How to use wsl method of Platform Package

Best Selenium code snippet using Platform.wsl


Source:system_spec.rb Github


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1# frozen_string_literal: true2require 'spec_helper'3describe Webdrivers::System do4 describe '#wsl_v1?' do5 subject { described_class.wsl_v1? }6 before do7 allow(described_class).to receive(:platform).and_return(platform)8 allow(File).to receive(:open).with('/proc/version').and_return( end10 let(:platform) { 'linux' }11 let(:wsl_proc_version_contents) { '' }12 context 'when the current platform is linux and WSL version is 1' do13 let(:wsl_proc_version_contents) do14 'Linux version 4.4.0-18362-Microsoft'\15 '( (gcc version 5.4.0 (GCC) )'\16 '#836-Microsoft Mon May 05 16:04:00 PST 2020'17 end18 it { eq true }19 end20 context 'when the current platform is linux and WSL version is 2' do21 let(:wsl_proc_version_contents) do22 'Linux version 4.19.84-microsoft-standard '\23 '(oe-user@oe-host) (gcc version 8.2.0 (GCC)) '\24 '#1 SMP Wed Nov 13 11:44:37 UTC 2019'25 end26 it { eq false }27 end28 context 'when the current platform is mac' do29 let(:platform) { 'mac' }30 it { eq false }31 end32 end33 describe '#to_win32_path' do34 before { allow(described_class).to receive(:call).and_return("C:\\path\\to\\folder\n") }35 it 'uses wslpath' do36 described_class.to_win32_path '/c/path/to/folder'37 expect(described_class).to have_received(:call).with('wslpath -w \'/c/path/to/folder\'')38 end39 it 'removes the trailing newline' do40 expect(described_class.to_win32_path('/c/path/to/folder')).not_to end_with('\n')41 end42 context 'when the path is already in Windows format' do43 it 'returns early' do44 expect(described_class.to_win32_path('D:\\')).to eq 'D:\\'45 expect(described_class).not_to have_received(:call)46 end47 end48 end49 describe '#to_wsl_path' do50 before { allow(described_class).to receive(:call).and_return("/c/path/to/folder\n") }51 it 'uses wslpath' do52 described_class.to_wsl_path 'C:\\path\\to\\folder'53 expect(described_class).to have_received(:call).with('wslpath -u \'C:\\path\\to\\folder\'')54 end55 it 'removes the trailing newline' do56 expect(described_class.to_wsl_path('/c/path/to/folder')).not_to end_with('\n')57 end58 end59end...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1 puts "Platform is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)"2 puts "Platform is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 1"3 puts "Platform is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2"4 puts "Platform is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 1 or 2"5 puts "Platform is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 1 and 2"6 puts "Platform is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 1 or 2"7 puts "Platform is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 1 and 2"8 puts "Platform is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2 and 3"

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