How to use stalled method of Helpers Package

Best Capybara code snippet using Helpers.stalled


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...75 # transition all => :idling # Transitions to :idling regardless of the current state76 # transition all - [:idling, :first_gear] => :idling # Transitions every state but :idling and :first_gear to :idling77 # transition nil => :idling # Transitions to :idling from the nil state78 # transition :parked => :idling # Transitions to :idling if :parked79 # transition [:parked, :stalled] => :idling # Transitions to :idling if :parked or :stalled80 # 81 # transition :parked => same # Loops :parked back to :parked82 # transition [:parked, :stalled] => same # Loops either :parked or :stalled back to the same state83 # transition all - :parked => same # Loops every state but :parked back to the same state84 # 85 # == Verbose transitions86 # 87 # Transitions can also be defined use an explicit set of deprecated88 # configuration options:89 # * <tt>:from</tt> - A state or array of states that can be transitioned from.90 # If not specified, then the transition can occur for *any* state.91 # * <tt>:to</tt> - The state that's being transitioned to. If not specified,92 # then the transition will simply loop back (i.e. the state will not change).93 # * <tt>:except_from</tt> - A state or array of states that *cannot* be94 # transitioned from.95 # 96 # Examples:97 # 98 # transition :to => nil99 # transition :to => :idling100 # transition :except_from => [:idling, :first_gear], :to => :idling101 # transition :from => nil, :to => :idling102 # transition :from => [:parked, :stalled], :to => :idling103 # 104 # transition :from => :parked105 # transition :from => [:parked, :stalled]106 # transition :except_from => :parked107 # 108 # Notice that the above examples are the verbose equivalent of the examples109 # described initially.110 # 111 # == Conditions112 # 113 # In addition to the state requirements for each transition, a condition114 # can also be defined to help determine whether that transition is115 # available. These options will work on both the normal and verbose syntax.116 # 117 # Configuration options:118 # * <tt>:if</tt> - A method, proc or string to call to determine if the119 # transition should occur (e.g. :if => :moving?, or :if => lambda {|vehicle| vehicle.speed > 60})....

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...87 @start = current88 @expire_in = expire_in89 end90 def expired?91 if stalled?92 raise Capybara::FrozenInTime, 'Time appears to be frozen. Capybara does not work with libraries which freeze time, consider using time travelling instead'93 end94 current - @start >= @expire_in95 end96 def stalled?97 @start == current98 end99 private100 def current101 Capybara::Helpers.monotonic_time102 end103 end104 end105end...

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