How to use not method of KnockOutput Package

Best Bacon_ruby code snippet using KnockOutput.not


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...69 error = yield70 if error.empty?71 puts "ok %-3d - %s" % [Counter[:specifications], description]72 else73 puts "not ok %d - %s: %s" %74 [Counter[:specifications], description, error]75 puts ErrorLog.strip.gsub(/^/, '# ') if Backtraces76 end77 end78 def handle_summary79 puts "1..#{Counter[:specifications]}"80 puts "# %d tests, %d assertions, %d failures, %d errors" %81 Counter.values_at(:specifications, :requirements, :failed, :errors)82 end83 end84 module KnockOutput85 def handle_specification(name) yield end86 def handle_requirement(description)87 ErrorLog.replace ""88 error = yield89 if error.empty?90 puts "ok - %s" % [description]91 else92 puts "not ok - %s: %s" % [description, error]93 puts ErrorLog.strip.gsub(/^/, '# ') if Backtraces94 end95 end96 def handle_summary; end97 end98 extend SpecDoxOutput # default99 class Error < RuntimeError100 attr_accessor :count_as101 def initialize(count_as, message)102 @count_as = count_as103 super message104 end105 end106 class Context107 attr_reader :name, :block108 109 def initialize(name, &block)110 @name = name111 @before, @after = [], []112 @block = block113 end114 115 def run116 return unless name =~ RestrictContext117 Bacon.handle_specification(name) { instance_eval(&block) }118 self119 end120 def before(&block); @before << block; end121 def after(&block); @after << block; end122 def behaves_like(*names)123 names.each { |name| instance_eval(&Shared[name]) }124 end125 def it(description, &block)126 return unless description =~ RestrictName127 block ||= lambda { should.flunk "not implemented" }128 Counter[:specifications] += 1129 run_requirement description, block130 end131 132 def should(*args, &block)133 if Counter[:depth]==0134 it('should '+args.first,&block)135 else136 super(*args,&block)137 end138 end139 def run_requirement(description, spec)140 Bacon.handle_requirement description do141 begin142 Counter[:depth] += 1143 rescued = false144 begin145 @before.each { |block| instance_eval(&block) }146 prev_req = Counter[:requirements]147 instance_eval(&spec)148 rescue Object => e149 rescued = true150 raise e151 ensure152 if Counter[:requirements] == prev_req and not rescued153 raise,154 "empty specification: #{@name} #{description}")155 end156 begin157 @after.each { |block| instance_eval(&block) }158 rescue Object => e159 raise e unless rescued160 end161 end162 rescue => e163 ErrorLog << "#{e.class}: #{e.message}\n"164 if e.backtrace165 e.backtrace.find_all do |line| 166 line !~ /bin\/bacon|\/bacon\.rb:\d+/ 167 end.each_with_index do |line, i|168 ErrorLog << "\t#{line}#{i==0 ? ": #@name - #{description}" : ""}\n"169 end170 end171 ErrorLog << "\n"172 if e.kind_of? Error173 Counter[e.count_as] += 1174 e.count_as.to_s.upcase175 else176 Counter[:errors] += 1177 "ERROR: #{e.class}"178 end179 else180 ""181 ensure182 Counter[:depth] -= 1183 end184 end185 end186 def describe(*args, &block)187 context =' '), &block)188 @before.each { |b| context.before(&b) }189 @after.each { |b| context.after(&b) }190 context.run191 end192 def raise?(*args, &block); block.raise?(*args); end193 def throw?(*args, &block); block.throw?(*args); end194 def change?(*args, &block); block.change?(*args); end195 end196end197class Object198 def true?; false; end199 def false?; false; end200end201class TrueClass202 def true?; true; end203end204class FalseClass205 def false?; true; end206end207class Proc208 def raise?(*exceptions)209 exceptions = [RuntimeError] if exceptions.empty?210 call211 # Only to work in 1.9.0, rescue with splat doesn't work there right now212 rescue Object => e213 case e214 when *exceptions215 e216 else217 raise e218 end219 else220 false221 end222 def throw?(sym)223 catch(sym) {224 call225 return false226 }227 return true228 end229 def change?230 pre_result = yield231 called = call232 post_result = yield233 pre_result != post_result234 end235end236class Numeric237 def close?(to, delta)238 (to.to_f - self).abs <= delta.to_f rescue false239 end240end241class Object242 def should(*args, &block)*args, &block) end243end244module Kernel245 private246 def describe(*args, &block)' '), &block).run end247 def shared(name, &block) Bacon::Shared[name] = block end248end249class Should250 # Kills ==, ===, =~, eql?, equal?, frozen?, instance_of?, is_a?,251 # kind_of?, nil?, respond_to?, tainted?252 instance_methods.each { |name| undef_method name if name =~ /\?|^\W+$/ }253 def initialize(object)254 @object = object255 @negated = false256 end257 def not(*args, &block)258 @negated = !@negated259 if args.empty?260 self261 else262 be(*args, &block)263 end264 end265 def be(*args, &block)266 if args.empty?267 self268 else269 block = args.shift unless block_given?270 satisfy(*args, &block)271 end272 end273 alias a be274 alias an be275 def satisfy(*args, &block)276 if args.size == 1 && String === args.first277 description = args.shift278 else279 description = ""280 end281 r = yield(@object, *args)282 if Bacon::Counter[:depth] > 0283 Bacon::Counter[:requirements] += 1284 raise, description) unless @negated ^ r285 end286 @negated ^ r ? r : false287 end288 def method_missing(name, *args, &block)289 name = "#{name}?" if name.to_s =~ /\w[^?]\z/290 desc = @negated ? "not " : ""291 desc << @object.inspect << "." << name.to_s292 desc << "(" <<{|x|x.inspect}.join(", ") << ") failed"293 satisfy(desc) { |x| x.__send__(name, *args, &block) }294 end295 def equal(value) self == value end296 def match(value) self =~ value end297 def identical_to(value) self.equal? value end298 alias same_as identical_to299 def flunk(reason="Flunked")300 raise, reason)301 end302end...

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