How to use lint method of FactoryBot Package

Best Factory_bot_ruby code snippet using FactoryBot.lint


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...41require 'factory_bot/decorator/class_key_hash'42require 'factory_bot/decorator/disallows_duplicates_registry'43require 'factory_bot/decorator/invocation_tracker'44require 'factory_bot/decorator/new_constructor'45require 'factory_bot/linter'46require 'factory_bot/version'47module FactoryBot48 def self.configuration49 @configuration ||= Configuration.new50 end51 def self.reset_configuration52 @configuration = nil53 end54 # Look for errors in factories and (optionally) their traits.55 # Parameters:56 # factories - which factories to lint; omit for all factories57 # options:58 # traits: true - to lint traits as well as factories59 # strategy: :create - to specify the strategy for linting60 def self.lint(*args)61 options = args.extract_options!62 factories_to_lint = args[0] || FactoryBot.factories63 linting_strategy = options[:traits] ? :factory_and_traits : :factory64 factory_strategy = options[:strategy] || :create65, linting_strategy, factory_strategy).lint!66 end67 class << self68 delegate :factories,69 :sequences,70 :traits,71 :callbacks,72 :strategies,73 :callback_names,74 :to_create,75 :skip_create,76 :initialize_with,77 :constructor,78 :duplicate_attribute_assignment_from_initialize_with,79 :duplicate_attribute_assignment_from_initialize_with=,...

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Source:lint_spec.rb Github


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1describe "FactoryBot.lint" do2 it "raises when a factory is invalid" do3 define_model "User", name: :string do4 validates :name, presence: true5 end6 define_model "AlwaysValid"7 FactoryBot.define do8 factory :user do9 factory :admin_user10 end11 factory :always_valid12 end13 error_message = <<~ERROR_MESSAGE.strip14 The following factories are invalid:15 * user - Validation failed: Name can't be blank (ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid)16 * admin_user - Validation failed: Name can't be blank (ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid)17 ERROR_MESSAGE18 expect {19 FactoryBot.lint20 }.to raise_error FactoryBot::InvalidFactoryError, error_message21 end22 it "does not raise when all factories are valid" do23 define_model "User", name: :string do24 validates :name, presence: true25 end26 FactoryBot.define do27 factory :user do28 name { "assigned" }29 end30 end31 expect { FactoryBot.lint }.not_to raise_error32 end33 it "allows for selective linting" do34 define_model "InvalidThing", name: :string do35 validates :name, presence: true36 end37 define_model "ValidThing", name: :string38 FactoryBot.define do39 factory :valid_thing40 factory :invalid_thing41 end42 expect {43 only_valid_factories = FactoryBot.factories.reject { |factory|44 =~ /invalid/45 }46 FactoryBot.lint only_valid_factories47 }.not_to raise_error48 end49 describe "trait validation" do50 context "enabled" do51 it "raises if a trait produces an invalid object" do52 define_model "User", name: :string do53 validates :name, presence: true54 end55 FactoryBot.define do56 factory :user do57 name { "Yep" }58 trait :unnamed do59 name { nil }60 end61 end62 end63 error_message = <<~ERROR_MESSAGE.strip64 The following factories are invalid:65 * user+unnamed - Validation failed: Name can't be blank (ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid)66 ERROR_MESSAGE67 expect {68 FactoryBot.lint traits: true69 }.to raise_error FactoryBot::InvalidFactoryError, error_message70 end71 it "does not raise if a trait produces a valid object" do72 define_model "User", name: :string do73 validates :name, presence: true74 end75 FactoryBot.define do76 factory :user do77 name { "Yep" }78 trait :renamed do79 name { "Yessir" }80 end81 end82 end83 expect {84 FactoryBot.lint traits: true85 }.not_to raise_error86 end87 end88 context "disabled" do89 it "does not raises if a trait produces an invalid object" do90 define_model "User", name: :string do91 validates :name, presence: true92 end93 FactoryBot.define do94 factory :user do95 name { "Yep" }96 trait :unnamed do97 name { nil }98 end99 end100 end101 expect {102 FactoryBot.lint traits: false103 FactoryBot.lint104 }.not_to raise_error105 end106 end107 end108 describe "factory strategy for linting" do109 it "uses the requested strategy" do110 define_class "User" do111 attr_accessor :name112 def save!113 raise "expected :build strategy, #save! shouldn't be invoked"114 end115 end116 FactoryBot.define do117 factory :user do118 name { "Barbara" }119 end120 end121 expect {122 FactoryBot.lint strategy: :build123 }.not_to raise_error124 end125 it "uses the requested strategy during trait validation" do126 define_class "User" do127 attr_accessor :name128 def save!129 raise "expected :build strategy, #save! shouldn't be invoked"130 end131 end132 FactoryBot.define do133 factory :user do134 name { "Barbara" }135 trait :male do136 name { "Bob" }137 end138 end139 end140 expect {141 FactoryBot.lint traits: true, strategy: :build142 }.not_to raise_error143 end144 end145 describe "verbose linting" do146 it "prints the backtrace for each factory error" do147 define_class("InvalidThing") do148 def save!149 raise "invalid"150 end151 end152 FactoryBot.define do153 factory :invalid_thing154 end155 expect {156 FactoryBot.lint(verbose: true)157 }.to raise_error(158 FactoryBot::InvalidFactoryError,159 %r{#{__FILE__}:\d*:in `save!'}160 )161 end162 end163end...

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