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1#!/usr/bin/env python2# coding: utf-83# Copyright (c) 2020 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.4# oec-hardware is licensed under the Mulan PSL v2.5# You can use this software according to the terms and conditions of the Mulan PSL v2.6# You may obtain a copy of Mulan PSL v2 at:7# THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR9# IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO NON-INFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY OR FIT FOR A PARTICULAR10# PURPOSE.11# See the Mulan PSL v2 for more details.12# Create: 2020-04-0113"""System Test"""14import os15import sys16import re17import argparse18sys.path.append('/usr/share/oech/lib/')19from hwcompatible.test import Test20from hwcompatible.command import Command21from hwcompatible.sysinfo import SysInfo22from hwcompatible.env import CertEnv23from hwcompatible.document import Document24class SystemTest(Test):25 """26 System Test27 """28 def __init__(self):29 Test.__init__(self)30 self.pri = 131 self.sysinfo = SysInfo(CertEnv.releasefile)32 self.args = None33 self.logpath = ""34 def setup(self, args=None):35 """36 Initialization before test37 :param args:38 :return:39 """40 self.args = args or argparse.Namespace()41 #self.logpath = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)) + "/system.log"42 self.logpath = getattr(args, "logdir", None) + "/system.log"43 def test(self):44 """45 test case46 :return:47 """48 os.system("uname -a &>> %s" % self.logpath)49 print("")50 os.system("lsmod &>> %s" % self.logpath)51 print("")52 os.system("dmidecode &>> %s" % self.logpath)53 sys.stdout.flush()54 return_code = True55 if not self.check_certrpm():56 return_code = False57 if not self.check_kernel():58 return_code = False59 if not self.check_selinux():60 return_code = False61 return return_code62 def check_certrpm(self):63 """64 Check installed cert package65 :return:66 """67 print("\nChecking installed cert package...")68 return_code = True69 for cert_package in ["oec-hardware"]:70 rpm_verify = Command(71 "rpm -V --nomtime --nomode --nocontexts %s &>> %s" % (cert_package, self.logpath))72 try:73 rpm_verify.echo()74 sys.stdout.flush()75 if rpm_verify.output and len(rpm_verify.output) > 0:76 return_code = False77 except Exception:78 print("Error: files in %s have been tampered." % cert_package)79 return_code = False80 return return_code81 def check_kernel(self):82 """83 Check kernel84 :return:85 """86 print("\nChecking kernel...")87 kernel_rpm = self.sysinfo.kernel_rpm88 os_version = self.sysinfo.product + " " + self.sysinfo.get_version()89 print("Kernel RPM: %s" % kernel_rpm)90 print("OS Version: %s" % os_version)91 print("")92 return_code = True93 if self.sysinfo.debug_kernel:94 print("Error: debug kernel.")95 return_code = False96 kernel_dict = Document(CertEnv.kernelinfo)97 if not kernel_dict.load():98 print("Error: get kernel info fail.")99 return False100 try:101 if kernel_dict.document[os_version] != self.sysinfo.kernel_version:102 print("Error: kernel %s check GA status fail." %103 self.sysinfo.kernel_version)104 return_code = False105 except Exception as error:106 print("Error: %s is not supported." % os_version)107 return_code = False108 try:109 tainted_file = open("/proc/sys/kernel/tainted", "r")110 tainted = int(tainted_file.readline())111 if tainted != 0:112 print("Warning: kernel is tainted (value = %u)." % tainted)113 if tainted & 1:114 print("Error: module with a non-GPL license has been loaded.")115 return_code = False116 modules = self.get_modules("P")117 print("Non-GPL modules:")118 for module in modules:119 print(module)120 print("")121 if tainted & (1 << 12):122 modules = self.get_modules("O")123 print("Out-of-tree modules:")124 for module in modules:125 print(module)126 # self.abi_check(module)127 return_code = False128 print("")129 if tainted & (1 << 13):130 modules = self.get_modules("E")131 print("Unsigned modules:")132 for module in modules:133 print(module)134 print("")135 tainted_file.close()136 except Exception as concrete_error:137 print("Error: could not determine if kernel is tainted. \n",138 concrete_error)139 return_code = False140 except_list = ["/modules.dep$", "/modules.symbols$", "/modules.dep.bin$",141 "/modules.symbols.bin$"]142 if os.system("rpm -V --nomtime --nomode --nocontexts %s | grep -Ev '%s'" %143 (kernel_rpm, "|".join(except_list))) == 0:144 print("Error: files from %s were modified.\n" % kernel_rpm)145 return_code = False146 try:147 params = Command("cat /proc/cmdline").get_str()148 print("Boot Parameters: %s" % params)149 except Exception as concrete_error:150 print("Error: could not determine boot parameters. \n", concrete_error)151 return_code = False152 return return_code153 def get_modules(self, sign):154 """155 Get the module with signs character156 :param sign:157 :return:158 """159 pattern = re.compile(r"^(?P<mod_name>\w+)[\s\S]+\((?P<signs>[A-Z]+)\)")160 proc_modules = open("/proc/modules")161 modules = list()162 for line in proc_modules.readlines():163 match = pattern.match(line)164 if match:165 if sign in"signs"):166 modules.append("mod_name"))167 proc_modules.close()168 return modules169 def abi_check(self, module):170 """171 Check abi whitelist172 :param module:173 :return:174 """175 whitelist_path = [("/lib/modules/kabi-current/kabi_whitelist_" + self.sysinfo.arch),176 ("/lib/modules/kabi/kabi_whitelist_" + self.sysinfo.arch),177 ("/usr/src/kernels/%s/kabi_whitelist" %178 self.sysinfo.kernel)179 ]180 whitelist = ""181 for whitelist in whitelist_path:182 if os.path.exists(whitelist):183 break184 if not os.path.exists(whitelist):185 print(186 "Error: could not find whitelist file in any of the following locations:")187 print("\n".join(whitelist_path))188 return False189 whitelist_symbols = self.read_abi_whitelist(whitelist)190 if not whitelist_symbols:191 return False192 module_symbols = self.read_module(module)193 if not module_symbols:194 return False195 extra_symbols = list()196 for symbol in module_symbols:197 if symbol not in whitelist_symbols:198 extra_symbols.append(symbol)199 black_symbols = list()200 if extra_symbols:201 greylist = "/usr/share/doc/kmod-%s/greylist.txt" % module202 if os.path.exists(greylist):203 print("checking greylist for %s" % module)204 greylist_symbols = self.read_abi_whitelist(greylist)205 for symbol in extra_symbols:206 if symbol not in greylist_symbols:207 black_symbols.append(symbol)208 else:209 black_symbols = extra_symbols210 if black_symbols:211 print("Error: The following symbols are used by %s are not on the ABI \212 whitelist." % module)213 for symbol in black_symbols:214 print(symbol)215 return False216 print("")217 return True218 def read_abi_whitelist(self, whitelist):219 """220 Read abi whitelist221 :param whitelist:222 :return:223 """224 symbols = list()225 if not os.path.isfile(whitelist):226 print("Error: Cannot read whitelist file")227 return None228 whitelistfile = open(whitelist, "r")229 while True:230 line = whitelistfile.readline()231 if line == "":232 break233 if line == "\n":234 continue235 line.split()236 if line[0] == '[':237 # group = line[1:-2]238 continue239 symbol = line.strip()240 symbols.append(symbol)241 return symbols242 def read_module(self, module):243 """244 Read module245 :param module:246 :return:247 """248 symbols = list()249 module_file = self.get_modulefile(module)250 if not module_file:251 print("Error: Can not find module file for %s" % module)252 return None253 if not os.path.isfile(module_file):254 print("Error: Cannot read module file %s" % module_file)255 return None256 if module_file[-2:] == "ko":257 n_m = os.popen('modprobe --dump-modversions ' + module_file)258 else:259 n_m = open(module_file, "r")260 while True:261 line = n_m.readline()262 if line == "":263 break264 symbols.append(line)265 n_m.close()266 return self.readSymbols(symbols)267 def get_modulefile(self, module):268 """269 Get module file270 :param module:271 :return:272 """273 try:274 modulefile = Command("modinfo -F filename %s" % module).get_str()275 if os.path.islink(modulefile):276 modulefile = os.readlink(modulefile)277 return modulefile278 except Exception:279 print("Error: could no find module file for %s:" % module)280 return None281 def check_selinux(self):282 """283 check selinux284 :return:285 """286 print("\nChecking selinux...")287 status = os.system(288 "/usr/sbin/sestatus | grep 'SELinux status' | grep -qw 'enabled'")289 mode = os.system(290 "/usr/sbin/sestatus | grep 'Current mode' | grep -qw 'enforcing'")291 if mode == 0 and status == 0:292 print("SElinux is enforcing as expect.")293 return True294 else:295 print('status: ' + str(status))296 print('mode: ' + str(mode))297 print("SElinux is not enforcing, expect is enforcing.")298 os.system("/usr/sbin/sestatus")299 return False300if __name__ == "__main__":301 main = SystemTest()302 main.setup()...

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...108 return True109 except process.CmdError as details:110 log.error(details)111 return False112 def rpm_verify(self, package_name):113 """114 Verify an RPM package with an installed one.115 :param str package_name: name of the verified package116 :returns: whether the verification was successful117 :rtype: bool118 """119"Verifying package information.")120 cmd = "rpm -V " + package_name121 result =, ignore_status=True)122 # unstable approach but currently works123 # installed_pattern = r"\s" + package_name + r" is installed\s+"124 # match =, result)125 match = (result.exit_status == 0)126 if match:127"Verification successful.")128 return True129 else:130 return False132 def rpm_erase(self, package_name):133 """134 Erase an RPM package.135 :param str package_name: name of the erased package136 :returns: whether file is erased properly137 :rtype: bool138 """139 logging.warning("Erasing rpm package %s", package_name)140 cmd = "rpm -e " + package_name141 result =, ignore_status=True)142 if result.exit_status:143 return False144 return True145 def prepare_source(self, spec_file, dest_path=None):146 """147 Rpmbuild the spec path and return build dir148 :param spec_path: spec path to install149 :return path: build directory150 """151 build_option = "-bp"152 if dest_path is not None:153 build_option += " --define '_builddir %s'" % dest_path154 else:155 log.error("Please provide a valid path")156 return ""157 try:158 process.system("rpmbuild %s %s" % (build_option, spec_file))159 return os.path.join(dest_path, os.listdir(dest_path)[0])160 except process.CmdError as details:161 log.error(details)162 return ""163 def find_rpm_packages(self, rpm_dir):164 """165 Extract product dependencies from a defined RPM directory and all its subdirectories.166 :param str rpm_dir: directory to search in167 :returns: found RPM packages168 :rtype: [str]169 """170 subpaths = os.listdir(rpm_dir)171 subpacks = []172 for subpath in subpaths:173 if subpath == "." or subpath == "..":174 continue175 new_filepath = rpm_dir + "/" + subpath176 logging.debug("Checking path for rpm %s", new_filepath)177 # if path is file validate name and inject178 if os.path.isfile(new_filepath) and"\s*.rpm$", os.path.basename(new_filepath)):179"Marking package %s for setup", new_filepath)180 subpacks.append(new_filepath)181 elif os.path.isdir(new_filepath):182 subpacks += self.find_rpm_packages(new_filepath)183 return subpacks184 def perform_setup(self, packages, no_dependencies=False):185 """186 General RPM setup with automatic handling of dependencies based on187 install attempts.188 :param packages: the RPM packages to install in dependency-friendly order189 :type packages: [str]190 :returns: whether setup completed successfully191 :rtype: bool192 """193 while len(packages) > 0:194 logging.debug("Trying to install: %s", packages)195 failed_packages = []196 for package_path in packages:197 package_file = os.path.basename(package_path)198 package_name = "-".join(package_file.split('-')[0:-2])199 logging.debug("%s -> %s", package_file, package_name)200 installed = self.check_installed(package_name)201 verified = self.rpm_verify(package_name) if installed else False202 if installed and not verified:203 self.rpm_erase(package_name)204 if not installed or not verified:205 success = self.rpm_install(package_path, no_dependencies)206 if not success:207 failed_packages.append(package_path)208 if len(packages) == len(failed_packages) > 0:209 logging.warning("Some of the rpm packages could not be "210 "installed: %s", ", ".join(failed_packages))211 return False212 packages = failed_packages...

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