How to use wait_time method of Howitzer Package

Best Howitzer_ruby code snippet using Howitzer.wait_time


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...36 it 'should be protected' do37 expect { described_class.subject(message_subject) }.to raise_error(NoMethodError)38 end39 end40 describe '.wait_time' do41 subject { }42 it 'should be protected' do43 expect { subject.wait_time(10) }.to raise_error(NoMethodError)44 end45 context 'when specified' do46 before { subject.send(:wait_time, 10) }47 it do48 expect(subject.send(:wait_time_value)).to eql 1049 expect(subject.private_methods(true)).to include(:wait_time_value)50 end51 end52 context 'when missing' do53 it do54 expect(subject.send(:wait_time_value)).to eql 6055 end56 end57 end58 describe '.find_by_recipient' do59 let(:recipient) { '' }60 context 'simple subject without parameters' do61 before { described_class.class_eval { subject 'Some title' } }62 it do63 expect(described_class.adapter).to receive(:find).with(recipient, 'Some title', wait: 60).once64 described_class.find_by_recipient(recipient)65 end66 end67 context 'complex subject with 1 parameter' do68 subject { described_class.find_by_recipient(recipient, name: 'Vasya') }...

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...28 private_class_method :subject_value29 end30 # DSL method to specify a custom wait email time directly in an email class31 # @param value [Integer] an wait time for a particular email.32 # If it is ommitted, default Howitzer.mail_wait_time will be used.33 # @example34 # class WelcomeEmail < Howitzer::Email35 # wait_time 10.minutes36 # end37 # @!visibility public38 def wait_time(value)39 define_singleton_method(:wait_time_value) { value }40 private_class_method :wait_time_value41 end42 end43 wait_time Howitzer.try(:mail_wait_time)44 # Specifies a mail adapter45 # @param adapter_name [String, Symbol] an email adapter name46 # @raise [NoMailAdapterError] when the adapter name is not String or Symbol47 def self.adapter=(adapter_name)48 @adapter_name = adapter_name49 case adapter_name50 when Symbol, String51 require "howitzer/mail_adapters/#{adapter_name}"52 @adapter = MailAdapters.const_get(adapter_name.to_s.capitalize.to_s)53 else54 raise Howitzer::NoMailAdapterError55 end56 end57 # Searches a mail by a recepient58 # @param recipient [String] recepient's email address59 # @param params [Hash] placeholders with appropriate values60 # @raise [NoEmailSubjectError] when a subject is not specified for the email class61 # @return [Email] an instance of the email message62 # @see .subject63 def self.find_by_recipient(recipient, params = {})64 if defined?(subject_value).nil? || subject_value.nil?65 raise Howitzer::NoEmailSubjectError, "Please specify email subject. For example:\n" \66 "class SomeEmail < Howitzer::Email\n " \67 "subject ‘some subject text’\nend"68 end69 new(adapter.find(recipient, expand_subject(params), wait: wait_time_value))70 end71 def initialize(message)72 @message = message73 end74 # @return [String, nil] a plain text of the email message75 def plain_text_body76 message.plain_text_body77 end78 # @return [String, nil] a html body of the email message79 def html_body80 message.html_body81 end82 # @return [String, nil] a mail text83 def text...

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