How to use timer method of Helpers Package

Best Capybara code snippet using Helpers.timer


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...54 bot.user_list.find_ensured(user)55 end56 end57 # @example Used as a class method in a plugin58 # timer 5, method: :some_method59 # def some_method60 # Channel("#cinch-bots").send( # end62 #63 # @example Used as an instance method in a plugin64 # match "start timer"65 # def execute(m)66 # Timer(5) { puts "timer fired" }67 # end68 #69 # @example Used as an instance method in a traditional `on` handler70 # on :message, "start timer" do71 # Timer(5) { puts "timer fired" }72 # end73 #74 # @param [Numeric] interval Interval in seconds75 # @param [Proc] block A proc to execute76 # @option options [Symbol] :method (:timer) Method to call (only77 # if no proc is provided)78 # @option options [Boolean] :threaded (true) Call method in a79 # thread?80 # @option options [Integer] :shots (Float::INFINITY) How often81 # should the timer fire?82 # @option options [Boolean] :start_automatically (true) If true,83 # the timer will automatically start after the bot finished84 # connecting.85 # @option options [Boolean] :stop_automaticall (true) If true, the86 # timer will automatically stop when the bot disconnects.87 # @return [Timer]88 # @since 2.0.089 def Timer(interval, options = {}, &block)90 options = {:method => :timer, :threaded => true, :interval => interval}.merge(options)91 block ||= self.method(options[:method])92 timer =, options, &block)93 timer.start94 if self.respond_to?(:timers)95 timers << timer96 end97 timer98 end99 # @endgroup100 # @group Logging101 # Use this method to automatically log exceptions to the loggers.102 #103 # @example104 # def my_method105 # rescue_exception do106 # something_that_might_raise()107 # end108 # end109 #110 # @return [void]111 # @since 2.0.0...

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Source:test_plugin_helper.rb Github


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...13 class FluentTest::PluginTest3 < Fluent::Plugin::TestBase14 helpers :event_loop15 end16 class FluentTest::PluginTest4 < Fluent::Plugin::TestBase17 helpers :timer18 end19 class FluentTest::PluginTest5 < Fluent::Plugin::TestBase20 helpers :child_process21 end22 class FluentTest::PluginTest6 < Fluent::Plugin::TestBase23 helpers :retry_state24 end25 class FluentTest::PluginTest0 < Fluent::Plugin::TestBase26 helpers :event_emitter, :thread, :event_loop, :timer, :child_process, :retry_state27 end28 test 'plugin can include helper event_emitter' do29 assert FluentTest::PluginTest1.include?(Fluent::PluginHelper::EventEmitter)30 p1 = FluentTest::PluginTest1.new31 assert p1.respond_to?(:has_router?)32 assert p1.has_router?33 end34 test 'plugin can include helper thread' do35 assert FluentTest::PluginTest2.include?(Fluent::PluginHelper::Thread)36 p2 = FluentTest::PluginTest2.new37 assert p2.respond_to?(:thread_current_running?)38 assert p2.respond_to?(:thread_create)39 end40 test 'plugin can include helper event_loop' do41 assert FluentTest::PluginTest3.include?(Fluent::PluginHelper::EventLoop)42 p3 = FluentTest::PluginTest3.new43 assert p3.respond_to?(:event_loop_attach)44 assert p3.respond_to?(:event_loop_running?)45 end46 test 'plugin can include helper timer' do47 assert FluentTest::PluginTest4.include?(Fluent::PluginHelper::Timer)48 p4 = FluentTest::PluginTest4.new49 assert p4.respond_to?(:timer_execute)50 end51 test 'plugin can include helper child_process' do52 assert FluentTest::PluginTest5.include?(Fluent::PluginHelper::ChildProcess)53 p5 = FluentTest::PluginTest5.new54 assert p5.respond_to?(:child_process_execute)55 end56 test 'plugin can 2 or more helpers at once' do57 assert FluentTest::PluginTest0.include?(Fluent::PluginHelper::EventEmitter)58 assert FluentTest::PluginTest0.include?(Fluent::PluginHelper::Thread)59 assert FluentTest::PluginTest0.include?(Fluent::PluginHelper::EventLoop)60 assert FluentTest::PluginTest0.include?(Fluent::PluginHelper::Timer)61 assert FluentTest::PluginTest0.include?(Fluent::PluginHelper::ChildProcess)62 p0 = FluentTest::PluginTest0.new63 assert p0.respond_to?(:child_process_execute)64 assert p0.respond_to?(:timer_execute)65 assert p0.respond_to?(:event_loop_attach)66 assert p0.respond_to?(:event_loop_running?)67 assert p0.respond_to?(:thread_current_running?)68 assert p0.respond_to?(:thread_create)69 assert p0.respond_to?(:has_router?)70 end71 end72end...

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