How to use debug method of Howitzer Package

Best Howitzer_ruby code snippet using Howitzer.debug


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...7 let(:other_log) { described_class.instance }8 it { be_a_kind_of(described_class) }9 it { equal(other_log) }10 end11 context '.debug' do12 it do13 expect(described_class.instance).to receive(:debug).with('Foo')14 described_class.debug('Foo')15 end16 end17 context '.info' do18 it do19 expect(described_class.instance).to receive(:info).with('Foo')20'Foo')21 end22 end23 context '.warn' do24 it do25 expect(described_class.instance).to receive(:warn).with('Foo')26 described_class.warn('Foo')27 end28 end29 context '.fatal' do30 it do31 expect(described_class.instance).to receive(:fatal).with('Foo')32 described_class.fatal('Foo')33 end34 end35 context '.error' do36 it do37 expect(described_class.instance).to receive(:error).with('Foo')38 described_class.error('Foo')39 end40 end41 context '.print_feature_name' do42 it do43 expect(described_class.instance).to receive(:print_feature_name).with('Foo')44 described_class.print_feature_name('Foo')45 end46 end47 context '.settings_as_formatted_text' do48 it do49 expect(described_class.instance).to receive(:settings_as_formatted_text).with(no_args)50 described_class.settings_as_formatted_text51 end52 end53 context '.print_scenario_name' do54 it do55 expect(described_class.instance).to receive(:print_scenario_name).with('Foo')56 described_class.print_scenario_name('Foo')57 end58 end59 describe '#debug' do60 it do61 expect(described_class.instance.instance_variable_get(:@logger)).to receive(:debug).with(:foo)62 described_class.instance.debug :foo63 end64 end65 describe '#info' do66 it do67 expect(described_class.instance.instance_variable_get(:@logger)).to receive(:info).with(:foo)68 :foo69 end70 end71 describe '#warn' do72 it do73 expect(described_class.instance.instance_variable_get(:@logger)).to receive(:warn).with(:foo)74 described_class.instance.warn :foo75 end76 end...

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...7 include Singleton8 include Log4r9 class << self10 # Delegates all public instance methods to the class11 delegate :debug, :info, :warn, :fatal, :error, :print_feature_name,12 :settings_as_formatted_text, :print_scenario_name, to: :instance13 end14 # Outputs debug message if Howitzer.debug_mode == true15 # @param msg [String] a message16 def debug(msg)17 @logger.debug(msg)18 end19 # Outputs info message20 # @param msg [String] a message21 def info(msg)22 end24 # Outputs warn message25 # @param msg [String] a message26 def warn(msg)27 @logger.warn(msg)28 end29 # Outputs error message30 # @param msg [String] a message31 def error(msg)32 @logger.error(msg)33 end34 # Outputs fatal message35 # @param msg [String] a message36 def fatal(msg)37 @logger.fatal(msg)38 end39 # Outputs a feature name into the log with INFO severity40 # @param text [String] a feature name41 def print_feature_name(text)42 log_without_formatting { info "*** Feature: #{text.upcase} ***" }43 end44 # Outputs formatted howitzer settings45 def settings_as_formatted_text46 log_without_formatting { info ::SexySettings::Base.instance.as_formatted_text }47 end48 # Outputs a scenario name into log with INFO severity49 # @param text [String] a scenario name50 def print_scenario_name(text)51 log_without_formatting { info " => Scenario: #{text}" }52 end53 private54 def initialize55 @logger ='ruby_log')56 @logger.add(console_log)57 @logger.add(error_log)58 self.base_formatter = default_formatter59 Logger['ruby_log'].level = Howitzer.debug_mode ? ALL : INFO60 Logger['ruby_log'].trace = true61 end62 # :nocov:63 def log_without_formatting64 self.base_formatter = blank_formatter65 yield66 self.base_formatter = default_formatter67 end68 # :nocov:69 def console_log70 { |o| o.only_at(INFO, DEBUG, WARN) }71 end72 def error_log73, 'level' => ERROR)...

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