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...259 if len(result) >= max_lines:260 break261 result.append(line)262 return result263 def send_gdb_command(self, command):264 """265 Send a raw command to the GNU debugger input266 :param command: the GDB command, hopefully in MI language267 :type command: str268 :returns: None269 """270 if not command.endswith('\n'):271 command = "%s\n" % command272 self.process.stdin.write(command.encode())273 self.process.stdin.flush()274 def cmd(self, command):275 """276 Sends a command and parses all lines until prompt is received277 :param command: the GDB command, hopefully in MI language278 :type command: str279 :returns: a :class:`CommandResult` instance280 :rtype: :class:`CommandResult`281 """282 cmd = CommandResult(command)283 self.send_gdb_command(command)284 responses = self.read_until_break()285 result_response_received = False286 for line in responses:287 # If the line can not be properly parsed, it is *most likely*288 # generated by the application being run inside the debugger289 try:290 parsed_response = parse_mi(line.decode())291 except Exception: # pylint: disable=W0703292 cmd.application_output.append(line)293 continue294 if (parsed_response.type == 'console' and295 parsed_response.record_type == 'stream'):296 cmd.stream_messages.append(parsed_response)297 elif parsed_response.type == 'result':...

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...139 child.logfile = sys.stdout140 else:141 child.logfile = gdb_log142 return child143def send_gdb_command(child, com):144 child.expect_exact(["(gdb)", ">"])145 child.sendline(com)146def gdb_reset(exe_path, reset_address, log_file=None):147 if log_file:148 gdb_log = open(log_file, "w")149 child = start_gdb(exe_path, gdb_log)150 send_gdb_command(child, "set style enabled off")151 send_gdb_command(child, "set confirm off")152 send_gdb_command(child, "target remote :3333")153 send_gdb_command(child, "set {{int}}{} = 1".format(reset_address))154 child.expect_exact(["(gdb)", ">"])155 # Wait to make sure write goes through due to latency156 time.sleep(1)157 child.terminate(force=True)158 if log_file:159 gdb_log.close()160def gdb_thread(exe_path, log_file=None, arch="rv32"):161 if log_file:162 gdb_log = open(log_file, "w")163 child = start_gdb(exe_path, gdb_log)164 send_gdb_command(child, "set style enabled off")165 send_gdb_command(child, "set confirm off")166 send_gdb_command(child, "target remote :3333")167 send_gdb_command(child, "load")168 send_gdb_command(child, "continue")169"Process running in gdb")170 child.expect_exact("[Inferior 1 (Remote target) detached]")171"Program successfully exited")172 if log_file:173 gdb_log.close()174def ap_thread(ap_tty, ap_log, runtime, processor):175 baud_rate = 115200176 ap_serial = serial.Serial(ap_tty, baud_rate, timeout=3000000, bytesize=serial.EIGHTBITS,177 parity=serial.PARITY_NONE, xonxoff=False, rtscts=False, dsrdtr=False)178 ap_expect = pexpect_serial.SerialSpawn(ap_serial, timeout=3000000, encoding='utf-8', codec_errors='ignore')179 ap_expect.logfile = ap_log180 ap_expect.expect(isp_utils.terminateMessage(runtime))181def pex_thread(pex_tty, pex_log):182 pex_serial = serial.Serial(pex_tty, 115200, timeout=3000000, bytesize=serial.EIGHTBITS,...

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