How to use select_tag_expression_parser method in Behave

Best Python code snippet using behave

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1# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
3from behave.tag_expression import (
4    make_tag_expression, select_tag_expression_parser,
5    parse_tag_expression_v1, parse_tag_expression_v2
7from behave.tag_expression.v1 import TagExpression as TagExpressionV1
8from behave.tag_expression.model_ext import Expression as TagExpressionV2
9import pytest
11# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
12# TEST SUITE FOR: make_tag_expression()
13# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
14def test_make_tag_expression__with_v1():
15    pass
17def test_make_tag_expression__with_v2():
18    pass
21# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
22# TEST SUITE FOR: select_tag_expression_parser()
23# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
24@pytest.mark.parametrize("text", [
25    "@foo @bar",
26    "foo bar",
27    "-foo",
28    "~foo",
29    "[email protected]",
30    "[email protected]",
31    "@foo,@bar",
32    "[email protected] [email protected]_implemented",
34def test_select_tag_expression_parser__with_v1(text):
35    parser = select_tag_expression_parser(text)
36    assert parser is parse_tag_expression_v1, "tag_expression: %s" % text
39@pytest.mark.parametrize("text", [
40    "@foo",
41    "foo",
42    "not foo",
43    "foo and bar",
44    "@foo or @bar",
45    "(@foo and @bar) or @baz",
46    "not @xfail or not @not_implemented"
48def test_select_tag_expression_parser__with_v2(text):
49    parser = select_tag_expression_parser(text)
50    assert parser is parse_tag_expression_v2, "tag_expression: %s" % text
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