How to use initialize method of Selenium.WebDriver.Firefox Package

Best Selenium code snippet using Selenium.WebDriver.Firefox.initialize


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2module ActionDispatch3  module SystemTesting4    class Browser # :nodoc:5      attr_reader :name, :options6      def initialize(name)7        @name = name8        set_default_options9      end10      def type11        case name12        when :headless_chrome13          :chrome14        when :headless_firefox15          :firefox16        else17          name18        end19      end20      def configure21        initialize_options22        yield options if block_given? && options23      end24      # driver_path can be configured as a proc. The webdrivers gem uses this25      # proc to update web drivers. Running this proc early allows us to only26      # update the webdriver once and avoid race conditions when using27      # parallel tests.28      def preload29        case type30        when :chrome31          if ::Selenium::WebDriver::Service.respond_to? :driver_path=32            ::Selenium::WebDriver::Chrome::Service.driver_path&.call33          else34            # Selenium <= v3.141.035            ::Selenium::WebDriver::Chrome.driver_path36          end37        when :firefox38          if ::Selenium::WebDriver::Service.respond_to? :driver_path=39            ::Selenium::WebDriver::Firefox::Service.driver_path&.call40          else41            # Selenium <= v3.141.042            ::Selenium::WebDriver::Firefox.driver_path43          end44        end45      end46      private47        def initialize_options48          @options ||=49            case type50            when :chrome51              ::Selenium::WebDriver::Chrome::Options.new52            when :firefox53              ::Selenium::WebDriver::Firefox::Options.new54            end55        end56        def set_default_options57          case name58          when :headless_chrome59            set_headless_chrome_browser_options60          when :headless_firefox61            set_headless_firefox_browser_options...

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1driver.find_element(:name, 'q').send_keys "Hello World!"2driver.find_element(:name, 'btnG').click3driver.find_element(:name, 'q').send_keys "Hello World!"4driver.find_element(:name, 'btnG').click5driver.find_element(:name, 'q').send_keys "Hello World!"6driver.find_element(:name, 'btnG').click7driver.find_element(:name, 'q').send_keys "Hello World!"8driver.find_element(:name, 'btnG').click9driver.find_element(:name, 'q').send_keys "Hello World!"10driver.find_element(:name, 'btnG').click11driver.find_element(:name, 'q').send_keys "Hello World!"12driver.find_element(:name, 'btnG').click

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