How to use index method of ApiTaster Package

Best Api_taster_ruby code snippet using ApiTaster.index


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1Bookyt::Application.routes.draw do2 # Root3 root :to => "overview#index"4 # I18n5 filter 'locale'6 # Tenancy7 devise_for :admin_users8 namespace :admin do9 match '/' => redirect('/admin/tenants')10 resources :tenants11 end12 get "setup" => "setup#tenant"13 scope 'setup' do14 get "accounting" => "setup#accounting"15 put "accounting" => "setup#accounting"16 get "select_template" => "setup#select_template"17 post "load_template" => "setup#load_template"18 end19 # static pages20 get 'imprint' => 'static_pages#imprint'21 # Authorization22 devise_for :users, :controllers => { :omniauth_callbacks => "omniauth_callbacks" }23 resources :users24 # API25 namespace :api, :defaults => { :format => :json } do26 api_version :module => 'V1', :path => {:value => 'v1'} do27 resources :accounts28 end29 end30 mount ApiTaster::Engine => "/api_taster"31 # Search32 get "search" => "search#search"33 # Accounting34 resources :account_types35 resources :banks36 resources :tenants, only: [:show, :update] do37 member do38 get :balance_sheet, :profit_sheet39 end40 resources :attachments41 resources :backups do42 collection do43 post :dump44 end45 member do46 post :restore47 end48 end49 end50 resources :companies do51 resources :attachments52 member do53 get :new_phone_number54 end55 collection do56 get :new_phone_number57 end58 end59 # Attachments60 resources :attachments do61 member do62 get :download63 end64 end65 # Contacts66 resources :people do67 resources :attachments68 member do69 get :new_phone_number70 end71 collection do72 get :new_phone_number73 end74 end75 resources :employees do76 resources :attachments77 member do78 get :new_phone_number79 end80 collection do81 get :new_phone_number82 end83 end84 resources :employments85 resources :banks do86 resources :attachments87 member do88 get :new_phone_number89 end90 collection do91 get :new_phone_number92 end93 end94 # Invoices95 resources :invoices do96 resources :simple_bookings97 resources :attachments98 member do99 get :copy100 end101 end102 resources :credit_invoices do103 member do104 get :copy105 end106 resources :attachments107 member do108 get :new_line_item109 end110 collection do111 get :new_line_item112 get :new_company113 end114 end115 resources :debit_invoices do116 member do117 get :letter118 get :copy119 end120 resources :attachments121 member do122 get :new_line_item123 end124 collection do125 get :new_line_item126 get :new_customer127 end128 end129 resources :customers do130 resources :invoices131 resources :attachments132 member do133 get :new_phone_number134 end135 collection do136 get :new_phone_number137 end138 end139 # Expenses140 get "expenses/new" => "expenses#new", :as => :new_expense141 get "expenses/new_vat" => "expenses#new_vat", :as => :new_vat_expense142 post "expenses" => "expenses#create", :as => :create_expense143 resources :bookings_batch_edit, :only => [:index, :update]144 resources :direct_bookings145 resources :accounts do146 member do147 get :csv_bookings148 end149 resources :bookings150 resources :attachments151 end152 resources :bank_accounts do153 member do154 get :csv_bookings155 end156 resources :bookings157 resources :attachments...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1 response_body, resource_name.pluralize, 10)2 def initialize(status, resource_name, count = 1)3 {resource_name => generate_resources}4 (1..count).map do |i|5 resource =

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