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...10COLOR_DEF = '\033[0m'11# This variable is used only when the daemon is installed/updated 12# by hand and needs to be explicitly specified by the user.13rpm_path = '' # '/nfshome0/smorovic/gcc481/dqm/hltd-1.5.0-2.x86_64.rpm'14def rpm_install(machine):15 return 'sudo rpm --install {0}'.format(rpm_path)16def rpm_update(machine):17 return 'sudo rpm -Uhv --force {0}'.format(rpm_path)18machines = { 'bu' : ['dqm-c2d07-22', 'bu-c2f13-31-01', 'bu-c2f13-29-01'],19 'dev' : ['dqm-c2d07-21', 'dqm-c2d07-22', 'dqm-c2d07-23', 'dqm-c2d07-24', 'dqm-c2d07-25', 'dqm-c2d07-26', 'dqm-c2d07-27'],20 'dev_current' : ['dqm-c2d07-22', 'dqm-c2d07-23'],21 'ed' : ['bu-c2f13-29-01', 'fu-c2f13-41-01', 'fu-c2f13-41-02', 'fu-c2f13-41-03', 'fu-c2f13-41-04'],22 'ed_current' : ['bu-c2f13-29-01', 'fu-c2f13-41-03'],23 'prod' : ['bu-c2f13-31-01', 'fu-c2f13-39-01', 'fu-c2f13-39-02', 'fu-c2f13-39-03', 'fu-c2f13-39-04'],24 'prod_current' : ['bu-c2f13-31-01', 'fu-c2f13-39-04']25 }26actions = { 'rpm_install' : rpm_install, 27 'rpm_update' : rpm_update,28 'rpm_install_status' : 'rpm -qa hltd',...

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1dry_run = False2verbose = False3yml = None4#5# By default performs setup in akrr config in default location i.e. $HOME/akrr.6#7# Options --in-src and --akrr-conf change that behaviour.8#9# In all cases akrr command line interface will be taken from $PATH10# install next to source code11in_source_install = False12rpm_install = False13dev_install = False14# location of config15default_akrr_home_dir = None16akrr_home_dir = None17akrr_conf = None18akrr_conf_dir = None19akrr_log_dir = None20which_akrr = "akrr"21# top level configuration largely same as AKRR22from akrr.cfg_default import *23xd_db_user = "akrruser"24xd_db_passwd = ""25akrr_db_user = xd_db_user26akrr_db_passwd = xd_db_passwd27ak_db_user = xd_db_user28ak_db_passwd = xd_db_passwd29# administrative database user under which the installation sql script should30sql_root_name = "root"31sql_root_password = ""32def load_cfg(config_filename):33 """load configuration for reg test from file"""34 from akrr.util.yaml import yaml_load35 global yml36 yml = yaml_load(open(config_filename).read())37 exec(yml['global'], globals())38def set_default_value_for_unset_vars():39 """post process settings"""40 import os41 from .util import run_cmd_getoutput42 from akrr.util import log43 global which_akrr44 global akrr_conf45 global akrr_conf_dir46 global akrr_home_dir47 global default_akrr_home_dir48 global akrr_log_dir49 global in_source_install50 global rpm_install51 global dev_install52 if which_akrr is None or which_akrr == "akrr":53 try:54 which_akrr = run_cmd_getoutput("which akrr").strip()55 except Exception as e:56 log.critical("Can not find akrr executable")57 raise e58 if os.path.dirname(which_akrr) == "/usr/bin":59 rpm_install = True60 if os.path.dirname(which_akrr) == "/usr/local/bin":61 dev_install = True62 else:63 in_source_install = True64 # set default_akrr_home_dir65 if in_source_install:66 default_akrr_home_dir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(which_akrr)))67 elif rpm_install or dev_install:68 default_akrr_home_dir = os.path.expanduser("~/akrr")69 if akrr_home_dir is None:70 akrr_home_dir = default_akrr_home_dir71 else:72 akrr_home_dir = os.path.expanduser(akrr_home_dir)73 akrr_conf_dir = os.path.join(akrr_home_dir, "etc")74 akrr_conf = os.path.join(akrr_home_dir, "etc", 'akrr.conf')75 akrr_log_dir = os.path.join(akrr_home_dir, "log")76 log.debug(77 "AKRR conf dir and log dir locations:\n"78 " akrr_home: {}\n"79 " akrr_conf: {}\n"80 " akrr_conf_dir: {}\n"81 " akrr_log_dir: {}\n"...

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