How to use as_json method of Selenium.WebDriver.Edge Package

Best Selenium code snippet using Selenium.WebDriver.Edge.as_json


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...156 if firefox_options || firefox_profile || firefox_binary157 options = || {})158 options.binary = firefox_binary if firefox_binary159 options.profile = firefox_profile if firefox_profile160 w3c_capabilities.merge!(options.as_json)161 end162 w3c_capabilities163 end164 end165 #166 # @param [Hash] opts167 # @option :browser_name [String] required browser name168 # @option :browser_version [String] required browser version number169 # @option :platform_name [Symbol] one of :any, :win, :mac, or :x170 # @option :accept_insecure_certs [Boolean] does the driver accept insecure SSL certifications?171 # @option :proxy [Selenium::WebDriver::Proxy, Hash] proxy configuration172 #173 # @api public174 #175 def initialize(opts = {})176 @capabilities = opts177 self.proxy = opts.delete(:proxy)178 end179 #180 # Allows setting arbitrary capabilities.181 #182 def []=(key, value)183 @capabilities[key] = value184 end185 def [](key)186 @capabilities[key]187 end188 def merge!(other)189 if other.respond_to?(:capabilities, true) && other.capabilities.is_a?(Hash)190 @capabilities.merge! other.capabilities191 elsif other.is_a? Hash192 @capabilities.merge! other193 else194 raise ArgumentError, 'argument should be a Hash or implement #capabilities'195 end196 end197 def proxy=(proxy)198 case proxy199 when Hash200 @capabilities[:proxy] = when Proxy, nil202 @capabilities[:proxy] = proxy203 else204 raise TypeError, "expected Hash or #{}, got #{proxy.inspect}:#{proxy.class}"205 end206 end207 #208 # @api private209 #210 def as_json(*)211 hash = {}212 @capabilities.each do |key, value|213 case key214 when :platform215 hash['platform'] = value.to_s.upcase216 when :proxy217 if value218 hash['proxy'] = value.as_json219 hash['proxy']['proxyType'] &&= hash['proxy']['proxyType'].downcase220 hash['proxy']['noProxy'] = hash['proxy']['noProxy'].split(', ') if hash['proxy']['noProxy'].is_a?(String)221 end222 when String, :firefox_binary223 hash[key.to_s] = value224 when Symbol225 hash[camel_case(key.to_s)] = value226 else227 raise TypeError, "expected String or Symbol, got #{key.inspect}:#{key.class} / #{value.inspect}"228 end229 end230 hash231 end232 def to_json(*)233 JSON.generate as_json234 end235 def ==(other)236 return false unless other.is_a? self.class237 as_json == other.as_json238 end239 alias_method :eql?, :==240 protected241 attr_reader :capabilities242 private243 def camel_case(str)244 str.gsub(/_([a-z])/) { Regexp.last_match(1).upcase }245 end246 end # Capabilities247 end # W3c248 end # Remote249 end # WebDriver250end # Selenium...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1{2 "capabilities": {3 "proxy": {},4 "timeouts": {5 },6 "goog:chromeOptions": {7 }8 },9}10element = driver.find_element(:name, 'q')11{12}13element = driver.find_element(:name, 'q')14{

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