="d.a") # reroute d.dep to d.a261 with warnings.catch_warnings(record=True) as w:262 warnings.simplefilter("always")263 assert"d.dep") == "foo"264 assert len(w) == 1 # should have raised one warning265 assert "eprecated" in str(w[-1]) # we get the custom message266 with warnings.catch_warnings(record=True) as w:267 warnings.simplefilter("always")268"d.dep", "baz") # should overwrite "d.a"269 assert len(w) == 1 # should have raised one warning270 assert "eprecated" in str(w[-1]) # we get the custom message271 with warnings.catch_warnings(record=True) as w:272 warnings.simplefilter("always")273 assert"d.dep") == "baz"274 assert len(w) == 1 # should have raised one warning275 assert "eprecated" in str(w[-1]) # we get the custom message276 def test_config_prefix(self):277 with"base"):278"a", 1, "doc1")279"b", 2, "doc2")280 assert"a") == 1281 assert"b") == 2282"a", 3)283"b", 4)284 assert"a") == 3285 assert"b") == 4286 assert"base.a") == 3287 assert"base.b") == 4288 assert "doc1" in"base.a", _print_desc=False)289 assert "doc2" in"base.b", _print_desc=False)290"base.a")291"base.b")292 with"base"):293 assert"a") == 1294 assert"b") == 2295 def test_callback(self):296 k = [None]297 v = [None]298 def callback(key):299 k.append(key)300 v.append("d.a", "foo", cb=callback)302"d.b", "foo", cb=callback)303 del k[-1], v[-1]304"d.a", "fooz")305 assert k[-1] == "d.a"306 assert v[-1] == "fooz"307 del k[-1], v[-1]308"d.b", "boo")309 assert k[-1] == "d.b"310 assert v[-1] == "boo"311 del k[-1], v[-1]312"d.b")313 assert k[-1] == "d.b"314 def test_set_ContextManager(self):315 def eq(val):316 assert"a") == val317"a", 0)318 eq(0)319 with"a", 15):320 eq(15)321 with"a", 25):322 eq(25)323 eq(15)324 eq(0)325"a", 17)326 eq(17)327 def test_attribute_access(self):328 holder = []329 def f3(key):330 holder.append(True)331"a", 0)332"c", 0, cb=f3)333 options = assert options.a == 0335 with"a", 15):336 assert options.a == 15337 options.a = 500338 assert"a") == 500339"a")340 assert options.a =="a", 0)341 msg = "You can only set the value of existing options"342 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match=msg):343 options.b = 1344 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match=msg):345 options.display = 1346 # make sure callback kicks when using this form of setting347 options.c = 1348 assert len(holder) == 1349 def test_option_context_scope(self):350 # Ensure that creating a context does not affect the existing351 # environment as it is supposed to be used with the `with` statement.352 # See original_value = 60354 context_value = 10355 option_name = "a"356, original_value)357 # Ensure creating contexts didn't affect the current context.358 ctx =, context_value)359 assert == original_value360 # Ensure the correct value is available inside the context.361 with ctx:362 assert == context_value363 # Ensure the current context is reset364 assert == original_value365 def test_dictwrapper_getattr(self):366 options = # GH 19789368 with pytest.raises(OptionError, match="No such option"):369 options.bananas370 assert not hasattr(options, "bananas")

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