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1# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one2# or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file3# distributed with this work for additional information4# regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file5# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the6# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance7# with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at8#9# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,12# software distributed under the License is distributed on an13# "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY14# KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the15# specific language governing permissions and limitations16# under the License.17#18# Impala py.test skipif markers. When a test can't be run against S3,19# choose the appropriate reason (or add a new one if needed) and20# annotate the class or test routine with the marker.21#22import os23import pytest24from functools import partial25from tests.common.environ import IMPALAD_BUILD26from tests.util.filesystem_utils import (27 IS_ADLS,28 IS_EC,29 IS_HDFS,30 IS_ISILON,31 IS_LOCAL,32 IS_S3,33 SECONDARY_FILESYSTEM)34class SkipIfS3:35 # These ones are skipped due to product limitations.36 caching = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_S3, reason="SET CACHED not implemented for S3")37 hive = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_S3, reason="Hive doesn't work with S3")38 hdfs_block_size = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_S3, reason="S3 uses it's own block size")39 hdfs_acls = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_S3, reason="HDFS acls are not supported on S3")40 jira = partial(pytest.mark.skipif, IS_S3)41 hdfs_encryption = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_S3,42 reason="HDFS encryption is not supported with S3")43 empty_directory = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_S3,44 reason="Empty directories are not supported on S3")45 # These ones need test infra work to re-enable.46 udfs = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_S3, reason="udas/udfs not copied to S3")47 datasrc = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_S3, reason="data sources not copied to S3")48 hbase = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_S3, reason="HBase not started with S3")49 qualified_path = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_S3,50 reason="Tests rely on HDFS qualified paths, IMPALA-1872")51class SkipIfADLS:52 # These ones are skipped due to product limitations.53 caching = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ADLS, reason="SET CACHED not implemented for ADLS")54 hive = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ADLS, reason="Hive doesn't work with ADLS")55 hdfs_block_size = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ADLS, reason="ADLS uses it's own block size")56 hdfs_acls = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ADLS, reason="HDFS acls are not supported on ADLS")57 jira = partial(pytest.mark.skipif, IS_ADLS)58 hdfs_encryption = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ADLS,59 reason="HDFS encryption is not supported with ADLS")60 # These ones need test infra work to re-enable.61 udfs = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ADLS, reason="udas/udfs not copied to ADLS")62 datasrc = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ADLS, reason="data sources not copied to ADLS")63 hbase = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ADLS, reason="HBase not started with ADLS")64 qualified_path = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ADLS,65 reason="Tests rely on HDFS qualified paths, IMPALA-1872")66 eventually_consistent = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ADLS,67 reason="The client is slow to realize changes to file metadata")68class SkipIfKudu:69 unsupported_env = pytest.mark.skipif(os.environ["KUDU_IS_SUPPORTED"] == "false",70 reason="Kudu is not supported in this environment")71class SkipIf:72 skip_hbase = pytest.mark.skipif(pytest.config.option.skip_hbase,73 reason="--skip_hbase argument specified")74 kudu_not_supported = pytest.mark.skipif(os.environ["KUDU_IS_SUPPORTED"] == "false",75 reason="Kudu is not supported")76 not_s3 = pytest.mark.skipif(not IS_S3, reason="S3 Filesystem needed")77 not_hdfs = pytest.mark.skipif(not IS_HDFS, reason="HDFS Filesystem needed")78 not_ec = pytest.mark.skipif(not IS_EC, reason="Erasure Coding needed")79 no_secondary_fs = pytest.mark.skipif(not SECONDARY_FILESYSTEM,80 reason="Secondary filesystem needed")81class SkipIfIsilon:82 caching = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ISILON, reason="SET CACHED not implemented for Isilon")83 hbase = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ISILON, reason="HBase not tested with Isilon")84 hive = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ISILON, reason="Hive not tested with Isilon")85 hdfs_acls = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ISILON, reason="HDFS acls are not supported on Isilon")86 hdfs_block_size = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ISILON,87 reason="Isilon uses its own block size")88 hdfs_encryption = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ISILON,89 reason="HDFS encryption is not supported with Isilon")90 untriaged = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_ISILON,91 reason="This Isilon issue has yet to be triaged.")92 jira = partial(pytest.mark.skipif, IS_ISILON)93class SkipIfLocal:94 # These ones are skipped due to product limitations.95 caching = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,96 reason="HDFS caching not supported on local file system")97 hdfs_blocks = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,98 reason="Files on local filesystem are not split into blocks")99 hdfs_encryption = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,100 reason="HDFS encryption is not supported on local filesystem")101 hive = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,102 reason="Hive not started when using local file system")103 multiple_impalad = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,104 reason="Multiple impalads are not supported when using local file system")105 parquet_file_size = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,106 reason="Parquet block size incorrectly determined")107 hdfs_fd_caching = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,108 reason="HDFS file handle caching not supported for local non-HDFS files")109 # These ones need test infra work to re-enable.110 hbase = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,111 reason="HBase not started when using local file system")112 hdfs_client = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,113 reason="HDFS not started when using local file system")114 qualified_path = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,115 reason="Tests rely on HDFS qualified paths")116 root_path = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_LOCAL,117 reason="Tests rely on the root directory")118class SkipIfNotHdfsMinicluster:119 # These ones are skipped when not running against a local HDFS mini-cluster.120 plans = pytest.mark.skipif(not IS_HDFS or pytest.config.option.testing_remote_cluster,121 reason="Test assumes plans from local HDFS mini-cluster")122 tuned_for_minicluster = pytest.mark.skipif(123 not IS_HDFS or IS_EC or pytest.config.option.testing_remote_cluster,124 reason="Test is tuned for 3-node HDFS minicluster with no EC")125class SkipIfBuildType:126 not_dev_build = pytest.mark.skipif(not IMPALAD_BUILD.is_dev(),127 reason="Tests depends on debug build startup option.")128class SkipIfEC:129 remote_read = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_EC, reason="EC files are read remotely and "130 "features relying on local read do not work.")131 oom = pytest.mark.skipif(IS_EC, reason="Probably broken by HDFS-13540.")...

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1"""2 test_doctest3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~4 Test the doctest extension.5 :copyright: Copyright 2007-2019 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.6 :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.7"""8import os9from collections import Counter10from docutils import nodes11import pytest12from packaging.specifiers import InvalidSpecifier13from packaging.version import InvalidVersion14from sphinx.ext.doctest import is_allowed_version15cleanup_called = 016@pytest.mark.sphinx('doctest', testroot='ext-doctest')17def test_build(app, status, warning):18 global cleanup_called19 cleanup_called = 020 app.builder.build_all()21 if app.statuscode != 0:22 assert False, 'failures in doctests:' + status.getvalue()23 # in doctest.txt, there are two named groups and the default group,24 # so the cleanup function must be called three times25 assert cleanup_called == 3, 'testcleanup did not get executed enough times'26@pytest.mark.sphinx('dummy', testroot='ext-doctest')27def test_highlight_language_default(app, status, warning):28 doctree = app.env.get_doctree('doctest')30 for node in doctree.traverse(nodes.literal_block):31 assert node['language'] in ('python3', 'pycon3', 'none')32@pytest.mark.sphinx('dummy', testroot='ext-doctest',33 confoverrides={'highlight_language': 'python'})34def test_highlight_language_python2(app, status, warning):35 doctree = app.env.get_doctree('doctest')37 for node in doctree.traverse(nodes.literal_block):38 assert node['language'] in ('python', 'pycon', 'none')39def test_is_allowed_version():40 assert is_allowed_version('<3.4', '3.3') is True41 assert is_allowed_version('<3.4', '3.3') is True42 assert is_allowed_version('<3.2', '3.3') is False43 assert is_allowed_version('<=3.4', '3.3') is True44 assert is_allowed_version('<=3.2', '3.3') is False45 assert is_allowed_version('==3.3', '3.3') is True46 assert is_allowed_version('==3.4', '3.3') is False47 assert is_allowed_version('>=3.2', '3.3') is True48 assert is_allowed_version('>=3.4', '3.3') is False49 assert is_allowed_version('>3.2', '3.3') is True50 assert is_allowed_version('>3.4', '3.3') is False51 assert is_allowed_version('~=3.4', '3.4.5') is True52 assert is_allowed_version('~=3.4', '3.5.0') is True53 # invalid spec54 with pytest.raises(InvalidSpecifier):55 is_allowed_version('&3.4', '3.5')56 # invalid version57 with pytest.raises(InvalidVersion):58 is_allowed_version('>3.4', 'Sphinx')59def cleanup_call():60 global cleanup_called61 cleanup_called += 162recorded_calls = Counter()63@pytest.mark.sphinx('doctest', testroot='ext-doctest-skipif')64def test_skipif(app, status, warning):65 """Tests for the :skipif: option66 The tests are separated into a different test root directory since the67 ``app`` object only evaluates options once in its lifetime. If these tests68 were combined with the other doctest tests, the ``:skipif:`` evaluations69 would be recorded only on the first ``app.builder.build_all()`` run, i.e.70 in ``test_build`` above, and the assertion below would fail.71 """72 global recorded_calls73 recorded_calls = Counter()74 app.builder.build_all()75 if app.statuscode != 0:76 assert False, 'failures in doctests:' + status.getvalue()77 # The `:skipif:` expressions are always run.78 # Actual tests and setup/cleanup code is only run if the `:skipif:`79 # expression evaluates to a False value.80 # Global setup/cleanup are run before/after evaluating the `:skipif:`81 # option in each directive - thus 11 additional invocations for each on top82 # of the ones made for the whole test file.83 assert recorded_calls == {('doctest_global_setup', 'body', True): 13,84 ('testsetup', ':skipif:', True): 1,85 ('testsetup', ':skipif:', False): 1,86 ('testsetup', 'body', False): 1,87 ('doctest', ':skipif:', True): 1,88 ('doctest', ':skipif:', False): 1,89 ('doctest', 'body', False): 1,90 ('testcode', ':skipif:', True): 1,91 ('testcode', ':skipif:', False): 1,92 ('testcode', 'body', False): 1,93 ('testoutput-1', ':skipif:', True): 1,94 ('testoutput-2', ':skipif:', True): 1,95 ('testoutput-2', ':skipif:', False): 1,96 ('testcleanup', ':skipif:', True): 1,97 ('testcleanup', ':skipif:', False): 1,98 ('testcleanup', 'body', False): 1,99 ('doctest_global_cleanup', 'body', True): 13}100def record(directive, part, should_skip):101 global recorded_calls102 recorded_calls[(directive, part, should_skip)] += 1103 return 'Recorded {} {} {}'.format(directive, part, should_skip)104@pytest.mark.sphinx('doctest', testroot='ext-doctest-with-autodoc')105def test_reporting_with_autodoc(app, status, warning, capfd):106 # Patch builder to get a copy of the output107 written = []108 app.builder._warn_out = written.append109 app.builder.build_all()110 lines = '\n'.join(written).replace(os.sep, '/').split('\n')111 failures = [l for l in lines if l.startswith('File')]112 expected = [113 'File "dir/inner.rst", line 1, in default',114 'File "dir/", line ?, in default',115 'File "", line ?, in default',116 'File "index.rst", line 4, in default',117 ]118 for location in expected:...

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