How to use update_user_prefs_in method of Selenium.WebDriver.Firefox Package

Best Selenium code snippet using Selenium.WebDriver.Firefox.update_user_prefs_in


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...62 FileReaper << profile_dir63 install_extensions(profile_dir)64 delete_lock_files(profile_dir)65 delete_extensions_cache(profile_dir)66 update_user_prefs_in(profile_dir)67 profile_dir68 end69 #70 # Set a preference for this particular profile.71 #72 # @see # @see #75 def []=(key, value)76 unless VALID_PREFERENCE_TYPES.any? { |e| value.kind_of? e }77 raise TypeError, "expected one of #{VALID_PREFERENCE_TYPES.inspect}, got #{value.inspect}:#{value.class}"78 end79 if value.kind_of?(String) && Util.stringified?(value)80 raise ArgumentError, "preference values must be plain strings: #{key.inspect} => #{value.inspect}"81 end82 @additional_prefs[key.to_s] = value83 end84 def port=(port)85 self[WEBDRIVER_PREFS[:port]] = port86 end87 def log_file=(file)88 @log_file = file89 self[WEBDRIVER_PREFS[:log_file]] = file90 end91 def add_webdriver_extension92 unless @extensions.has_key?(:webdriver)93 add_extension(WEBDRIVER_EXTENSION_PATH, :webdriver)94 end95 end96 #97 # Add the extension (directory, .zip or .xpi) at the given path to the profile.98 #99 def add_extension(path, name = extension_name_for(path))100 @extensions[name] = end102 def native_events?103 @native_events == true104 end105 def load_no_focus_lib?106 @load_no_focus_lib == true107 end108 def secure_ssl?109 @secure_ssl == true110 end111 def assume_untrusted_certificate_issuer?112 @untrusted_issuer == true113 end114 def assume_untrusted_certificate_issuer=(bool)115 @untrusted_issuer = bool116 end117 def proxy=(proxy)118 unless proxy.kind_of? Proxy119 raise TypeError, "expected #{}, got #{proxy.inspect}:#{proxy.class}"120 end121 case proxy.type122 when :manual123 self['network.proxy.type'] = 1124 set_manual_proxy_preference "ftp", proxy.ftp125 set_manual_proxy_preference "http", proxy.http126 set_manual_proxy_preference "ssl", proxy.ssl127 if proxy.no_proxy128 self["network.proxy.no_proxies_on"] = proxy.no_proxy129 else130 self["network.proxy.no_proxies_on"] = ""131 end132 when :pac133 self['network.proxy.type'] = 2134 self['network.proxy.autoconfig_url'] = proxy.pac135 when :auto_detect136 self['network.proxy.type'] = 4137 else138 raise ArgumentError, "unsupported proxy type #{proxy.type}"139 end140 proxy141 end142 private143 def set_manual_proxy_preference(key, value)144 return unless value145 host, port = value.to_s.split(":", 2)146 self["network.proxy.#{key}"] = host147 self["network.proxy.#{key}_port"] = Integer(port) if port148 end149 def install_extensions(directory)150 destination = File.join(directory, "extensions")151 @extensions.each do |name, extension|152 p :extension => name if $DEBUG153 extension.write_to(destination)154 end155 end156 def read_model_prefs157 return {} unless @model158 read_user_prefs(File.join(@model, 'user.js'))159 end160 def delete_extensions_cache(directory)161 FileUtils.rm_f File.join(directory, "extensions.cache")162 end163 def delete_lock_files(directory)164 %w[.parentlock parent.lock].each do |name|165 FileUtils.rm_f File.join(directory, name)166 end167 end168 def extension_name_for(path)169 File.basename(path, File.extname(path))170 end171 def update_user_prefs_in(directory)172 path = File.join(directory, 'user.js')173 prefs = read_user_prefs(path)174 prefs.merge! self.class.default_preferences.fetch 'mutable'175 prefs.merge! @additional_prefs176 prefs.merge! self.class.default_preferences.fetch 'frozen'177 prefs[WEBDRIVER_PREFS[:untrusted_certs]] = !secure_ssl?178 prefs[WEBDRIVER_PREFS[:native_events]] = native_events?179 prefs[WEBDRIVER_PREFS[:untrusted_issuer]] = assume_untrusted_certificate_issuer?180 # If the user sets the home page, we should also start up there181 prefs["startup.homepage_welcome_url"] = prefs["browser.startup.homepage"]182 write_prefs prefs, path183 end184 def read_user_prefs(path)185 prefs = {}...

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1driver.find_element(:link_text, "Download").click2driver.find_element(:link_text, "Download").click3driver.find_element(:link_text, "Download").click

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