How to use create_tasks method of SeleniumRake Package

Best Selenium code snippet using SeleniumRake.create_tasks


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...8586# Finally, find every file named "build.desc" in the project, and generate87# rake tasks from them. These tasks are normal rake tasks, and can be invoked88# from rake.89crazy_fun.create_tasks(Dir['common/**/build.desc'])90crazy_fun.create_tasks(Dir['rb/**/build.desc'])9192#  If it looks like a bazel target, build it with bazel93rule /\/\/.*/ do |task|94 task.out = Bazel.execute('build', %w[--workspace_status_command scripts/], Spoof tasks to get CI working with bazel98task '//java/client/test/org/openqa/selenium/environment/webserver:webserver:uber' => [99 '//java/client/test/org/openqa/selenium/environment:webserver'100]101102# Java targets required for release. These should all be java_export targets.103# Generated from: bazel query 'kind(maven_publish, set(//java/... //third_party/...))'104JAVA_RELEASE_TARGETS = %w[ ...

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...21 return src if File.exist? src22 end23 nil24 end25 def create_tasks(files)26 files.each do |f|27 puts "Parsing #{f}" if $DEBUG28 outputs = outputs.each do |type|30 crash_if_no_mapping_key(type)31 mappings = @mappings[]32 mappings.each do |mapping|33 mapping.handle(self, File.dirname(f), type.args)34 end35 end36 end37 end38 private39 def detonating_handler...

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