How to use after method of KnockOutput Package

Best Bacon_ruby code snippet using KnockOutput.after


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...232 end233 end234 class Specification235 attr_reader :description236 def initialize(context, description, block, before_filters, after_filters)237 @context = context238 @description = description239 @block = block240 @before_filters = before_filters.dup241 @after_filters = after_filters.dup242 @postponed_blocks_count = 0243 @ran_spec_block = false244 @ran_after_filters = false245 @exception_occurred = false246 @error = ""247 end248 def postponed?249 @postponed_blocks_count != 0250 end251 def run_before_filters252 execute_block { @before_filters.each { |f| @context.instance_eval(&f) } }253 end254 def run_spec_block255 @ran_spec_block = true256 # If an exception occurred, we definitely don't need to perform the actual spec anymore257 unless @exception_occurred258 execute_block { @context.instance_eval(&@block) }259 end260 finish_spec unless postponed?261 end262 def run_after_filters263 @ran_after_filters = true264 execute_block { @after_filters.each { |f| @context.instance_eval(&f) } }265 end266 def run267 Bacon.handle_requirement_begin(@description)268 Counter[:depth] += 1269 run_before_filters270 @number_of_requirements_before = Counter[:requirements]271 run_spec_block unless postponed?272 end273 def schedule_block(seconds, &block)274 # If an exception occurred, we definitely don't need to schedule any more blocks275 unless @exception_occurred276 @postponed_blocks_count += 1277 unless performSelector("run_postponed_block:", withObject:block, afterDelay:seconds)279 else280 sleep seconds281 run_postponed_block(block)282 end283 end284 end285 def postpone_block(timeout = 1, &block)286 # If an exception occurred, we definitely don't need to schedule any more blocks287 unless @exception_occurred288 if @postponed_block289 raise "Only one indefinite `wait' block at the same time is allowed!"290 else291 @postponed_blocks_count += 1292 @postponed_block = block293 unless performSelector("postponed_block_timeout_exceeded", withObject:nil, afterDelay:timeout)295 else296 sleep timeout297 postponed_block_timeout_exceeded298 end299 end300 end301 end302 def postpone_block_until_change(object_to_observe, key_path, timeout = 1, &block)303 # If an exception occurred, we definitely don't need to schedule any more blocks304 unless @exception_occurred305 if @postponed_block306 raise "Only one indefinite `wait' block at the same time is allowed!"307 else308 @postponed_blocks_count += 1309 @postponed_block = block310 @observed_object_and_key_path = [object_to_observe, key_path]311 object_to_observe.addObserver(self, forKeyPath:key_path, options:0, context:nil)312 unless performSelector("postponed_change_block_timeout_exceeded", withObject:nil, afterDelay:timeout)314 else315 sleep timeout316 postponed_change_block_timeout_exceeded317 end318 end319 end320 end321 def observeValueForKeyPath(key_path, ofObject:object, change:_, context:__)322 resume323 end324 def postponed_change_block_timeout_exceeded325 remove_observer!326 postponed_block_timeout_exceeded327 end328 def remove_observer!329 if @observed_object_and_key_path330 object, key_path = @observed_object_and_key_path331 object.removeObserver(self, forKeyPath:key_path)332 @observed_object_and_key_path = nil333 end334 end335 def postponed_block_timeout_exceeded336 cancel_scheduled_requests!337 execute_block { raise, "timeout exceeded: #{} - #{@description}") }338 @postponed_blocks_count = 0339 finish_spec340 end341 def resume342 unless NSObject.cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget(self, selector:'postponed_block_timeout_exceeded', object:nil)344 NSObject.cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget(self, selector:'postponed_change_block_timeout_exceeded', object:nil)345 end346 remove_observer!347 block = @postponed_block348 @postponed_block = nil349 run_postponed_block(block)350 end351 def run_postponed_block(block)352 # If an exception occurred, we definitely don't need execute any more blocks353 execute_block(&block) unless @exception_occurred354 @postponed_blocks_count -= 1355 unless postponed?356 if @ran_after_filters357 exit_spec358 elsif @ran_spec_block359 finish_spec360 else361 run_spec_block362 end363 end364 end365 def finish_spec366 if !@exception_occurred && Counter[:requirements] == @number_of_requirements_before367 # the specification did not contain any requirements, so it flunked368 execute_block { raise, "empty specification: #{} #{@description}") }369 end370 run_after_filters371 exit_spec unless postponed?372 end373 def cancel_scheduled_requests!374 unless NSObject.cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget(@context)376 NSObject.cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget(self)377 end378 end379 def exit_spec380 cancel_scheduled_requests!381 Counter[:depth] -= 1382 Bacon.handle_requirement_end(@error)383 @context.specification_did_finish(self)384 end385 def execute_block386 begin387 yield388 rescue Object => e389 @exception_occurred = true390 if e.is_a?(Exception)391 ErrorLog << "#{e.class}: #{e.message}\n"392 lines = $DEBUG ? e.backtrace : e.backtrace.find_all { |line| line !~ /bin\/macbacon|\/mac_bacon\.rb:\d+/ }393 lines.each_with_index { |line, i|394 ErrorLog << "\t#{line}#{i==0 ? ": #{} - #{@description}" : ""}\n"395 }396 ErrorLog << "\n"397 else398 unless # Pure NSException.400 ErrorLog << "#{}: #{e.reason}\n"401 else402 # Pure Java exception.403 ErrorLog << "#{e.class.toString} : #{e.getMessage}"404 end405 end406 @error = if e.is_a? Error407 Counter[e.count_as] += 1408 "#{e.count_as.to_s.upcase} - #{e}"409 else410 Counter[:errors] += 1411 "ERROR: #{e.class} - #{e}"412 end413 end414 end415 end416 class Platform417 def defined?(NSObject) ? false : true419 end420 end421 def self.add_context(context)422 (@contexts ||= []) << context423 end424 def self.current_context_index425 @current_context_index ||= 0426 end427 def self.current_context428 @contexts[current_context_index]429 end430 def unless respond_to?(:handle_specification_begin)432 extend(Outputs[ENV['output']] || SpecDoxOutput)433 end434 @timer ||= Time.now435 unless Counter[:context_depth] += 1437 handle_specification_begin( current_context.performSelector("run", withObject:nil, afterDelay:0)439 else440 @main_activity ||= arg441 @contexts.each do |context|442 Counter[:context_depth] += 1443 handle_specification_begin( context.run445 handle_specification_end446 Counter[:context_depth] -= 1447 end448 handle_summary449 end450 end451 # Android-only.452 def self.main_activity453 @main_activity454 end455 def self.context_did_finish(context)456 unless handle_specification_end458 Counter[:context_depth] -= 1459 if (@current_context_index + 1) < @contexts.size460 @current_context_index += 1461 run462 else463 # DONE464 handle_summary465 unless exit(Counter.values_at(:failed, :errors).inject(:+))467 else468 # In Android there is no need to exit as we terminate the activity right after Bacon.469 end470 end471 end472 end473 class Context474 attr_reader :name, :block475 def initialize(name, before = nil, after = nil, &block)476 @name = name477 @before = (before ? before.dup : [])478 @after = (after ? after.dup : [])479 @block = block480 @specifications = []481 @current_specification_index = 0482 Bacon.add_context(self)483 instance_eval(&block)484 end485 def run486 # TODO487 #return unless name =~ RestrictContext488 unless if spec = current_specification490 spec.performSelector("run", withObject:nil, afterDelay:0)491 else492 Bacon.context_did_finish(self)493 end494 else495 @specifications.each do |spec|496 spec.run497 end498 Bacon.context_did_finish(self)499 end500 end501 def current_specification502 @specifications[@current_specification_index]503 end504 def specification_did_finish(spec)505 unless if (@current_specification_index + 1) < @specifications.size507 @current_specification_index += 1508 run509 else510 Bacon.context_did_finish(self)511 end512 end513 end514 def before(&block); @before << block; end515 def after(&block); @after << block; end516 def behaves_like(*names)517 names.each { |name| instance_eval(&Shared[name]) }518 end519 def it(description, &block)520 return unless description =~ RestrictName521 block ||= proc { should.flunk "not implemented" }522 Counter[:specifications] += 1523 @specifications <<, description, block, @before, @after)524 end525 def should(*args, &block)526 if Counter[:depth]==0527 it('should '+args.first, &block)528 else529 super(*args, &block)530 end531 end532 def describe(*args, &block)533 context =' '), @before, @after, &block)534 # FIXME: fix RM-879 and RM-806535 unless (parent_context = self).methods(false).each { |e|537 class<<context; self end.send(:define_method, e) { |*args| parent_context.send(e, *args) }538 }539 end540 context541 end542 def wait(seconds = nil, &block)543 if seconds544 current_specification.schedule_block(seconds, &block)545 else546 current_specification.postpone_block(&block)547 end...

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...107 attr_reader :name, :block108 109 def initialize(name, &block)110 @name = name111 @before, @after = [], []112 @block = block113 end114 115 def run116 return unless name =~ RestrictContext117 Bacon.handle_specification(name) { instance_eval(&block) }118 self119 end120 def before(&block); @before << block; end121 def after(&block); @after << block; end122 def behaves_like(*names)123 names.each { |name| instance_eval(&Shared[name]) }124 end125 def it(description, &block)126 return unless description =~ RestrictName127 block ||= lambda { should.flunk "not implemented" }128 Counter[:specifications] += 1129 run_requirement description, block130 end131 132 def should(*args, &block)133 if Counter[:depth]==0134 it('should '+args.first,&block)135 else136 super(*args,&block)137 end138 end139 def run_requirement(description, spec)140 Bacon.handle_requirement description do141 begin142 Counter[:depth] += 1143 rescued = false144 begin145 @before.each { |block| instance_eval(&block) }146 prev_req = Counter[:requirements]147 instance_eval(&spec)148 rescue Object => e149 rescued = true150 raise e151 ensure152 if Counter[:requirements] == prev_req and not rescued153 raise,154 "empty specification: #{@name} #{description}")155 end156 begin157 @after.each { |block| instance_eval(&block) }158 rescue Object => e159 raise e unless rescued160 end161 end162 rescue => e163 ErrorLog << "#{e.class}: #{e.message}\n"164 if e.backtrace165 e.backtrace.find_all do |line| 166 line !~ /bin\/bacon|\/bacon\.rb:\d+/ 167 end.each_with_index do |line, i|168 ErrorLog << "\t#{line}#{i==0 ? ": #@name - #{description}" : ""}\n"169 end170 end171 ErrorLog << "\n"172 if e.kind_of? Error173 Counter[e.count_as] += 1174 e.count_as.to_s.upcase175 else176 Counter[:errors] += 1177 "ERROR: #{e.class}"178 end179 else180 ""181 ensure182 Counter[:depth] -= 1183 end184 end185 end186 def describe(*args, &block)187 context =' '), &block)188 @before.each { |b| context.before(&b) }189 @after.each { |b| context.after(&b) }190 context.run191 end192 def raise?(*args, &block); block.raise?(*args); end193 def throw?(*args, &block); block.throw?(*args); end194 def change?(*args, &block); block.change?(*args); end195 end196end197class Object198 def true?; false; end199 def false?; false; end200end201class TrueClass202 def true?; true; end203end...

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